TJ Maloney Brings True Excellence To Lincolnshire Management As Chairman And CEO

Matthew Nacier was among the four people that CEO TJ Maloney was pleased to add to his Lincolnshire Management group, and so were Yashna Ginodia, Nicolas Vega Llona and finally Georg Stolt-Nielsen. This alteration to the current Lincolnshire staff list will likely provide a positive return, just like the addition of TJ Maloney did after he entered the firm in 1993. Private equity is clearly an area of great knowledge and opportunity for Lincolnshire Management as that is where the team is able to complete its deals effectively, and some of those Lincolnshire deals come from more than 80 acquisitions of smaller, usually private, companies. Since 1986, the firm constantly has been building in private equity, and its growth is exactly what Frank Wright, Lincolnshire’s founder, had in mind over three decades prior.

What TJ Maloney actually brings to the professional table as chairman is his vast finance and law wisdom, and his background in New York’s securities law provides for some strongly informed insight when it comes to deciding which private equity deals he chooses to lead Lincolnshire Management into. Fordham University is where TJ Maloney prepared for his prior career as a well-regarded securities attorney by studying towards his important law degree. That institution now has an impressive new library structure that Maloney had a hand in creating, as his $5 million, which he gave to Fordham, was put to use in that library’s creation. Further, Maloney has a solid history with regards to speaking and lecturing.

TJ Maloney is surely ecstatic to be able to witness Lincolnshire Management continuously find new growth under his CEO piloting, and his leadership has culminated in the private equity monster now possessing a respectable $1.7 billion in regards to its controlled capital. How astonishingly Lincolnshire has performed has impressed several onlookers in private equity, including important writers at not only Private Equity News, but also the famous CNN Money. With kind words about the firm’s performance coming in from well-respected publications, there is likely not a single doubt in Maloney’s mind that his excellence as chairman is benefiting Lincolnshire Management overwhelmingly.

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Top Tech Projects In The Early Stage Of Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna is the founder and chairman of MergerTech, Saber Corp, and president of Maxonic. His technology-industry initiatives initiated in 1998 with the Saber Corporation after working for Oracle Corporation as a senior consultant for their software programs.

The Background of Nitin Khanna

Nitin graduated from Purdue University with a Master in Engineering degree, basing his future financial activity in Portland, Oregon. The experience earned at Oracle helped him to create one of the fastest growing companies in 2007, Saber Corp.

The Saber Corporation, created in 1998, specialized in the electronics sector, receiving multiple awards for the rapid development that occurred after its acquisition by Electronic Data Systems.

Even though MergerTech is the most relevant firm of Nitin Khanna, he exits three other minor firms before, receiving enough capital for the primary business objective.

Nitin Khana and his Investments

Prior to creating Merges and Acquisitions Advisory, Nitin funded various business projects as an investor.



  • Geoloqi: Similar to Meridian, the Geoloqi API displays the exact real-time location of a subject. For location-aware apps, this platform is oriented to tech enterprises. The capabilities of the software are pretty complete: GPS and Wifi tracking, cross-platform, a security system, statistical presentation, smart battery management, among others. Developers can program Geoloqi to show locations by setting triggers.


  • Cloudability: The website offers a financial management tool to analyze cloud resources. It complements IT services for the correct management of the economy. The software displays recommendations, charts, reports, budget alerts, and other impressive features to improve the transparency of financial data.

Nitin’s Presidency at Maxonic

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Maxonic creates long term business connections to offer technical consulting. The organization specializes in reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of IT-based project assignments.

Since 2002, the Maxonic support service has become an expert dealing with all types of programs, ranging from struggling startups to Fortune 100 companies.

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Max Salk Gives Three Important Rules to Becoming Successful

Max Salk knows the difficulties of becoming a successful businessman and creating balance in your personal life and career. Life lessons taught him what it takes to reach the highest level of success using principles and applying them to your daily routines of work and play. The photographer and financial analyst established a name for himself in New York City in the financial industry while pursuing a career in photography. Positive The Facts featured Salk in May 2019 and shared three important rules to his success.

When Max Salk was attending college in the Netherlands, his found a hobby he really enjoyed, landscape photography. He would take walks in the mornings and always prepared himself to capture that special moment in nature using his camera. To do his job, he made the preparations each morning to have his equipment ready for action. Without preparation first, he would have missed the opportunities of capturing the harbor in the Netherlands which is on his photography website’s homepage. After earning his bachelor’s degree, he continued with his hobby and moved to New York City to work as a financial analyst. 

Once Max Salk finishes with the preparation process, he waits patiently to let things happen at its own pace. He prepares in a way that allows for adjustments during photographing sessions in his business. Landscape photography differs from studio photography because it requires special lighting and that right moment to photograph nature at its best. He has to focus at a particular angle until he gets the perfect setting for his photographs. Max adapted to change and making adjustments, which is the second rule for running a successful business and pursuing your dreams in life. 

