James River Capital

James River Captial was founded in 1986 as KP Futures Management Corp. which served as the investment department of Kidder, Peabody & Co. has become an independent investment firm in 1995, when Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt, two management officers, acquired the business from Kidder, coinciding with the acquisition of Kidder by Paine Webber. James River is a registered investment advisor in the SEC and a Commodity Trading Advisor as well as a Commodity Pool Operator with the CFTC. Paul Saunders is the founder of the James River Capital  Company, and affiliated companies. He has had a lifelong interest in finance stemming from his days as earning a B.A. from the University of Virginia, and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago.


Paul Saunders also has a passion for philanthropy, as they launched their own organization, the Sanders Family Foundation, while regularly supporting other charities also. James River Captial has focused on asset classes such as corporate credit, strategies in equity, global macroeconomics management strategies, asset-backed securities and more types of financial knowledge. Mr. Saunders has provided entrepreneurs with information on funding startups. He enjoys sharing some of his success secrets with new entrepreneurs who want to start a business.

His advice: bootstrap your businesses; fund it yourself, through personal savings, credit cards, and perhaps borrowing from family and friends. Bootstrapping will not take care of all your funding, but it can cover some of your startup costs since spending more of your time building savings could be worth it. More advice: if an investor has decided that you have contributed some of your money to your startup, they will invest their own money to provide an even 50-50 split. Other methods of funding include crowdfunding platforms that allow people to donate their own money to the start-up. Kickstarter is one such crowdfunding platform where people pledge money without expecting the money to be returned. The use of crowdfunding demands marketing your idea since many businesses launched this way has been successful. Small business loans through the Small Business Administration will require a strong credit score and is another way to try to get funding.

Top Tech Projects In The Early Stage Of Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna is the founder and chairman of MergerTech, Saber Corp, and president of Maxonic. His technology-industry initiatives initiated in 1998 with the Saber Corporation after working for Oracle Corporation as a senior consultant for their software programs.

The Background of Nitin Khanna

Nitin graduated from Purdue University with a Master in Engineering degree, basing his future financial activity in Portland, Oregon. The experience earned at Oracle helped him to create one of the fastest growing companies in 2007, Saber Corp.

The Saber Corporation, created in 1998, specialized in the electronics sector, receiving multiple awards for the rapid development that occurred after its acquisition by Electronic Data Systems.

Even though MergerTech is the most relevant firm of Nitin Khanna, he exits three other minor firms before, receiving enough capital for the primary business objective.

Nitin Khana and his Investments

Prior to creating Merges and Acquisitions Advisory, Nitin funded various business projects as an investor.



  • Geoloqi: Similar to Meridian, the Geoloqi API displays the exact real-time location of a subject. For location-aware apps, this platform is oriented to tech enterprises. The capabilities of the software are pretty complete: GPS and Wifi tracking, cross-platform, a security system, statistical presentation, smart battery management, among others. Developers can program Geoloqi to show locations by setting triggers.


  • Cloudability: The website offers a financial management tool to analyze cloud resources. It complements IT services for the correct management of the economy. The software displays recommendations, charts, reports, budget alerts, and other impressive features to improve the transparency of financial data.

Nitin’s Presidency at Maxonic

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Maxonic creates long term business connections to offer technical consulting. The organization specializes in reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of IT-based project assignments.

Since 2002, the Maxonic support service has become an expert dealing with all types of programs, ranging from struggling startups to Fortune 100 companies.

Find out more here https://curacan.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/leadership-change.pdf

Max Salk Gives Three Important Rules to Becoming Successful

Max Salk knows the difficulties of becoming a successful businessman and creating balance in your personal life and career. Life lessons taught him what it takes to reach the highest level of success using principles and applying them to your daily routines of work and play. The photographer and financial analyst established a name for himself in New York City in the financial industry while pursuing a career in photography. Positive The Facts featured Salk in May 2019 and shared three important rules to his success.

