Brad Reifler on Investing for the Rest of Us

Often times investment is thought of as being closed off to anyone outside of the millionaire class that can pour money into funds closed off the rest of the country, and it is. But there are ways for those with less to better their economic standing.

In an interview with Reuters, Brad Reifler, CEO and founder of Forefront Capital, talked about a changing direction for his firm after a personal experience in poor investing. Whether the result of inadequate reading of the situation or shady practices, Wikipedia shows that Reifler lost on a fund he thought would assist his daughters in attending college. When the date came, the fund was dry.

Student debt, he noted, has increased 2,500 times its amount in the last ten years, and about half of the nation has little to no savings to contend with the costs. This realization came full circle when Reifler’s father-in-law, attempted to invest in a company but was barred from doing so because he was not an accredited investor. With so much debt and limited investment options, Reifler saw the need for change.

In an attempt to assist the average individual to better manage their money, his firm developed a public fund. This would shift options away from those in investing, people he sees as being in an advantageous position when it comes to money management and growth, and allow the “99 percent” to place their money in higher risk investments.

Keeping people from doing this on their own is the Securities and Exchange Commission, who cites an accredited investor as an individual, or spouses, who have a net worth that exceeds $1 million. An investor can also be an individual that has an income of more than $200,000, or spouses that have a combined income of $300,000 within the last year

While these regulations were put in place to protect shareholders from unnecessary risk and avoidable loses, they are, in many ways, made obsolete by additional regulatory standards put in place in the decades since those standards were put in place. The passing of the Dodd-Frank Act seems to recognize that, as it established the Investor Advisory Committee in 2010, which is working to do away with these income requirements and opening up the markets to more people.

But even the easing of these standards may not be enough. Following the 2008 recession, people who may have the opportunity to invest may not be comfortable with giving the market any control over their financial future. To combat this, Reifler is offering options that could make a small investment to grow into something substantial that could assist many into a comfortable retirement, making his firm not one for the investment community and one for the average person. Brad Reifler is definitely interested in the day to day finance news too, as he’s always commenting on Twitter when news releases. Follow his official site for more updates on investment, and Brad’s career.

Why Buy Gold From US Money Reserve

Philip Diehl, president of US Money Reserve, was recently interviewed in a podcast on his thoughts about gold as an investment, and the industry in general. As president of US Money Reserve Diehl has developed a keen insight in to the world of precious metals and can offer unique insights on this market. For investors looking to diversify their investments, and hedge against possible geopolitical instability Diehl recommends buying bullion coins from US Money Reserve.

While it may seem obvious that he would say to buy from his own company it comes from a good place. US Money Reserve is the largest distributor of United States government issued gold, silver, and platinum coins. These coins are guaranteed in weight and purity by the federal government. This guarantee can help give investors peace of mind and confidence that they are indeed getting what they paid for. There have been recent scandals from some less than honest overseas distributors who were caught selling counterfeit gold rounds. These gold rounds were extremely sophisticated fakes and could only be caught by experts.

Another reason to purchase bullion coins through US Money Reserve is that they are legal tender, unlike gold bars or other forms of the precious metal. Finally, US Money Reserve prides itself on having the best return policy in the industry. Diehl is sure of this as he sits on three different boards, making him intimately familiar with his competitors.

US Money Reserve further differentiates itself with a commitment to customer service that is unheard of in the industry. This excellence and drive to help ensure that the customer is satisfied has led to many lifelong customers. US Money Reserve also recently began offering a self-directed precious metals IRA. This allows investors to create their own retirement account with gold, silver, and platinum in order to better suit their retirement needs.

All of these factors have led to high consumer confidence in US Money Reserve. Much of this can be attributed to the leadership of Diehl. Prior to his position at US Money Reserve he was director of the US Mint. Here he significantly expanded distribution by adding operations on every continent, including Antarctica. He also preached customer service constantly to his team members to the point that the government agency was being ranked among top private businesses for excellence in customer service.


Source: PR Newswire

Recent Graduate Sultan Alhokair Invests in Aspiring Entrepreneurs

While many recent college graduates have had a hard time finding a job in their field of study, others are not only finding jobs, but excelling in their chosen field. Sultan Alhokair is one of those successful millennials. Graduating from Northeastern University in 2014, he has kept himself very busy since graduation. Currently Sultan Alhokair is a Partner at Valia Investments in Boston where he analyzes brand new companies that seek to gain an investing partnership with the private equity firm, he has also founded Mirage Kitchens, a restaurant featuring Middle Eastern cuisine in New York with two locations, worked as Project Manager at Retail Group of America and he has over 500 connections on LinkedIn, the premier social networking site for entrepreneurs.

Sultan Alhokair seems to be having great success so far at doing what he is passionate about. But this isn’t just luck. Sultan Alhokair has been working hard during college with five internships under his belt in four years. Fully immersing himself in the entrepreneur world since high school, he was a very busy undergrad. He had not only a degree to show his future employers, but hands on experience and proven results that he knew what he was doing and he was great at it.

Just like Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, and Robert Herjavec on ABC’s the Shark Tank, Sultan Alhokair works with people to make their dreams of success turn into reality by giving them the funds to get their business started. Sultan Alhokair and Valia Investments specifically are in the business of seed investments. This means they only invest in companies that are just starting, and the investment covers all the costs of opening up a new business. In other words, they plant the seed of the business. Sultan Alhokair does his homework on all potential investments and advises new investors on his blog to always double check the math of aspiring entrepreneurs. In order for his equity firm to partner with clients, Bubblews indicates that Sultan Alhokair has to first make sure his clients have a solid plan and the determination, focus, and skill to execute that plan because he needs to ensure they will be able to succeed and repay the investors. Overall, this young Northeastern graduate is off to a great start helping others get their start.