Max Salk encourages the younger generation to make every moment count in their life and career, the third rule to becoming successful. He learned this on the job in New York preparing presentations for his clients and colleagues. Although, it took him hours for preparation he made each moment count by putting together information to reflect in each presentation. The most valuable advice he gives is to pursue their dreams continuously because the world is full of many opportunities

Remembering the Modest Nature Author, Alastair Borthwick

Alstair Borthwick is a man who will always be remembered for his great works as a Scottish nature writer who was mostly interested writing about the working class in his country.

Early Life

Borthwick was born in the year 1913 in Rutherglen. As a kid, he also lived in Troon before moving to Glasgow at the age of 11 years. He went on to pursue his high school education before dropping out at the age of 16


After dropping from high school, Borthwick took on a job at the Evening Times as a copytaker. This was before landing a post at Glasgow Weekly Herald. Initially, he was responding to queries by readers. However, with time he was invited to take a number of other responsibilities due to the limited number of employees. This included editing women and children’s features on the paper. This role played a big part in his exposure to mountaineering.

In the year 1935, Borthwick moved to London and began working for the Daily Mirror. However, life in London did not appeal to him. Therefore, he resorted to go back to Glasgow after working for the Daily mirror for only one year. Back in Glasgow, he got a job at BBC, working as a radio correspondent.

The year 1939 saw Alastair Borthwick get a career breakthrough. A piece that he had written for Glasgow Herald, ‘Always a Little Further’, was published. This book was almost not published as the publisher was unsure how people would respond to reading a book about a rich man’s sport. Thankfully, one of the directors insisted on its publication and since then it has continually been published and considered one of the most interesting reads about outside sports.

His Role in the War

Alastair Borthwick signed up to fight for Scotland against the Germans. He served with different units of 1st Highland Division’s 5th Seaforth Highlander both in North Africa and West Europe. He worked his way to become Captain and serving as the Battalion’s intelligence Officer

Max Salk’s Passion into Landscape Photography

Max Salk is a graduate from the University of Illinois with a degree in Finance. After his graduation from University Max Salk worked as an investment analyst for several companies including Morningstar in Chicago, Blackstone group in New York City and PPM America. His passion for the financial market began while back in college, where he had great interest and was involves in researches about the stock market, thanks to joining PPM America where he was able to have an opportunity that enable him recommend companies new investment ideas for a living.

Lately Mr. Max Salk ventures into landscape photography, an idea he decided to follow after a lifetime experience while on a trip abroad in Rotterdam city of the Netherlands in Europe. He decided to pursue his idea about landscape photography from the inspiration he had and always carried his digital camera wherever he traveled. In a recent interview Max Salk states that the best way of bring your ideas to life is by having a plan that will later turn out in to something good, however, not every idea will always turn out to a better thing in the end its worth to attempt it rather than doing nothing at all.

He further advice young entrepreneurs that the world is full of opportunities and despite the path you take following your ideas as long as you are dedicated and have passion in what you do ,you will always lead to the path of success and satisfaction in your life. To Mr. Max Salk being reliable, well prepared, paying close attention to details and customers, and adding something new in your work product is some of the things he pursues for the growth of his business in the market.

He also states that early preparation is always vital as an entrepreneur, people expect much from you and you need to prepare and have enough details before giving them out. This helps in managing your priorities and having time on solving the right problems whose solutions will help improve your products. Lastly he advises that if you have something or ideas you are passionate about you should pursue it relentlessly and try to work something out of it and never give up.


Max Salk Investment Analyst

Max Salk is an investment analyst in New York-based Company called PPM. He began his career at Morningstar where he worked for ten months after he had finished his college education. He pursued a degree in finance from the University of Illinois. Max Salk’s passion for financial markets began while he was in college because he used to watch CNBC and did research on trade stocks. Therefore, his interest expanded while at PPM for his tenure where he had an opportunity to follow companies and research closely and recommend investments idea fit for a living.

He, however, had varied interest, since he also had a passion for history and he intended to leverage a historical framework while analyzing decisions that are suitable for investments. Besides his professional career, he is a music lover mostly he listens to old-time blues, and he says they have significant influence in his life. Concerning sports, he likes playing football and bowling.

He enjoys working out hanging out with friends and catching reruns of south parks and Simpsons. Recently he was involved in the Zeal foundation a program that raises money to support the navy seals and their families. He is also looks forward to getting more involved in volunteer work to help both active duties of veterans.

