Investment Specialist James Dondero Has Been Serving Dallas Since 1993

James David Dondero, CFA, CMA, CPA is the President of Highland Capital Management. The company is an investment firm located here in Dallas. James, who also goes by the name Jim, brings a great deal of expertise to his role. Highland Capital specializes primarily in the areas of credit and equity funds. He has more than 30 years of related experience. Jim is a co-founder of the organization, and he is a long-time business owner and employer in the community. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Highland Capital Management has been credited with many award-winning and highly acclaimed products and investment solutions. James Dondero works with numerous institutional investors as well as retail investors. Under his leadership, the firm manages nearly $13.8 billion in assets. James Dondero also leads several of the company’s affiliates. He is the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer for Highland Acquisition Corporation. Additionally, Jim is the President of Highland Acquisition Corporation. Lastly, for the NexPoint Hospitality Trust Inc. Affiliate, James Dondero acts as its President, Chief Executive Officer, and as the firm’s Chairman of the Board.


James Dondero founded the company in 1993. Before he launched Highland Capital Management, he was the Chief Investment Officer Protective Life, for which he served in their GIC subsidiary. The subsidiary grew from inception in 1989 to a high of over $2 billion by 1993. While employed at American Express, Jim managed fixed income funds with an approximate value of $1 billion. He also acquired a broad range of experience with other investment products, including high yield bonds, mortgage-backed securities, and stocks.

James Dondero is a philanthropist. Jim and Highland Capital Management generously support many of the charitable organizations and civic activities in our community. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

From Beauty To Jewelry: Doe Deere’s New Line of Fine Jewelry

Doe Deere, a prominent entrepreneur who founded Lime Crime cosmetics, is back in the news again and for good reason. This woman has epitomized the term reinvention to the highest degree. Deere has already solidified her place in the beauty industry thanks to her use of exotic colors, but she’s now venturing into jewelry making. Of course, this phenomenal woman has done all of the necessary research before tackling this subject, but she wasn’t 100 percent sure of going this route. Deere accidentally came across her family’s heirlooms. This jewelry would spark her level of interest to the fullest. Jewelry from the Victorian era was big in Deere’s family legacy so she has purposely decided to expand on this legacy.

Poppy Angeloff is the name of the latest company, and it was inspired by a girl who wore the finest of jewels. Poppy Angeloff will utilize fine ingredients such as gold and sterling silver. This material is very high in quality, and it will be blended with her signature hues of color. “Yes, we use all of the pieces in an ethical manner,” said Deere. The company’s jewelry boxes are created from vegan velvets. Consumers will be able to rock their favorite rocks guilt-free. Being cruelty-free has always played a major role in what Deere has brought to the table. She doesn’t support the slaughtering of animals in any way, which has garnered her plenty of respect.

Poppy Angeloff is basically an extension of Lime Crime to some degree even though Deere has left the cosmetics scene. She and her husband sold the company for an undisclosed amount and are searching for greener pastures. As of 2019, Poppy Angeloff has the potential to become a game changer in jewelry making because the brand is offering something that’s completely different from the norm.

Who is Dr. Mark Holterman and What is Mariam Global Health Fund?

CEO and founder of Mariam Global Health Dr. Mark Holterman was raised in Wisconsin on a farm where he was exposed to business branding early on. Aside from the farm, his father owned and operated his own construction business which Mark helped with.

As an early developed opportunist Mark Holterman started the Mariam Global Health Fund. The fund was developed to help turn ideas into unique healthcare advancements. He wanted to feed the need of people everywhere by investing in healthcare business that helps advance medical technology not just on a local scale but on a global scale.


Mariam Global Health

After spending nearly 40 years eating, drinking, sweating and sleeping poorly, Dr. Mark Holterman set out to make a difference in the lives of others’ using his own experiences. Thus, Mariam Global Health fund was created. Mariam Global Health serves the “handicap” in the field of emerging biotechnology. It’s the better business bureau for healthcare technology.

Mariam Global Health’s Biotechnology has tremendous potential for global impact. It has historically been viewed as a high-risk strategy. That was until Dr. Mark Holterman bet on this biotechnology migrating the risks through due diligence.


A day in the life

A typical day for Dr. Mark Holterman starts with a prayer and ends with one. Although he is flexible with his schedule he tries to delegate as much detail work as he can. He does this in order to prevent his business from running in circles. Just like other successful people, Dr. Mark Holterman learns from his life experiences in order to preserve and go further with his endeavors.

Although Dr. Holterman has seen great success, he is not a stranger to failure. And that’s what sets him apart from the rest. He is cautiously aware that there is good and bad in business. He just knows that the good outweighs the bad. And that’s what makes him successful.