WEN By Chaz: Nothing Ordinary About This No Lather Shampoo

Do you have unmanageable hair?

If so, you are not alone. Every woman’s hair is unique in texture, type and condition, but what all hair cries out for is moisture. Your hair needs to be nourished, and the typical ordinary shampoos out there try to achieve that goal with formulas full of harsh detergents.

Bustle.com writer Emily McClure happens to have fine, dull hair she that cannot manage well. So this time, she decided to give WEN hair a whirl for seven days. She would skip the lather hair care products and begin using WEN’s special cleansing conditioners.

Emily chose wisely because WEN By Chaz is all about the purity found in nature with luxurious blends of herbal and other plant-based extracts. These rich ingredients like pomegranate, lavender, rosemary leaf and others add strength, volume and super shine to hair of any type.

There is zero that is harsh about WEN By Chaz because these unique cleansing conditioners don’t contain common chemicals like sulfates and parabens. Those ingredients can strip the hair of its natural oils and weaken the entire strand from root to end. WEN is a hair fortifier and adds manageability to tresses.

Emily McClure found out right away how thick her mane felt in the shower after rinsing out her WEN Mandarin Italian Fig cleansing conditioner. As she blew dry her locks and used her favorite styling tools, she got instant Hollywood hair. She took hair selfies to show her readers, and the compliments started pouring in. Even her close friends demanded to know Emily’s new hair secret.

Emily gave thumbs up to the WEN system. She highly recommends it if you have the time to spare and pamper your locks. A daily WEN wash followed by a blow-dry and styling delivers fab results. Wen hair care products are available on eBay, Guthy-Renker and http://www.qvc.com/beauty/wen/_/N-rhtyZ1z141dz/c.html.


Igor Cornelsen: The Investment Genius

One of the most prestigious bankers of Brazil who made a name for himself comes in the form of Igor Cornelsen. His passion for investing and understanding the inner workings of the stock market made him want to delve into the career of being a banker. His refined work credentials with his current job position at Bainbridge Group shows he’s still one of the best at what he does. Igor Cornelsen’s currently retired and living in Florida, where he focuses on investing as a spare hobby. But before he culminated the kind of reputable status he holds now, he was in his hometown of Brazil forming a consummate reputation at managing some of the biggest banks in the world, as well as managing a large percentage of the nations entire gross economy. And when Igor Cornelsen isn’t off do all of that, he’s being a practitioner of consultancy for both the banking industry and investing.

His smarts in the investment industry on houzz.com are various facets that define who he is as an investor. His biggest attribute though is his undeniable skill to help investors stay away from shady deals and by steering them into more successful investment choices for the betterment of their companies. And he does this by pushing them to go after damaged stocks instead of damaged companies. By doing this, you’re guaranteed to come out on top with more money by investing in these cheaply stocks on thestreet.com; not to mention they’re easy to pay off in the long run as well.

Some of Igor Cornelsen’s investment advice is something valuable to consider if you’re looking to dive into the realm of being a banker of any kind. The biggest rule when taking on this kind of career is to never lose money. An investor is always risking his money when he’s trying to pull in the deal of a lifetime. If you ever find yourself potentially falling victim to losing funds, then you should opt out as quickly as possible; always be cognizant of your money, and know your limit. Igor Cornelsen also says that if you’re looking to be an investor, then the best time to start is now; don’t be weary of it when you can get in on all of the action now. Investing your money at a young age is also the most efficient way of maximizing your returns. By taking all of this into consideration, you’re just a few steps away from following into the footsteps of Igor Cornelsen.

Marcio Alaor BMG Modest Recap

Marcio Alaor of the BMG Bank in Brazil has become somewhat of an expert in the field of industry marketing. As one of the youngest leaders of a large corporation in Brazil, the vice president of the finical institution has been credited with the development and execution of a mass marketing program that resulted in the BMG bank becoming one of the largest financial brands in South America.

