Leaving Your Mark on Wikipedia

Today, Wikipedia has become quite the reputable source. While individuals would normally turn to encyclopedias like Britannica or World Book for their information, they now head straight to Wikipedia instead. That’s because individuals can reach Wikipedia in a matter of seconds. Wikipedia is truly right at their fingertips. Plus, Wikipedia covers just about every topic under the sun. There is so much offered on this encyclopedia.

One of the main reasons why individuals love Wikipedia writers on getyourwiki.com so much is that it’s free. Individuals do not have to use a dime of their money to read the information that is being offered. That’s because anyone and everyone can edit this online encyclopedia. If readers see wrong information, they can go onto the page and edit what’s being said right there and then. Unfortunately, though, not many people know how to edit the information on Wikipedia. While it may seem scary and difficult, it is actually very easy.

To edit a page, individuals must click on the edit button. The edit button can be found at the top of the page. Clicking this button will cause the text on the page to display square brackets and other formatting markups. After individuals edit the information, they can preview the changes without actually saving them. This can be done by hitting the “Show Preview” button. When people are completely satisfied with the changes being made, they can press the “Save this Page” button. The changes will then appear immediately on the page.

Once the page is saved, the change will be noted in Wikipedia’s Recent Changes section. This section lists all of the edits that have occurred each hour. Besides appearing in that section, the change will also be listed in that particular page’s History section. This allows readers to see a full log of any and all activity that occurs. Every change will be accounted for. Don’t worry, though. If the information being written isn’t correct, other readers will change it back right away. Remember, there are constantly editors roaming around Wikipedia with this sole purpose.

Individuals also love Wikipedia because the content is updated in real-time. As soon as any news breaks, the information is placed right away onto the correct page. This is why individuals don’t even bother turning anywhere else for their information. All their needs are satisfied with Wikipedia. With Wikipedia, individuals will stay informed on every single topic imaginable.

Eric Pulier Isn’t Afraid Of Living Life

Too many people think of their careers as their life. Too many people focus solely on having success in their business adventures, and in all of the big things that they are doing in their career, that they end up missing the point of life. Too many people forget to stop and love. They forget to give back, and to find some joy in the day to day life.
But, then there are people like Eric Pulier. He is a man who knows success in his career. He is a successful entrepreneur, author, technologist, and more. He has done some pretty amazing things with his life. But, that is not all that he is about. That is not all that makes up who he is, and that is not all that he focuses his time and energy on.
Eric Pulier is not just good at the things that he does with his career, but he has also made it a point to be a good dad to his four children. He spends time with them. He takes the time to know them and love them. He could be one hundred percent focused on his work like a lot of people would be, but that’s not him.
Eric Pulier, whose LinkedIn profile is here, not only focuses on his children and gives them the time and attention that they deserve from him, but he also makes it a point to give back to charities (Click here for more). He volunteers on the board of directors for a camp that is there for children with chronic illnesses, and he also gives back with money. See: http://cmcnet.org/eric-pulier-gives-an-interview-with-ideamensch/ . He cares about others, and he proves that time and time again with all of the things that he does. It’s a shame that there aren’t more people like him out there in this world. More people need to start realizing that slowing down and enjoying life is the best thing that they can do for themselves.