Securus Technologies Fights Against Fraudulent Prison Industry Practices

Securus Technologies, a major Dallas-based inmate telecommunications firm has taken to raising awareness of fraudulent practices by competitors. According to a press release, Securus uncovered and brought to light a case of fraud involving GTL, a rival inmate telecom company in which GTL overbilled taxpayers for using their services. Securus found that GTL had embedded tampering software in their phone call monitoring system, and programmed it to tack on extra minutes to phone calls as well as rate them unusually high to get surcharges attached to them. All in all, this scheme was found to have cost Louisiana taxpayers more than $1 million in overcharges. Securus CEO Rick Smith has vowed to continue to expose and fight against wrongdoings by any company in the prison communications industry.

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Securus was founded about 30 years ago and is commited to delivering high quality communications solutions to correctional facilities nationwide. It’s led by a team of expert software developers and innovators who’ve designed some of the most sophisticated cutting-edge solutions with advanced security integrated platforms. Securus’s THREADS program uses advanced data analytics and behavioral tracking algorithms that capture inmate call patterns and fraternizing. The data is stored on servers and made accessible to law enforcement when there’s an emergency situation or investigation in progress. The technology has helped numerous officials detect and deter threats. Securus also has biometric readers, and mail scanners for quick communication processing.

Securus has also received the high commendation from the Better Business Bureau [] with an A+ rating for outstanding customer service and commitment to integrity. The award was given in part because Securus has a state-of-the-art US-based call center in which company representative handle customer issues. Recently as reported by PR Newswire, Securus bought out J-Pay, a platform that processes payments electronically for inmates, and Securus has now addeed the ability to purchase authorized items, or make desposits from this integrated platform.

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Securus Technologies Further Exposes Wrong Doing Through Document Release

Securus Technologies sets the standard in criminal and civil justice technology solutions. Their customers rely on Securus Technologies to supply them with corrections and monitoring, investigation and public safety solutions. They were one of the first companies to offer a complete solution to agencies across the country. Their THREADS product has set the golden standard in investigative and data analysis for both law enforcement and corrections customers. In recent months they have further upgraded this product to incorporate their communications platform known as the Secure Call Platform.
As of the 7th of June 2016 according to PR Newswire, they announced they will be releasing findings relating to a integrity breaches by another company within the industry. This company is known as Global Tel Link and have been responsible for inmate communications now for several years dating back to 1998. These findings will be released during a number of press releases. The press releases will be held over the next 6 months and will allow Securus Technologies to discredit Global Tel Link. This is in an effort to force them to conduct business with a higher and superior integrity.


The evidence is contained within the order which was commissioned by the Louisiana Public Service Commission or PSC. The Louisiana Public Service Commission investigated the matter and found various wrong doings by Global Tel Link. The total of the wrongdoings came to 4 which has cost the Louisiana taxpayers over $1 million due to overcharging by Global Tel Link. The 4 malpractices where overcharging, double billing, artificially inflating charges and programming its communication devices to rate calls on higher tariffs. Richard Smith the CEO of Securus America Technologies believes that this behaviors should not be tolerated within the industry and should be rectified immediately through action.

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