Locationsmart Expanding To Provide Content-Based Access To Over 90% Mobile Subscribers In Canada

LocationSmart recently announced that it is extending its platform’s services to Canada. The company is one of the largest LaaS or location as a Service company in the world.

The services included in the latest expansion includes SMS or short message service, LocationSmart’s secure carrier network location, consent management, and other services related to geo-contextual.

Through this expansion, the company is adding consent-based access to more than 90 percent of mobile subscribers in Canada through its patented platform. The SMS services and the Canadian network location are accessible to all major wireless carriers and several other sub-brands.

After getting the proper consent from the subscribers, companies and businesses can find Canadian mobile devices in real time without the need to download an app or install the software.

The LocationSmart platforms provide carrier-grade protection and security along with thorough and extensive privacy controls for the content management of the users. This way, the location information is reliable and secure. All devices including feature phone, smartphone, tablets, MSM/IoT, and other devices can be easily located.

The company also takes pride in the enhanced customer experience and the operational efficiencies that the service brings. The ability to access accurate and real-time location information is crucial for different cases. This is especially vital in workforce management, asses and load tracking, toll-free call routing, roadside assistance, gaming compliance, and transaction verification.

LocationSmart CEO Mario Proietti said that the expansion of the company’s services opens the way to a wealth of opportunities for the customers to offer a wide array of helpful and efficient services to their mobile subscribers located in Canada.

The CEO added that the new set of services together with other steps in company’s plan for international expansion equips them to improve their support to their customers as they discover new markets and forge new business relationships. Read more: LocationSmart | Owler and LocationSmart | Wikipedia

In the early part of 2018, LocationSmart finished comprehensive Beta system. Since then, the company has conducted doing business with several companies across various industries using generally available services in Canada. Since LocationSmart offers seamless implementation through its platform, several customers who have availed the service have already debuted. They are also very successful in utilizing mobile network location services in the country.

LocationSmart is a market leader when it comes to linking devices through global Cloud Location Services. The company offers the most thorough cross-carrier platform for context-aware, local, and hyper-local application development. The principal location services cover both indoor and outdoor uses across devices, carrier networks, and platforms.

LocationSmart is serving customers that belong to the Fortune 500 and several other innovative startups by changing the way companies conduct their businesses. LocationSmart provides the widest reach and biggest worldwide footprint with a comprehensive portfolio of privacy consent programs for easy adoption on the part of the end-users. To know more about the company, you may visit its website at www.locationsmart.com.

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