The Future of Advanced Cosmetics: Lime Crime

Do you wear makeup? If you answered yes to the question, then what would be your favorite brand. There is a plethora of competitors on the modern-day scene, but Lime Crime seems to standout amongst the crowd. Lime Crime was founded by fashion designer Doe Deere. The cosmetics side of the business was designed to compliment the clothing side of the business.

Fortunately, the cosmetics accelerated to the top of the ranks and Deere hasn’t looked back since. The Venus 3 eyeshadow palette is getting the most buzz out of any cosmetic product at the present moment. Venus 3 is the new and advanced version of the original Venus eyeshadow palette, which came in an abundance of rustic and bronzed colors.

If you’re a fan of Lime Crime, then you’ve probably visited the brand’s website as well as visited the brand’s social networks over the past week. Lime Crime has been giving subtle glimpses of its brand-new product, but most people thought that it was just a tease. If you know anything about this company/brand, then you’d know that Lime Crime teases the public before every major product is launched. This year has been no different as the new Venus 3 eyeshadow palette made its debut on April 24, 2018. For just $38, consumers will receive a beautifully constructed box, and the box is hosting some of the most dynamic metallic and matte finishes. Venus 3 gives you inspiration to create your very own masterpiece.

The theme of the project is “when grunge-meets-renaissance.” Lime Crime does a wonderful job of incorporating themes and fun ideas. The rustic colors are simply stunning to the naked-eye but if you were to layer the colors, they’ll definitely pop. Hopefully, you have a better perception of Lime Crime’s new product and this short article can only give the brand so much justice.

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