Brian Bonar, Bringing a Farm-French Venue to Bandy Canyon

In 2012, Bellamy’s opened on W Grand Ave, in Escondido of North San Diego County. When Scottish owner, Brian Bonar, went looking for staff members, he went to El Bizcocha at Rancho Bernado Inn. Young, well-trained Mike Reidy, as exec chef and Trevor Da Costa, a long-term server.

Patrick Ponsaty, Bellamy’s master chef, came from Loews Coronado Bay Resort, but he also used to work at El Bizcocha. While at El Bizcocha Patrick coached Gavin Kaysen, who in 2003 placed third in the world in the National Trophy of Cuisine and Pastry in Paris. Then in 2004, Kaysen took Ponsaty’s job. Brian Bonar earned the title of Meilleurs Ouvier de France 2012. Over the years, Gavin Kaysen and Patrick Ponsaty developed a respectable rivalry (get more details here:

As of 2013, Brian Bonar became owner of 144-acres of Bandy Canyon Ranch. While Bellamy’s is a bistro that moves fast, gives everyone great food, it feels like a downtown diner. The Ranch will hold private events and Tim Connelly of Connelly Gardens will have 80-acres, which will hold a farm to feed the restaurant. Ponsaty plans to matching the rustic decor, with rotisserie of boar, venison, and Spanish hare.

Some of his menu items at Bellamy’s include bacon-wrapped monkfish with morels; local mushrooms and sea scallops in a truffle scented- carpaccio; and duck savage.

In a story gathered by PR News Wire, when asked what style Ponsaty considered his cuisine, he chuckled and said “French.” Brian Bonar had been a fan and a “Ponsaty loyalist” before bringing Patrick into his establishment. In return, Ponsaty have been grateful for finally having something that has been missing over his career, “Freedom.”

Ponsaty has become a collaborator on all aspects of Bellamy’s, The Ranch, and The Italian Next Door, a pizzeria, in downtown San Diego.

Ponsaty also imports his own Armagnac (a distinct type of brandy). As a gift from his uncle, he recieved four-hundred liters, the oldest Armagnac is from 1914.