Why Ecigs are Better than Traditional Cigarettes

Ecigs are one of the best innovations to come around in past years. Though growing in popularity, many people still aren’t fully aware of all the advantages to switching to ecigs. They may be attached to their traditional cigarettes, but chances are, they’d be much happier with ecigs, especially now that they can be improved and customized with a user’s choice of box mods.

Here’s why ecigs are so much better than traditional cigarettes:

  1.  Ever since new smoking regulations were rolled out, it has become harder and harder for a smoker to indulge in their habit. While regulations vary by county and city, they are often less restrictive when it comes to ecigs, allowing you to smoke in a variety of locations, which has become impossible with cigarettes.
  2.  With ecigs, there are a ton of flavors that you get to experience. From sour apple to berry cheesecake and even coffee, vaping takes things to a new level. Not only will you get to relax after a hard day of work with a good smoke; now the experience can be enhanced with flavors so tasty it’s like you’re eating dessert, without all the calories.
  3.  Ecigs will save you money, leaving you cash to finally do the things you’ve always wanted, like going on that vacation or remodeling the kitchen. Ecigs are typically reusable, unlike single use throwaway cigarettes. Switching to ecigs can save you $1000 a year, or more!
  4.  Let’s face it: Cigarette smoke smells. The odor clings to clothes, furniture, even to our beloved pets. Not only that, it lingers on the breath and can make a person smell less than pleasant. With ecigs, the problem is gone completely. No foul odor, all the relaxation of a cigarette.
  5.  Lastly, no ashtrays are needed with ecigs. This leads to a cleaner home and vehicle, safer for pets and children that might be running around.

You can get ecigs from a variety of online vendors, such as O2Pur. Places like O2Pur offer a variety of designs to choose from. With a wide range of options on O2Pur and other websites, finding an ecig that’s right for you should be pretty painless.