Southridge Capital: Accepting Bitcoin

It was only a few years ago in which almost no one really had heard of Bitcoin. Now there is not a day that goes by when some analyst is talking about Bitcoin and some of the other cryptocurrencies that have risen in popularity. Southridge is one company that believes that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Some of the biggest players in the financial industry have come to realize that cryptocurrencies aren’t going away, and it may be time to start implementing them into our everyday life. One of the unique traits of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is that they don’t need to be regulated. Satoshi Nakamoto is the supposed genius behind the creation of Bitcoin and little is known about this individual.


The popularity of Bitcoin started off gradual as more places began to be aware of this peer-to-peer payment method and began to adopt it to accept payment. It was soon the cryptocurrencies became a speculative frenzy and eager speculators piled in. The cryptocurrency market hit a whopping $300 billion and it was here that the largest banks in the world wanted a piece of the action. These financial institutions are trying to investigate ways in which they can start adopting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into day-to-day transactions. The technology that makes Bitcoin and the other cryptos so unique is that they are utilizing Blockchain. Cboe and CME have enabled their clients to begin trading Bitcoin in the futures market. Cryptocurrencies seem to be in the infancy stages, but many companies, such as Southridge Capital, believe the future is going to be bright for cryptocurrencies and the underlying technology-Blockchain.  You can checkout to see more.


One member in the financial world who feels that cryptocurrencies are going to change the world is Stephen Hicks. He founded the company Southridge Capital in 1996 and currently serves as the CEO. He previously worked in New York at a hedge fund and after the principal of the fund closed it down, he decided it was time to start his own company. He has over thirty years’ experience in finance and attributes experience as being a factor for the success of his company. He feels excited at the current trend in Blockchain technology and pot stocks. To see more visit



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