Can Graham Edwards Create Another Success like Telereal?

With Brexit coming up in a year, the Centre for Policy Studies is looking ahead and has created the New Generation Initiative. The goal of the New Generation Initiative is to create radical policy ideas for Britain post-Brexit. Voters need a more prosperous future, and we are focusing on four major policies to achieve this. These policies are in tax and cost of living, housing and planning, business and enterprise and welfare. The programs are designed to give people ownership and control in their own lives.

Alex Morton will oversee all four programs. Tom Clougherty will oversee tax and cost of living. Rachel Wolf and Public First are in charge of revamping the welfare system. Graham Edwards will be the Chairman of the newly founded Housing Policy Group. The head of business has not yet been chosen (

Having Graham Edwards chair the Housing Policy Group is very exciting. Mr. Edwards is currently the CEO of Telereal Trillium. In 2001 Telereal Trillium was founded, and it now owns over 8.000 properties in Britain and also houses about 1% of Britain’s workforce. With Mr. Edwards at the helm, Telereal Trillium has grown into the largest privately-owned property company.

While Graham Edwards has successfully lead Telereal Trillium since its inception, he has an impressive resume. Before 2001 he was employed with Merrill Lynch Investment Management and served as a fund manager in varying capacities. Graham Edwards also was head of finance at British Telecomholdings (BT) in the property department. This extensive history helped Mr. Edwards to create the wildly successful Telereal Trillium. It was Mr. Graham Edwards initial deal with BT that rocket launches Telereal Trillium into success.

Graham Edwards has proven business and real estate knowledge. He will no doubt be a huge benefit to the Housing Policy Group, offering special insights. His goal is to work with in-house experts to catapult housebuilding and home ownership using sound policies.