When Max Salk was attending college in the Netherlands, his found a hobby he really enjoyed, landscape photography. He would take walks in the mornings and always prepared himself to capture that special moment in nature using his camera. To do his job, he made the preparations each morning to have his equipment ready for action. Without preparation first, he would have missed the opportunities of capturing the harbor in the Netherlands which is on his photography website’s homepage. After earning his bachelor’s degree, he continued with his hobby and moved to New York City to work as a financial analyst. 

Once Max Salk finishes with the preparation process, he waits patiently to let things happen at its own pace. He prepares in a way that allows for adjustments during photographing sessions in his business. Landscape photography differs from studio photography because it requires special lighting and that right moment to photograph nature at its best. He has to focus at a particular angle until he gets the perfect setting for his photographs. Max adapted to change and making adjustments, which is the second rule for running a successful business and pursuing your dreams in life. 

Max Salk encourages the younger generation to make every moment count in their life and career, the third rule to becoming successful. He learned this on the job in New York preparing presentations for his clients and colleagues. Although, it took him hours for preparation he made each moment count by putting together information to reflect in each presentation. The most valuable advice he gives is to pursue their dreams continuously because the world is full of many opportunities


Vijay Eswaran: From Gas Station Attendant to Entrepreneur

Throughout his life, Vijay Eswaran has held a number of jobs. He was a security guard, a gas station attendant, and even a cab driver. While not career paths he enjoyed, he learned resilience and drive from working from the bottom up. Years later he would play a key role in starting the QI group, a multinational corporation influential in Asia. He had decided that he wanted to do something important, to be someone, and to help not only himself but everyone around him.

The secret to Vijay Eswaran’s success is both his drive and his vision. With manufacturing jobs phasing out due to increasing automation, jobs are becoming harder to find. Eswaran’s goal is to help others as he’s helped himself, by turning them into entrepreneurs. His company, QI Group, is uniquely structured to support entrepreneurs, to raise people up and expose a greater number of people to the world of sales. The QI group sells products focused on personal health, well-being, and even high-fashion. Eswaran’s motto is RYTHM – raise yourself to help mankind. By promoting business skills, Eswaran hopes to provide jobs to many displayed by workplace automation. In addition to this, he also runs numerous charities to support his goals in building others up.

Eswaran’s RYTHM and Vijayaratnam Foundations support the core values he and his QI group represent. His central focuses include community building, youth support, gender equality and special needs investment. His foundations aim to support future business people, leaders, and the organizations they may someday run. Eswaran practices what he preaches, supporting will, drive, and mindfulness. He has written several books on mindfulness, business success, and motivation, hoping to inspire others as he himself had been inspired.

But his ultimate message, always be eager to try something new.

“Embrace it…” Eswaran says,

“It’s like bungee jumping, jumping off planes, skydiving, and so on. It’s scary to do until you do it. All fears have to be embraced in order to go on…”

“I embrace the power of new ideas. Things that I never thought worked, worked in our company…”

“It’s not fear anymore, it’s anticipation.”

Once working menial, bottom-rung jobs, Vijay Eswaran now runs a top international company. And now he wants to enable others to do the same, not only through his QI group, but through his numerous charities, books, and own personal example.

Matt Fleeger A Successful Entrepreneur In Several Market Sectors

Successful businessman and long-time entrepreneur Matt Fleeger believes that building partnerships and relationships characterized by transparency have been the keys to his success.

Mr. Fleeger is currently President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, LLC. The company is a managed venture of Oil and Gas Partnerships. The company is also commonly referred to as Joint Ventures.

The focus of the firm is to explore, acquire and develop domestic sources of raw petroleum reserves within U.S. territories. It operates primarily in the Gulf Coast region. The company likes to focus on new geological and geophysical opportunities in addition to working with structures that are already well-developed.

Joint Ventures was founded in 1970. It has always prided itself on being a family-owned business. Furthermore, the basic family values of mutual support, trust and fair dealings between all members are what makes both a family and a business thrive, Matt Fleeger said.

