Autonomous Car Technology Is Advancing, and They Are Already Safer Than Us

Autonomous cars have been in the news for a few years now. Google has been road testing a model of such a car for a little while now, and the results are incredible to say the least. It has recently come out that their self-driving cars have cumulatively covered one million miles, and they were not at fault for a single accident. Any accidents they were involved in either happened when a human driver was in control at the time of the accident or a driver in another car was found to be at fault. It is especially noteworthy that this has been the beta testing phase for these cars. The technology should only get better over the next few years.

The potential future of driver-less cars filling our roadways seems to get mixed reaction according to Keith Mann. Some can see the promise of those with difficulty driving due to disabilities or infirmity getting around as easily as the rest of us. Many in the media, however, seem to grab on to any accidents at all as an excuse for sullen headlines and prognostications of doom over whether this technology will work out at all. Apparently the thought of us no longer being needed behind the wheel of our cars has some of us worried. Perhaps some are taking the thought first voiced by Elon Musk to heart, that someday we humans will eventually be banned from driving because autonomous cars will be so much safer than us that we will start to see ourselves as the greatest danger on the roads.