Years of developmental work preceded Marcio Alaor’s promotion to the position of vice president within the financial institution, but once he had received the job Alaor proved to his fellow associates that he was the best candidate for the position.

These qualifications have enabled Alaor to develop consumer reports on various industries in the business field. Recently, Marcio Alaor released a consumer report detailing the product launches that took place at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Consumer Electronics Show draws crowds in excess of several thousand excited tech fans each year and hosts the launches of several hundred innovative products. Marcio Alaor highlighted the considerable role that television technology played in this highly anticipated event. Several prominent companies, including LG and Sony ( two of the leading electronic manufacturers in the world), revealed new products at the Consumer Electronics Show. The product launches resulted in a multitude of successful reviews in tech magazines.

Among the television technology product launches was the release of LG’s unprecedented 18 inch flexible television. This television is unique in its ability to be folded, rolled, and otherwise manipulated in an effort to allow maximum portability of the product. The television can easily be moved from place to place due to its relative light weight and flexibility. According to Marcio Alaor OMG (as he’s popularly known), this product is a game changer for the flat screen television industry.

Another unique television product that was launched during the Consumer Electronics Show was Samsung’s 170 inch modular television. This television produces an enormous visual for consumers who enjoy movie theatre quality viewing time. The screen is actually comprised of several visual modules which create one large picture for consumers to enjoy.

Marcio Alaor predicts that both these television tech products in addition to the wealth of other products that were launched at the Consumer Electronics Show will create an extremely competitive economic environment when the products are released in late November 2016. More information regarding Marcio Alaor and the Consumer Electronics Show can be found here.

Be inspired

“No single person is born hating another person because of the color of their skin, or their background, or religion. People learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be trained to love, for love comes more as you would expect to the human heart than its opposite”, Nelson Mandela. A human activist is defined as a person who campaigns for human rights. Yeonmi Park has been in the limelight for her efforts in human activism for a while. Park is one of the lucky few who are lucky enough to have fled North Korea with their lives. Park escaped North Korea through China in 2007, in 2009 she finally settled in South Korea. The escape was not easy
Park was born on 1993 in North Korea. Parks father worked in Hyesan town as a civil servant for the ruling Workers Party. Parks mother was a nurse for the North Korean army at the time. Her father had dedicated most of his time to his metal smuggling business that he had established incognito in the capital. Things for Park changed drastically when her father got arrested for allegedly partaking in illegal activities. Park soon got inspired to escape after watching a pirated version of the Titanic, a popular Western tale of love, which made her realize how much freedom had been taken away from them.
As soon as her father got back with the family, he began pushing for them to escape from North Korea. Park’s sister, Eunmi, left earlier without alerting anyone. The family followed later traveling through China with the assistance of brokers that smuggled people out of North Korea. Park’s father had refused to go along with the family scared that he would slow them down due to an illness he was ailing. After successfully crossing over to China, Park, and her mother were en route for Jilin province in search of Parks sister. They assumed she was dead after failing to find her.
In 2007, Park made arrangements for her father to be smuggled into China where he was later diagnosed with colon cancer. Park’s father succumbed to the illness a year later and was buried in secret as the family had to live incognito to prevent them from being deported back to North Korea. Park and her mother found a shelter run by Christian missionaries who eventually helped them get to South Korea through Mongolia. After a long and wearisome excursion, Park, and her mother got to South Korea successfully. They were both able to find jobs as a waitress and shop assistant.
Park Yeon-mi’s story inspires a lot. She has realized a lot at such a young age and serves as a source of motivation to everyone who has heard her side of the story. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect.

The Uncanny Talents Of John Textor

The world of entertainment can be a grueling career choice. John Textor has not only made that choice, but has navigated the world of entertainment flawlessly. Over a long career John has developed the contacts and the experience needed to be a major player in the entertainment and digital imagery fields.