Matt Fleeger brings enormous experience from several different industries to his role as the leader of Gulf Coast Western. Prior to his stint in the petroleum industry, Fleeger found success in the medical waste business. He was the founder of MedSolutions, Inc. This is a diversified holding firm that transported, treated and disposed of medical waste products generated by hospitals and other healthcare providers.

After successfully running MedSolutions for more than a decade, Fleeger sold the company to move on to his next venture in the gas and oil industry.

He also found considerable success in the tanning industry. Matt Fleeger was the founder of Palm Beach Tan. He combined that operation with another to create one of the largest in-door tanning businesses in the United States.

Among other recognitions, Fleeger is listed in the prestigious International Who’s Who of Business Professionals. He is a graduate of the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University.

A Look At Felipe Montoro Jens Successful Career Across The World

Felipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian businessman who works in the financial sector. He is a graduate of Fundacao Getulio Vargas, where he majored in finance, as well as the Thunderbird School of Global Management from which he earned an MBA in 2000. This education prepared him for the fierce world of business in Brazil. He has since been the head of project finance, a CIO, a managing director, and a CEO.

He now uses his experience as an expert in infrastructure to work as a consultant. Since 1990, the Brazilian government has used Private Public Partnerships (PPPs) to build infrastructure. In this type of arrangement, the government puts infrastructure projects up for bid and the private company that wins the bid builds the project. Felipe Montoro Jens offers his services to the government or a private company during this process and afterward.

Read more about Montoro Jens at mundodomarketing.com

He has also worked in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Portugal during his career. When Felipe Montoro Jens was in the United States he worked for PriceWaterhouseCoopers, one of the “Big Four” accounting firms. His time in Portugal was spent raising capital from sources in Europe and Asia. The money he raised was used to build oil and gas facilities in Latin America and Africa. While in the United Kingdom he worked in the financial industry.

When advising a client in a PPP arrangement, one of Felipe Montoro Jens’ focuses is on eliminating waste. This means building in a more sustainable and profitable way. He shows his clients how to use less energy, water, and other resources during the building process. He also shows them how to use fewer materials. This helps them build in a responsible way and helps their bottom line. He can help companies in multiple industries such as oil and gas, finance, chemical development, sewage, water concessions, and energy generation.

Learn more: http://www.empresassa.com.br/p/single-dino.html?title=conheca-com–felipe-montoro-jens-os-vencedores-do-premio-ppp-awards-2018-revelados-em-dezembro&partnerid=69&releaseId=195210

Ara Chackerian Solving Mental Issues In Society

Who is Ara Chackerian?

Ara Chackerian is a capitalist as well as a humanitarian. Most of his work revolves in the healthcare industry. He has initiated a couple of company that deals with diagnostics amenities.

At the moment he is working on a long term business that will create awareness about mental health solution.

Interview recap

The vision of the organization was to come up with a care delivery procedure that could make it easy for both the patient and physician attain the best results.

Ara Chackerian elaborated about the venture progress by saying since its initiation, they have been able to construct seven amenities that served the patients. They aimed at making the patients feel relaxed.

He said that most of the ideas he has in life had been derived from life experiences. Digital Healthcare is a trend that has been exciting to him. The healthcare has brought in more value in the healthcare department.

Things to do during Mental Health Month

It is through Ara Chackerian blog that he uses to educate the people. In 1949, Mental Illness Awareness month was initiated by Mental Health American Organization. Things that can be done during that month include;

  • Be familiar with the ways to solve the Crisis

In 2016, about 64,000 people died due to a drug overdose. When you come across someone who has mental illness issues, the best way is to refer them to a profession for help.

  • Try controlling the mental health

People should not assume mental illness. Having a well-balanced life is essential. The importance of the balance is to boost mental health issues from impacting the mental state.

  • Make your mental illness history aware to others

In a human’s lifetime, at least 1 out of 5 people have had an experience with a mental disorder. It is therefore important to share your piece with others. Sharing stories with people might be helping them indirectly.

