The Betterworks App Helps Employees And Managers Connect


The Betterworks App is all about helping companies and the way that they deal with their employees. It helps them build strong relationships with their employees as they praise them with the help of the app. And, they can also give them the gentle nudges that they need to stay on track with their work thanks to the way that the app tracks their progress, and that makes things easier on the manager. The app has recently been redesigned for the iPhone to make it so simple to use, and it only takes a couple of minutes to check in with it to see how things are going.

The Betterworks App helps businesses to grow. It allows them to have a good understanding of what is going on in regard to their employees, and it helps them to inspire and motivate them. The app helps managers to have better conversations with the employees, and it is the Continuous Performance Management solution everyone who is running a business needs.

Those who created the Betterworks App know that something like this needs to exist because a motivated workforce will do much better than one without inspiration. And, it helps managers and their employees to develop a deeper connection and to be on the same page with their work.

Betterworks The Answer to Your Email

Email has both its pros and cons. It’s a great way to send messages to people all over the world in a quick way. The downside is that email can be overwhelming. Each day people receive tons emails that are subscriptions, ad and other spam. Maneuvering through these messages can often be very challenging. Entrepreneur Jojo Hedaya has come up with an invention to help fix this problem. is a program desgined to fix your email challenges. makes your inbox less complicated. The program scans through your inbox and puts together a list of all the subscriptions that you have. The user will have the ability to unsubscribe to unwanted emails right away. This daily email is called the ‘Roll Up.’ Each day users get this magical one email in their box. The magic of the email is that the user can decide when they receive the email. Whatever time of day works for you, that is the time of day you can have the message sent. One simple swipe lets you subscribe or unsubscribe to the messages of your choice.


Unroll.Me is currently owned by Rakuten Intelligence. This company is a market research organization that gives businesses trends as to what is currently impacting the market. The program itself was created by two twenty-four year old entrepreneurs: JoJo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald. This duo has been working together for years. Their desire to create came from their early working experience. During their early years together JoJo Hedaya would often send emails to his partner Josh Rosenwald, only to get no response. Rosewald had good intentions but a swarm of subscriptions and other ads often jammed his inbox. The two quickly put together the program They have uses the last two years to update and perfect the product.

Securus Technologies Continues Making the World Safer

Securus Technologies has been in the business of making our communities safer for over 3 years. The Dallas-Texas-based prison technology conglomerate is continuing the tradition by its recent completion of a drone detection testing program. The 18-month program tested the capability of the company’s drone detection technology and was recently given rave reviews. The technology uses a similar infrastructure to Securus’ Cell Phone Blocking technology and uses digital antennae structure (DAS) to detect and disable drones. The technology is going to be used to combat the recent trend of illegal contraband being introduced to prisons using pilotless drones.


Securus also made headlines for its customer service when it received three Stevie Awards in February 2018. The international awards show focuses on sales and customer service over thousands of business around the globe. Securus took home a Gold Stevie award for the category of Best Customer Service Training Department. The company recently built and staffed a 300-seat customer service call center in Atlanta, Georgia. Receiving these awards so early into the call center’s existence is exciting news for the company.


Securus Technologies provides a myriad of technology-based services via its 20-plus wholly-owned subsidiaries to over 3,500 corrections facilities in North America. The company was formed in 1986 and strives to make the world a better and safer place to live.


Monitoring Activity And Gaining Endless Data

Information is key for security agencies.


Private industry is vulnerable to the needs of security and for every level of information. The private sector consists of security agencies and the government administrations they are contracted by. These agencies work with government facilities, and their use of security varies.


Private facilities are often noted for what they manage within the walls of a secure location. These valuables could be detained people, advanced technologies or highly sensitive data. The collective features that make up the private industry puts work in the hands of security agencies and keeps itself secure against criminal activity.



Not Quite A Spy Agency But Close


The type of technology needed today has to reach beyond the expectations of criminals and the techniques they’re using. Technology makes information or the access to information a fairly touchy topic. The reality is that the signals and wireless waves being sent out to operate the modern world are vulnerable. Their vulnerability is only eliminated with protection.


Private facilities also include the numerous prison facilities and correctional offices listed in the United States. The communication technology that detainees have when in the private world creates one of the most dangerous technologies in private facilities. The criminal world is linked through active criminals who are in the free world and in the private facilities of the USA.



A Look At The Needs Of Private Facility Security


The agency that stands out by helping the U.S. government is the Securus Technologies agency. This organization operates with roughly 2,600 different facilities that the agency is contracted with. This level of business productivity is based on one factor, and it’s called consolidation.


