Achievements of or Jingdong is a leading commerce venture based in China. The company has changed the face of the Chinese market through its reliability and convenience. It purchases various products from different companies in the country and makes them available to its customers at reasonable rates. The firm has employed a team that delivers the products to its clients depending on the request they make. has grown faster thanks to the integrity exercised by its team to save it from the competition. Many people have amended their survives and they have given the firm trust due to the authenticity of the products they receive contrary to what many companies in the Chinese market offer.


Jingdong has extended its operations in other countries and its executives plan to launch their plan in the next two years fully. They believe that by availing the products to other parts, they will increase the total profits that the firm earns. Besides, Richard Liu has already signed lucrative deals with other people to ensure that the firm keeps rising. In his recent career outline, he is working with the companies stakeholders to see it work with a logistics firm in the country to help them succeed through the issues they experience.


The executives involved in the running of the venture believe that roadblocks experienced in their journey are meant to make them smart by sharpening their minds to think of better ways to deal with every challenge. As a result, they have learned to stick by the rules and respect them. They know that government regulations can and a business in trouble if ignored and as a result, they have derived extraordinary measures to make the best out of them.


Through their strategies, they have made Jingdong a productive company by abiding by the set legal regulations. Besides, they have found ways to make the firm benefit from them by involving business experts who advise them accordingly on the right strategies to use to avoid being affected by the latter. The firm also embraces the thoughts and contributions of its workers to its growth and stands by their suggestions as long as they are valid. Go To This Page to view their YouTube videos and clips.


Blogtrepreneur’s article; “JD Launches New Green Initiatives in Partnership with WWF Earth Hour Movement”, Chinese e-commerce giant has once again partnered with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) this year in the ongoing support of the Earth Hour environmental movement, launching a range of initiatives that include country-wide recycling programs and sustainable green packaging.


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Young Chinese Race To JD.Com For Hungarian Wine

As Chinese consumers increasingly search for the most convenient method to satisfy their shopping needs,, otherwise known as Jingdong looks for new markets to reach into. With a sprawling logistics network, China’s largest retailer is the method of choice for foreign products to branch out into a consumer base of more than 300 million. Grand Tokaj is betting on that tech and those consumers to lift their brand and find success in this large and competitive market.

The Hungarian wine maker; Grand Tokaj has forged a working relationship with This will give Grand Tokaj some guidance and assistance with marketing by the retailer. This will provide insights into consumer habits in China, and the differentials separating this market with their more familiar counterparts in Hungary and throughout Europe. And with an infrastructure that ensures accurate and timely delivery, Grand Tokaj is set to make a good first impression on those willing to give their wine a chance.

Luckily, there seems to be quite a few young Chinese people thirsty for Hungarian wine. Grand Tokaj had been available for only 10 hours when 1,000 bottles of their Taki Aszu, a prized label, was sold off. During their five-day launch event, Grand Tokaj had made their way into more than 400,000 shopping carts.

Chinese consumers have no shortage of options when it comes to shopping for alcohol, and has worked hard to make it to the top of the list over the last three years. Transaction data is collected to build up their consumer-to-manufacturer (C2M) model that helps shoppers become more familiar with brands their suit their tastes and budgets. Go Here for related Information.

This increased visibility has helped the Remy Cointreau Group succeed online. In 2017, their small cognac bottles sold out during that year’s Singles’ Day Shopping Festival. It remains one of their best selling products on Jingdong.

for Carol Fung, President for JD’s FMCG, Chinese urbanites are open to shopping for foreign brands, including alcohol. Young women in particular are a key shopping demographic which can help Grand Tokaj find success in China.

Gergelt Goreckzy, CEO for Grand Tokaj, is also betting on young people’s curiosity welcoming them to China, and hopes that other brands from Hungary can find their market here as well.