With Sergey Petrossov Leading The Charge, JetSmarter Is Making Some Big Improvements To The Private Flight Industry

JetSmarter is a unique company based out of the Florida municipality of Fort Lauderdale that offers its customers the ability to book private and shared flights. The program works off of the JetSmarter app which is patched into a network of algorithms that can connect users to a massive network of available aircraft. It is a unique way for users to create their own flight plans. The company is the creation of its innovative founder named Sergey Petrossov who felt like he could find a better way to do the business of chartering planes after his own extensive experience in the airline industry.

Sergey Petrossov serves in the CEO capacity with this innovative flight company that he has created at JetSmarter. His innovative business model has led him to attain some impressive recognition that includes making the prestigious Forbes list called the 30 Under 30 in Consumer Tech. He has also landed on the list of South Florida’s Top Working Professionals which is published by the Sun Sentinal publication. This impressive amount of recognition that Sergey Petrossov has attained over the course of his career is due to his constant drive to find ways to continually innovate within his field.

When Sergey Petrossov had his first experiences in flying private, he quickly became clued into inherent problems with the way that these types of flights get booked. He noticed that it was really inefficient and still relied on outdated methods of booking that had gone out of the rest of the flight industry long ago. Wanting to change this and find a way to do it better is what inspired Sergey Petrossov to come up with the innovative business model that he has applied to his JetSmarter company.

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Steve Ritchie Embraces His New Role as Chief Executive Producer of Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie is an example of what can happen if you stick with a company long enough and with as much devotion as Steve Ritchie. He began his career with Papa John’s in 2006 as a customer service representative. He only made $6 an hour, but he worked hard and always did his very best work. He was even a deliver driver for a time, and he knows a lot about the company. He has learned how everything works, and he has held pretty much every role and position in the company as well.

He moved on to become a leader in operations, and now he is Chief Operating Officer. He is very motivated and will continue to progress in the company until he is President. He has a lot of responsibility as the company now has 120,000 employees and is continuing to grow. Steve Richie is vital for the future growth of the company, and he is proud to be a part of the team.

In his new role, he will be in charge of global development, and he’ll also be in charge of brand marketing and customer service. He is very honored to be chosen to fulfill this role, and he feels that he is capable to do his job well since he has been with the company for so long. There’s always room for advancement in Papa Johns, and about 98% of all restaurant managers are promoted within the company.

Papa John’s is the third-largest pizza delivery company in the entire world and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. It has also been rated number one for customer satisfaction among all pizza chains in the United States for the last 16 out of 18 years. Papa John’s always puts its customers first and is successful because of it.

Wes Edens and his exemplary business acumen

Wes Edens is, no doubt, a man of many caps. He has set himself apart by being a master of many trades. He is a notable U.S entrepreneur, investor and business leader. His business prospects range from the financial realm to the sports world. However, he is best known as the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group; a prominent financial firm in the U.S. Wes Edens is also the owner of Milwaukee Bucks that is a member of the National Basketball Association.

Looking at Adens’ business prospects and philanthropic endeavors, one sees a man focused on improving the quality of life for all around him. His prospects have had a major impact on small and major industries as well as millions of lives around the world.

Edens stands out from the rest thanks to his astute leadership and exemplary business acumen. Since he founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998, he has grown from his humble beginnings to become one of the most respected and adored business executives in the United States and beyond. His savvy and creative mind has helped him maneuver the various business challenges that have come his way. From being a boutique private equity firm, the company has grown to become a global leader in asset management. Currently, the firm oversees well over $42 billion on behalf of some of the most sophisticated and prominent investment partners.

Wes Edens loves to venture into new territories. It does this by using other firms in the target industry. He has recently created the new Fortress Energy that aims to offer modern solutions to infrastructure that will lead to a cleaner and more reliable energy. This idea was born from Edens’ desire to see the transformation of yet another Fortress sister company dubbed Florida East Coast Rail. He, therefore, built the first liquid natural gas production facility in Florida’s Miami.

Apart from his involvement in traditional business, Wes Edens has also made a notable impact in the world of sports. Being the owner of NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, he has seen the club transform to become one of the most competitive teams in the NBA.