Consolidation in the private industry deals with limiting access to a single source.


The U.S. government leaves itself open to criminal infiltration if it does not consolidate the work it has. The consolidation of the U.S. government is possible as Securus Technologies holds so many contracts for the country’s private facilities. This single stance means that Securus is able to oversee many facilities but with one team, one process and one easy way to track it all.


Securus Technologies – Dominating the Correctional Industry Since 1986

Securus Technologies has been governing the correctional industry since 1986 when it was formed. The company is facing fierce competition now in the prison industry, but it is least concerned about the competition but is rather focusing on developing new and innovative products for the inmates and the law enforcement officers. The inmates are happy with the communication services they are getting because the call drops are rare in the communication network of Securus Technologies and the price per minute is also much less than what other companies charge.


The law enforcement officers are also satisfied with the crime prevention and investigative services offered by Securus Technologies. The company has made enormous progress in the last few years in developing smart and efficient investigative services, which safeguard the lives of the police officers as well as helps in arresting the criminals.


I am one of the senior law enforcement officers in Philadelphia and have been acquainted with the products and services offered by Securus Technologies for many years. I have noticed that the company has made rapid progress in the correctional world by ensuring that it continues to build new age products and services that are far better than what other enterprises in the prison world offers.


Many of my colleagues also prefer Securus Technologies’ products and services because these products and services are regularly updated and backed by excellent customer care, which helps the customers get the answers they need anytime of day or night. Such attentive and responsive customer service is what would ensure that a company can maintain its position in the service sector. Securus Technologies has also received the award for the best customer service training team at the Gold Stevie Awards 2016. It goes onto showcase how important the customers are to the company and how dedicated it is to providing value for money services to the customers.


Securus Technologies Provides Technology To Help Organizations Improve Security

There have been many security related problems in many organizations and out in the public that have become prime news. Many of the security problems occurred because there was a lack of security. The need for security is before a security problem occurs not afterwards. It is always good to implement security measures. Sometimes a security problem may become the catalyst for implementing security or improving security, but it is always better to be proactive regarding security.


There are many ways to implement security within an organization or enhance security. However, the availability of technology related to security has allowed many organizations to provide high levels of security based on the technology utilized. In the past, security was mainly based on security personnel. This was not the best way to manage security operations but sufficient technology was lacking in the area of security until the past few decades.


With the technology available for use regarding security cameras, video, and communications, security has become more sophisticated and more effective. Securus Technologies is a company that provides technology to organizations regarding security. Securus Technologies is a leader in technology related products and services to markets such as corrections and public safety.


Security is an area that all companies should take seriously. However, in markets such as corrections and public safety, security becomes even more important because of the nature of the organizations. Companies such as Securus Technologies gives organizations in all markets the opportunity to utilize technology to provide the best security the organizations can provide.


Securus Technologies sent out a press release recently that offered many comments from customers of Securus Technologies. The comments were about the security technology that the customers use that was provided by Securus Technologies. The comments gave glowing examples of how the technology provided by Securus Technologies helps the organizations provide a high level of security on a daily basis.


Securus Technologies  has been providing quality technology related products and services for several decades. The company is a well known and respected technology company.



Talk Fusion: Growing in 2016 and Beyond

Talk Fusion has made a ton of news in 2016 and all of it is good. Good things tend to happen to good people. However, these are good people that know their stuff as well. That is a formula for success and next year, Talk Fusion will be celebrating ten years of providing customers with video chats, video newsletters, video conferences, and video emails. The whole concept of Talk Fusion from Bob Reina actually started with him wanting to send a video email. Now, it is expanding, especially in the video chat department. They have made great strides with it and they recently released some news on some of those changes.


Of course, Talk Fusion has won two awards in 2016 because they have made such advancements in communication and solutions. In many people’s eyes, the two go hand in hand. When people communicate on the same level and are real with one another, great things can come out of that and they can come up with solutions that benefit everyone. It is amazing how many people do not how to chat the proper way and communicate their true feelings. With video chat, they can do that and track their business at the same time.


After all, when running a business, honesty is always the best policy. People need to be able to trust one another and they are able to trust each other by seeing the person over the video chat in a way they never could before. It runs smoother and it looks nicer. So far, so good it appears. The customers are happy, which is always the number one gauge. They depend on Talk Fusion to deliver the goods and that is something that Talk Fusion goes out of their way to get right each and every single time.


The new video chat also allows people to track their business and see how it is going and which direction the arrow is pointing. They want to make sure it is profitable and business is booming, thanks to the help of all that Talk Fusion offers its customers.