Mr. Textor began his career with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Wesleyan University in 1987. He went on to co-found a company by the name of Wyndcrest Holdings in 1997. He worked and kept persevering and eventually became their managing partner. Wyndcrest Holdings is a company that focuses on the internet, telecommunications and the entertainment industry.

In 1999 John Textor became the director of The Parent Company and Baby Universe. These are companies that deal primarily with children’s products. These are not his only experience laden positions on his resumee. John has extensive experience in upper management as well.

One such position is as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sims Snowboards. He was also the founding director of Lydian Trust Company and VirtualBank.com. More recent experience has put John in the positon of Chief Executive Officer of Digital Domain Productions and Digital Domain Media Group in 2006.

John Textor is presently serving as the Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation. This is a comapny that deals with digital productions. Specifically they specialize in the application of computer generated human likenesses. His work has been featured at many major functions that have been televised around the world.

One such accolade on Mr Textor’s experience is the human likeness provided for the Benjamin Button movie. Most of the major part of the movie included a computer generated actor. This likeness was so lifelike that it was nominated for a major award. Textor has taken these computer generated likenesses even a step further.

Music awards feature performers in live events. One such likeness that Textor provided for a recent Music Award Ceremony was Michael Jackson. He made this likeness so real that people in the audience actually thought they were seeing the real thing.

Other famous people that Textor has replicated as computer generated likenesses include Marilyn Monroe, Tupac Shakur and even Elvis Presley. His work has remained unmatched by other major entertainment media groups and his talent for making these images appear real is uncanny.

Truly an expert at his field, John Textor has excelled in what he loves and does best.

Special Effects and Holograms

Visual effects are primarily done after the production of a film has already been completed. However, some take place during the set. For example, if a director wants to shoot a scene with a special effect that needs to take place, the special effect will be done on set so the director has a chance to see if he would like to make any changes or corrections. There are many different types of visual effects, and specials effects. You can make an entire cartoon movie just based off 3D animations alone.

A new and intrusive form of visual effects are holograms. Holograms are special because now you don’t need to see a movie or watch your favorite t.v show for a fake reality. With holograms anything can be brought to life and be directly in front of you.

One of the most famous holograms to take place happened live at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards on May 18, 2014. When the company Pulse was able to pull off when of the greatest moments in recent memory, holograms were then becoming a huge aspect in visual effects. In front of thousands Michael Jackson performed his song “Slave to the Rhythm”. How could all of this be done? Pulse Executive Chairmen John Textor claimed they film dancers in 8k resolution using two $50,000 red dragon cameras. Afterwards, a computer generated Michael Jackson was put into animation.

John Textor has accomplished doing visual effects for more than 80 major films. Ender’s Game and Transformers are just two films worth mentioning. He also was once chairmen and the CEO of Digital Domain Media Group. He now works for Pulse Evolution Corporation and holds the position of executive chairman.

Smartphones Discover New Options Through FreedomPop

FreedomPop has made waves in its attempt to steal loyal customers from major service providers by promising free basic call and data plans for mobile users. A lofty goal, it would seem, but with 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots at their disposal for only $5 per user, traditional carriers potentially have something to worry about.

While many are accustomed to purchasing data plans on a monthly basis, that is to use 3G, 4G, and even in some locations, Edge networks provided by their carrier, FreedomPop claims that most of a person’s data is used through Wi-Fi hotspots, only taking advantage of their data plan networks only 10% of the time. This suggests that most of the data users purchase goes unused, which may make many question the justification for purchasing a data plan from their service provider.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Stephen Stokols, co-founder and CEO of FreedomPop, boasted coverage for approximately 120 million Americans following the initial rollout of their network, and another 25 million at the end of the first quarter. This coverage will be made possible, or at the very least easier, thanks to the $30 million received in funding for this start up.

And it should surprise no one that they’ve been able to amass this kind of funding. Sokol claims that the company has received interest from large tech companies who wanted to purchase the startup before it even premiered. FreedomPop, however, has its sights aimed higher than simply being a carrier. The company also has hardware such as smartphones and dongles to help take advantage of its Wi-Fi centric approach to connectivity.