On a different light, in an article with, “Google Invested 550 Million” with Jingdong. The partnership will include the promotion of products on Google’s shopping service. More details have now emerged that the partnership will also see Google selling its products on


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Tips To Becoming A Billionaire Like Richard Liu Qiangdong the CEO Jingdong

Richard Liu Qiangdong is among the wealthiest people in China. He did not start as productive as he is today; Richard Liu Qiangdong is from a humble family where his parents were in the coal business transporting it from North to South of China.

During his free Time, Richard Liu helped his parents run the industry, and with time he gained some skills. Richard Liu Qiangdong despite the family financial constraints he attended the Peoples University in China. He wanted to Pursue Politics but later decided to join the business industry. Go Here for related Information.

Richard Liu Tips to Success

  • Hard work

Richard Liu is passionate to achieve his dreams; in college, he spent his leisure time on his computer trying to improve his programming skills. Previously he had started a restaurant that was doing very well but due to lack of enough time to manage the business he closed.

  • Risk-taking

Richard Liu as an entrepreneur understands the need to take risks if anyone wants to make it in the market. In 2003 there was a respiratory disease outbreak that led to people staying at home including the employees; hence Richard Liu suffered a significant loss. He did not give up; instead, he formulated a strategy to join the online marketing business and founded

  • Diversify

Richard Liu has diversified his business by introducing new line products including fashion, consumer goods, electronics, and luxury products. There is also a need to partner with other companies including WeChat, Wall Mart among others sharing technologies and other resources. Richard Liu only partners with companies that are going to increase the logistics of the company.

  • Aim Higher

When he founded Jingdong, he wrote on the wall that he wants to be number one and since then his primary objective has been to expand his business and become number one across the globe. Richard Liu has taken the initiative to import goods from various parts of the world of China to meet the demands of the market and the expectations of all customers.

Richard Liu aims at opening other branches in the UK, the US and other parts of the world to meet his objectives and serve a wide range of people.

Mr. Qiangdong has managed to accrue a few important accolades over the years Richard Liu has been featured as an Honoree in Variety 500 website entitled, “ Richard Liu; Founder / Chairman / CEO”, as a result of his persistence, innovation, and hard work.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong Professional Line Of Work


Richard Liu Qiangdong is a Chinese billionaire who runs the largest retail business in China. He built the company with small capital. The company was previously known as Jingdong which was the combination of Richard Liu`s last name and the first name of his first girlfriend. Jingdong business distributed various magneto-optical products which faced stiff competition. Richard Liu realized that the only way to emerge at the top was to provide high-quality products while other companies offered counterfeit products, after six years the company had risen to billion US dollars. Richard Liu had employed many employees to help him run the business and serve many clients at the individual level.

When SARS outbreak begun in 2003, Richard Liu had no other option but to send his employees at home so that they could not be hit. Liu gave them some supplies to sustain their health at homes. by the end of 2004, Richard Liu with the help of one manager decided to venture into online business. They launched website where the customers would order products to be delivered at their doors. has modern technology that involves the use of drones and robots to monitor the delivery process. Receipts are also offered upon delivery to promote the security of goods.

Richard Liu has ensured that expands its reach to London, Europe, Asia, and the US. The products are delivered between fifteen to twenty hours after being ordered. In Beijing, there is a 3-1-1 policy where goods are delivered the same day and after some few hours. All clients are treated the same with the best standard services to maintain good relations with the customers. currently has a net worth of more than US$60 billion under the management of Richard Liu Qiangdong who is the Chairperson. Refer to This Article to learn more.

Besides his career Richard Liu is married to Zhang Zetian with two children. He is a responsible father and ensures that despite his busy schedule at work he sets some time to spend with his family. Richard Liu parents are also proud of him as he supports them and he is always there when they need him. According to Richard Liu Qiangdong, his greatest achievement is his family.

Today, stands at about $60 billion whereas his personal net worth is about 12.7 billion. And in 2017, Richard Liu became a “Variety500 Honoree” as a result of his persistence, innovation, and hard work. During his free time, the billionaire loves to either spend time with his family or volunteering at Red Cross.


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