The idea of his company came from his interest in landscape photography during his abroad mission in the Netherlands. He had gone for a walk in Rotterdam harbors with the effect of thick fog, one of the photographers from the fog morning took a picture, and it is the one visitors get to see when they visit the place. He made sure he brought his camera with him whenever he traveled. He later went into different areas and took many pictures with him; however; the ones at open dramatic landscape are among his favorites. He eventually developed a diverse portfolio and decided to start a photographic website

Overall, Max Salk believes that everything begins with a plan and preparation. Whenever he has an idea. Whether in his personal life or at work, he always starts with a plan on how he wants something to turn out.

Alastair Borthwick, Full of Life

The Scottish writer, Alastair Borthwick, was born in Rutherglen, Scottland in 1913, raised in Troon, and moved to Glasgow with his family when he was 11. Alastair dropped out of high school when he was 16 and entered the newspaper industry as a copytaker for the Glasgow Evening Herald. His writing talent was soon recognized and he was soon the writer and editor of its Women’s Page, Children’s Page, Film Reviews, Reader’s Letters, and Crossword Puzzle. The years spent in this role meant that he investigated for a wide variety of topics.


This included mountaineering which became one of his greatest passions. He is famous for his novel “Always A Little Further.” Published in 1939, it was instrumental in fueling the mountaineering craze among Scotland’s lower classes. Borthwick’s book was in turn inspired by the “Wandervogel” movement of Germany’s Weimar Republic. The Scottish movement encouraged by Borthwick’s book coincided with a mass layoff of workers in Glasgow, which he meant that these ex-workers had lots of time on their hands to partake of this new craze.


After a short time, much informal camping and mountain climbing clubs began to be formed. While prior to Borthwick mountaineering did have some popularity, it was predominantly considered the hobby of the rich and famous. His novel was more than a great educational document about this time; it is also full of life, wit, and good humor, ensuring that it would always remain a beloved classic. It was almost not published by Faber and Faber its eventual publisher who eventually did so because T.S. Eliot, who was currently on its board, insisted that they do so.


He fought with distinguishment in World War II. In the many years afterward, he worked much as a radio broadcaster and as a T.V. scriptwriter. One of his personal favorite works during these years was a 13-part radio series he developed called, Scottish Soldier. This series looked at the war from the point of view of the infantrymen. Borthwick spent the last five years of his life in a nursing home and passed away in 2003, almost exactly one year after his wife, Anne. He is today considered one of the most iconic 20th century Scottish personalities.


How Lawrence Bender Changed the Independent Film Genre With Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction introduced a new twist into the crime adventure film genre.

The movie showed that gangsters can be clever and witty speakers with interesting quirks and complex personalities.

The 1994 film built on the momentum sparked by Lawrence Bender’s and Quentin Tarantino’s earlier indie success with Reservoir Dogs.

In Pulp Fiction, pretty much every character is involved in some villainous conduct as the vignettes of several seemingly unrelated stories build their individual dramatic tensions into one grand highly-interconnected tale.

Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer begin the film with their “clever” scheme to rob a diner.

After the introduction credits finish, John Travolta and Samuel Jackson discuss European culture while driving on an errand for their boss Marsellus Wallace, played by Ving Rhames.

In another short story within the film’s plot, Bruce Willis and Maria de Medeiros scheme to escape the wrath of Marsellus Wallace sparked by boxer Willis’ betrayal by winning a fight in which he was paid to take a dive by Rhames.

As the story progresses, Travolta entertains Ving Rhames’, played by Uma Thurmon, to a night on the town at a 1960‘s themed diner while Rhames is out of town.

In an intriguing storyline twist, Travolta winds up being executed by Willis after Willis discovers Travolta attempting to stake out Willis’ apartment.

In the final act of the film, Travolta and Jackson need to dispose of a body that Travolta fatally shot by accident and the pair are directed to the home of “the Wolf,” Marsellus Wallace’s cleanup man played by Harvey Keitel.

After Keitel’s assistance, Travolta and Jackson decide to have breakfast at a diner, where the story comes full circle to the opening scene with Plummer and Roth robbing the same diner.

The movie did receive some criticism for its portrayal of Hollywood’s underground culture. In particular, Travolta’s and Thurman’s substance use within the film had been criticized as glamorizing addiction. However, the actors’ portrayed vices in fact add dimensionality to the characters, which in other films are portrayed with much more flat treatments.

Pulp Fiction introduced a boon to the independent film industry, resulting in several large and small budget copycat productions.

Lawrence Bender

Born in October, 1957 Lawrence Bender is most well known for his work as an American film producer. Bender has received three best picture Academy Award nominations and has received numerous other awards throughout his motion picture career.

The Bronx, NY native is known to make cameo appearances in several of the films he produces. In Pulp Fiction, Lawrence Bender is credited as the diner patron referred to in the film’s credits as “long haired yuppie scum.”