Beneful Brand Features Happy and Healthy Dogs In Commercials

Beneful dog food commercials all seem to have one common theme. That theme is happy healthy dogs that are bursting with energy. In one commercial, a dog by the name of Einstein is seen running through the park at full speed. That’s because of the Beneful product that his owner purchases for him, it is full of the proper mixture of wholesome ingredients and nutrients. Those nutrients are just what gives Einstein the energy he needs to live a life full of energy.

The commercials also showcase the fact that the number 1 ingredient in Einstein’s food is real beef. This is important because owners know exactly what their dog is getting. There’s no fillers and unnecessary ingredients. Just food that owners know and trust when they read the label. The Beneful brand also boasts a line of “Goodbye to Grain” commercials which is an ode to its new grain free product that boasts farm-raised chicken.

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Five A Day For Dogs: What Is Beneful?

Important Nutrients

Okay, maybe dogs don’t need five fruits and vegetables a day as is recommended for humans, but fruits and vegetables can be beneficial to your dog’s diet. Fruit and veggies provide important nutrients like fiber, vitamins and minerals. And these nutrients can be found in Beneful dog food because of carefully selected vegetable and fruit ingredients like carrots, spinach, peas and apples.

What’s So Special About Fiber?

While dogs don’t necessarily need as much fiber as humans do, fiber does support a healthy digestive system. Dog foods with vegetable ingredients can help your dog digest food more easily. And, as it does in humans, fiber can also support healthy weight maintenance and may reduce the risk of certain conditions like high cholesterol.

 Do dogs really need vitamins and minerals?

There are certain vitamins and minerals that are vital to a healthy dog’s diet, just as there are with humans. For instance, calcium is very important to healthy bone development and maintenance. Vitamins K, C, A and B are all important to dogs too.

What are the benefits of vitamins?

Vitamin K, which supports healthy blood and blood clotting, comes from green, leafy veggies like spinach, which is an ingredient in some Beneful blends. Vitamin C, which aids the immune system in dogs as well as humans, can be found in many fruits and veggies. Vitamin A, which promotes healthy eyes, can be found in carrots, spinach and sweet potatoes, which are all ingredients in various blends of Beneful commercial dog food. Vitamin B can be found in whole grains and certain veggies. Vitamin B supports a healthy metabolism through regulating glucose levels. It is also beneficial to your dog’s nervous system. As you can see, there are many reasons to call this brand of dog food Beneful!


Fill-up your pup with Beneful

It’s difficult to watch your darling pup beg for table food during a family meal. After all, it’s not new news that pets have become increasingly valued in many homes and families. We want our dogs to enjoy dinner because ultimately, a dog lives to eat, sleep, and make its owner happy.However, dogs need unique nutritional food. While it seems far-fetched that our big lap dog is a descendant of wolves, especially when it curls up on the couch, it’s the truth, and quality dog food helps our precious pups meet their nutritional requirements.

Beneful dog food offers a variety of options from Beneful’s original kibble to salmon, small bites, and grain-free options. Each option meets a dog’s nutritional needs, while also providing your pet with a pleasant and flavorful meal.Walmart offers a broad range of Beneful dog food at a competitive price. A fifteen pounds bag of Beneful’s dry dog food is usually around $13.00, which is a reasonable cost that won’t negatively affect the family grocery budget. Walmart also offers two-day shipping so that you can buy Beneful with the added convenience of having it delivered to your home quickly.

Beneful provides dog food options that include real ingredients, such as chicken or fish, as the first ingredient. When meat is the first ingredient in dog food that elevates the quality of the product, and it ensures that your dog is getting a complete meal.So when you sit down for a family meal, make sure to fill your pup’s bowl with Beneful, so that you can enjoy your meal, while your dog also enjoys.