Sokol hopes to reach at least a million users across the US by the end of its first year, hoping this will draw in more investors who see it as a profitable venture. It would be the company’s second proving ground; in May of this year, FreedomPop premiered its services in the UK. In this market, users were allowed to use pre-owned mobile devices and purchase the service through service providers Three and Jetsetter. Sokol hopes to draw in another carrier in the region soon.

The option to use the UK first was a strategic one. While similar services exist, using data to perform voice calls and reducing the cost of data packages from providers, they generally subsist by purchasing minutes and packages from the competition, allowing them to be attractive to consumers but not too thrilling to investors. FreedomPop differs in that it mediates with the competition to pay only for data used rather than bulk purchasing, increasing profit margins, making more investors interested and eventually growing the span of their coverage.

There is no physical presence to speak of, no headquarters or brick-and-mortar outlets. Sokol has noted the concern but was quick to point out that the price margin–1/100th–of the competition is too enticing for customers to simply ignore, giving them the time and funding to address customer concerns at a pace that the competition might not be able to keep up with. He also pointed out that their operation, like nearly all major businesses in the world, now take place online, meaning this is less of an issue for a startup and more of a concern for decades-old businesses that have had to transition to the digital age.

But more important than addressing customer concerns, Sokol said, was to be ahead of them, to provide service and coverage that answers customers’ questions and woes before they are even expressed, that excellent service is its own customer care.

The End Drawing Near for IBM?

Could it be that a company that has been around for a long time could be going out? Could it be that, after a long and painful slump, IBM will soon be out for good? Christian Broda was asked this questions during the summit. It seems that that could be the case, and it could be a big deal for some who have always supported the company and all that it has to offer.

It seems that IBM has been unable to keep up with the changing times, and that this could cause trouble for the company. With stocks that have been failing for a long time now, IBM could end up going out completely. The company has been on the decline for years, and they could soon get to the point where they just cannot hold on any longer. When a company is unable to make it, even after years of trying to succeed, there gets to be a point where that company just has to give up. It could be time soon for IBM to give up, to shut down and stop trying any longer.

Joseph Bismark Mixes Spirituality with the Business World

Does spirituality have a place in the business world? Does the way that one feels, spiritually, have an influence on them when they are working in the business world? Joseph Bismark seems to think so, and he has used his spirituality to guide him as he works in the business world. The way that one thinks and the way that one acts are tied in with what that individual believes. When someone has a strong spiritual identity, that person will bring their spirituality with them wherever they go, even when they go into the business world.

An article that is available on Just Judy And Her Dog shares about how Joseph Bismark has allowed his spirituality to influence just who he is and how he acts in the business world. This man has allowed himself to take his spirituality with him as he works in the business world, and he has benefited from doing that. The author of The Gem Collection believes that individuals need to reach out to each other, and that they can help each other to become all that they are meant to be. This man believes that a team should work together, and that the business world is a place that is in need of spirituality and all that it brings.

FreedomPop Recieves Funding

FreedomPop recently decided to put their selves up for grabs and on the market. However, in the end they decided to remain independent. In the meantime they did manage to obtain $30 million dollars in funding. This will help the company tremendously as they work out their new plans to expand and better the company. FreedomPop has been trying to make sure that customers are getting the experience they desire and deserve. They are looking to expand the company to Europe. With all the renovations the company is expected to increase in value by up to three or four times. This is phenomenal for the company and investors.

There is an investor that will be named later that everyone wants to know about. There were many offers on the company but in the end they decided to expand and build the company instead of selling out. This is great news for all the customers that are reliant upon using FreedomPop. The company has been coming up in ranks and it would be unwise to sell the company now while it is steadily climbing up in the right direction. Recode expects more from FreedomPop in the future, which should help customers and potential customers.