The Best Pet Food You Can Buy

There are so many different brands of dog and cat food on the market, but none that compares to the ingredients found in Beneful. Beneful is a wholesome blend of nutrition your pet needs to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. After all, many people consider their pet a part of the family so why not offer them the best quality food.

Beneful sets such high standards for the ingredients that go into every single bag. Each product whether wet or dry food is made with real protein designed specifically for the animals need. It doesn’t matter if your cat is overweight to if your puppy is growing big and tall, the people at Purina has concocted the perfect balance for any and all four legged animals. The people behind Purina Beneful test and retest to make sure only good wholesome food goes into each and every bite. Beneful tests for several factors including mycotoxins, lead and arsenic.

Beneful is high-quality food enjoyed by cats and dogs every day. In 2014, nearly 1.5 billion were served to the happy and healthy animals around the globe. The surprising thing about this company is the people behind Purina. With production plants around the United States, each employee stands firmly by the product they make, and that is saying something. No other dog food or cat food shows the craftsmanship that goes into making each and every morsel. Purina states proudly on their site that:

“Purina’s quality control and safety protocols are the “gold standard” for the industry, meeting or exceeding every FDA, USDA or AAFCO requirement. As part of our comprehensive food safety and ingredient surveillance programs, we test for well over 150 substances — including mycotoxins, lead and arsenic — to ensure the quality and safety of our pet foods.”

No other company can make that claim, and that is why Purina Beneful is such an incredible and healthy choice for your pet.