The Annual Spring Fair at Academy of Art University Showcases The Best Talent

Academy of Art University is one of the leading institutions for art and creativity. This wonderful place was created in 1929 by Sunset Magazine’s creative director, Richard S. Stephens. They have a prestigious reach and training platform that shapes great futures for today’s leaders. They have programs and concentrations available that teaches over 40 programs. Their program now holds over 18,000 students and specializes in teaching skills like acting, marketing, fashion, animation, visual designs and more! This private university stands tall with confidence and reassurance because they go above and beyond to make sure that their students have the proper skills and tools needed to enhance their future.

Academy of Art University creates valuable opportunities for their students that can directly influence their success in life. The Annual Spring Show is the perfect representation of just how this university opens doors of opportunity to its students. Instructors pride their institute’s ability to make the opportunities come to the students with the Annual Spring Show. It is a shared opinion amongst most professionals that artist usually have to chase the world around for their opportunity. This fair brings industry professionals around the world to the institute so that they can interact with their seniors. Wonderful relationships are encouraged to come about from this show that can last for years. Students may even gain employment opportunities and other deals from this even directly after graduation.

The students at Academy of Art University are also taught and encouraged to network at a professional level on the first day of class. Networking is one of the key elements of becoming a successful artist and the Annual Spring Show also serves as somewhere to use it. If the seniors of Academy of Art University work hard enough to utilize the skills that have been taught to them, all of their artistic careers can be bright and prosperous.

Jed McCaleb Believes Blockchain Technology Is The Next Big Thing

Cryptocurrency has quickly become a trend all over the world since taking the markets by the storm a few years back and Jed McCaleb believes that a bigger change will be coming to the markets at large with the release of his company’s technology. As a major player in the crypto markets, Jed McCaleb has been on board with most of the major moves in the market since crypto first made an appearance.

Today, Jed is the CTO for Stellar, a company that is working to release a new cryptocurrency network that will work internationally. Jed did an interview recently with CNBC and discussed what his technology will do and how it will take the market by storm in the next several years. Stellar aims to solve the current problems cryptocurrency has when it comes to different currencies and it will be able to handle transactions in seconds, so the company says.

In less than five years, the market has risen billions of dollars and there are many untapped markets out there right now that can be utilized in the financial systems. According to Jed, cryptocurrency is the future of financial platforms and it is here now. Stocks and the like will most likely follow suit sometime down the road as the technology continues to develop.

Coin Telegraph said that there are many up and coming companies out there focused on bitcoin and cryptocurrency that are working on ways to make the platform more accessible and safe for the digital markets around the world. Stellar’s own XLM coins labeled as lumens managed to become one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the entire market at the beginning of this year, though they have sold their stakes in that market since that time.

Given his assortment of roles in cryptocurrency corporations and his years of executive experience, Jed McCaleb certainly might be on to something with the idea that blockchain technology will take over the future of finances and assets.


ClassDojo Wants Parents And Teachers Meetings An Old Story

ClassDojo, the communication platform provider for teachers, students, and parents, wanted to make parents and teachers meeting obsolete, and for that, it wanted to strengthen its platform and the app. The platform has raised $21 million for the purpose and aims to give clear communication and connection between parents and teachers about the children and their progress and activities. It would also help the platform to expand its team and to find out the appropriate contents and features for parents even while during holidays. It gives out an idea of guiding and supporting the parents to help their children for continuing the learning and development at home.

Even teachers can schedule activities in the platform, and that can be effectively checked by parents. Also, teachers can send videos and photos of student activities. Since it was founded in 2011, the founders of ClassDojo looking for creating a community and culture among parents, teachers, and students. The platform surpassed its competitors with focus and dedication, and it is now used by teachers from more than 85,000 schools in U.S. The founders are pledged not to make money out of user’s data considering the privacy of children, parents, and teachers are very much important and to be protected. The San Francisco-based startup has raised $31 million to date. Though during the initial days the platform was used to teach behavioral traits, it made a ground-up change, and now it makes collaboration between, students, teachers, and parents, visit the App’s page.

Though ClassDojo founded around six years back, it has become one of the fastest growing technology companies based in the education sector. It is used by almost 90 percent of the parents and the students of K-8 schools in U.S., and from other 180 countries. Also, more than few millions of teachers use the platform to have better interaction with parents. The management of ClassDojo is very talented, and it comprises designers, educators, and engineers from around the world. They have deep expertise in various types of schools from private sector schools to charter schools.

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The firm also partners with various institutes and education research organizations to understand the issues associated with quality education and works to provide efficient solutions. ClassDojo knows creating a community with openness, and proactive thinking can only be achieved by carefully crafting the education system and collaboration between all the stakeholders. With a mission to provide empowerment and flexibility, the firm is actually aiming for creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools.  More of the App on

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Academic, Educational, and Professional Papers available through WIT eLibrary

The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) has been offering higher degrees since 1986. Located in Ashurst, New Forest, England, United Kingdom, WIT focuses on providing research and education through knowledge transfer mechanisms between academic and professional users in the education industry. Currently there are more than 28,000 Open Access papers available for download through the WIT eLibrary. The eLibrary provides online access to papers presented at the international conference and from Science and Engineering publications through WIT. The eLibrary has educational papers in many categories, from engineering, health, biomedicine, ecology, environment, communication, and simulation modeling. Users of the eLibrary will benefit from the quick and powerful search function, PDF format downloads, and instant access to the newest research. Check this site.All reviews, publications, and papers are reviewed by CrossRef and are catalogued with the British Library and the American Library of Congress. All transactions and peer-reviewed papers from 1993 – 2016 are open to access.  Click