George Soros: Helping People Get Out Of Unstable Situations And War Torn Territories

George Soros is something that we all want to be. He is one of the wealthiest people in the entire world, he has an incredible amount of social political power and an astonishing collection of the people, in addition to helping thousands all over the world. There is no doubt that Soros is an icon to look up to, but the road to the tough has been tougher for Soros than what one might expect.

Soros grew up during the Second World War in Hungary and lived with his family, who were all Jewish. Being Jewish made things incredibly hard for Soros, but with great determination to survive, coupled with fake documents to seal their identity, his family managed to get out of the grips of the Nazis. They helped several people around them as well, offering to make them fake government documents that could help them get out of Hungary.

When Soros and his family was ultimately able to move to London, things were still hard for them. They had to work hard just to make ends meet and to get their necessities. As a teenager, Soros had to work at a number of jobs, and sometimes had multiple jobs to go to through the day. He worked hard and was then able to put himself through college. He attained an economics degree from the London School of Economics and then decided to enter into the field of finance, where he would ultimately make his fortune.

Unlike most people, who would otherwise be beaten down and hurt by all the turmoils and troubles that Soros had to face, he decided to stand tall in the face of the adversaries and turn his life around. He then realized that he would have to take it upon himself to make a wide enough impact so that he could give people a better life and have better political situations. Using the money that he earned being a financialist, he decided to start up a number of charities and organizations that would aid people in various kinds of ways.

One of the more recent charities that Soros founded was for the aid of people who escaped war-torn countries and who were living in different parts of Europe. Through the organizations, Soros was able to provide these people and their families with funds to set up their lives and get a boost to help them once again rebuild their life. Soros knows better than anyone else that rebuilding one’s life after leaving everything behind is not easy, and hence realized that he needed to do something to aid people who are now in the same situation that he was in before he made it big.

In addition to his own charities and organizations, Soros regularly donates to fundraisers and foundations that are working to achieve similar goals as his. He sees this as a way to reach more people and offer his aid than what he would through his own organizations and charitable trusts  and Follow him