Don’t Enroll My Email, Unroll Me

 Who likes to spend hours of your busy day going through emails? No one does, right? Especially when most of them are spammy subscription services that you do not want to deal with anymore. But if you don’t check your email, you might miss an important job offer or news from a family member. Well fear not, because Unroll Me is a service that is dedicating itself to help you de-clutter your inbox.

This easy platform lets you log into your email, shows you everything that you are subscribed to, and lets you check the boxes you actually want to read or the ones that need to be sent to the trash and beyond. This is incredibly handy because in some recent past, while at an event or something, you probably signed up your email to get something for free and now you don’t need the other unnecessary offers they send you every day. Now those emails have become a nuisance and you would rather be done with them but you come into some difficulty in stopping the emails. They either do not have an option to unsubscribe and you have to label the emails as spam, or they do but it takes almost two weeks for you to be officially unsubscribed. Also, let’s not forget that some services actually sign you up for other newsletters when you go hit the “unsubscribe here” link embedded in the email. This service will take off all that pressure on you and it helps that it is FREE! 

The unique features of Unroll Me is that it will send you a daily listing of what is sent to you and you get to control what you see. You also can view it as an ordered grid or a list to fit your aesthetic. Instead of other companies controlling you, you can tell them “unroll me!” and you are once again the master of your email’s inbox. Congratulations on simplifying and conquering your life! Now you can get your work done faster and enjoy. The Answer to Your Email

Email has both its pros and cons. It’s a great way to send messages to people all over the world in a quick way. The downside is that email can be overwhelming. Each day people receive tons emails that are subscriptions, ad and other spam. Maneuvering through these messages can often be very challenging. Entrepreneur Jojo Hedaya has come up with an invention to help fix this problem. is a program desgined to fix your email challenges. makes your inbox less complicated. The program scans through your inbox and puts together a list of all the subscriptions that you have. The user will have the ability to unsubscribe to unwanted emails right away. This daily email is called the ‘Roll Up.’ Each day users get this magical one email in their box. The magic of the email is that the user can decide when they receive the email. Whatever time of day works for you, that is the time of day you can have the message sent. One simple swipe lets you subscribe or unsubscribe to the messages of your choice.


Unroll.Me is currently owned by Rakuten Intelligence. This company is a market research organization that gives businesses trends as to what is currently impacting the market. The program itself was created by two twenty-four year old entrepreneurs: JoJo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald. This duo has been working together for years. Their desire to create came from their early working experience. During their early years together JoJo Hedaya would often send emails to his partner Josh Rosenwald, only to get no response. Rosewald had good intentions but a swarm of subscriptions and other ads often jammed his inbox. The two quickly put together the program They have uses the last two years to update and perfect the product.

CloudWick And Machine Learning Models: The Best Way To Get Data-Driven Answers

In a competitive business environment, it is critical for a company to have accurate data when making decisions about productivity and other areas. However, with so many options available today, it can be difficult to know which methods and techniques work best. As more and more companies have discovered, machine learning models offer an excellent way to use extremely detailed data to meet production and other goals. For companies that work with CloudWick, machine learning models have allowed them to not only get to production far quicker than before, but also improve areas such as quality control and managed services.

While having accurate data is very important, it is also crucial to be able to gain various insights and analytics from it as well. By using machine learning models technology from CloudWick, companies can do this and more. For example, due to the use of high-performance algorithms and other analytical tools, CloudWick machine learning models can help companies build, train, and deploy these models at scale. In doing so, it then becomes possible to utilize these models in many ways, no matter what type of products or services a company provides. From telecom companies to financial and retail corporations, machine learning models provide insight into many areas critical for success.

In partnering with Amazon, CloudWick has been able to take machine learning models to new and innovative heights. By using such programs as Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Transcribe, and Amazon Comprehend, machine learning models can be equipped with even more features. With SageMaker, one-click training and deployment is possible, thanks to pre-installed software such as Apache MXNet and TensorFlow. As for Amazon Transcribe, companies that conduct business on an international level will appreciate the audio to text conversion feature, which also supports multiple languages. By having these features available, companies can become more efficient in such areas as staffing, consulting, and engineering.

Relying on a team of data scientists, engineers, and developers who have hundreds of certifications among them, CloudWick is thus able to provide these and other services that allow for customized machine learning models for any type of business.

GreenSky eases loan servicing for banks

GreenSky is a fintech that offers point-of-sale loan services to consumers. It has partnered with regional banks to provide loan services to as many people as possible. They have simplified the loan application process, by handling the paperwork needed from the consumer and the bank. They offer quick solutions to the needs of consumers who are in need of crucial services but have no cash to pay. If you are a homeowner and you need some home maintenance work to be done but you lack the money to pay, worry no more because GreenSky will facilitate instant financing of the project through the merchant.

The merchant will apply for a loan with the amount he will charge for the service. They will send relevant loan processing information to the fintech, which will on its part link the borrower with a lender willing to offer the loan. Once a lender is found, the loan is processed instantly. GreenSky has mainly been working with four regional banks namely Sun Trust, Synovus, Fifth Third, and Regions Financial

Regional banks are interested in consumer lending since it attracts high yields, but two obstacles hinder progress in this field. The cost involved in getting customers is too high and the servicing the loan can also be a nightmare. Through GreenSky, regional banks are getting better full benefits of consumer lending. The fintech brings the customers to them and it even facilities servicing of the loan. The role of the bank in the whole process is to offer the money to lend.

GreenSky does not offer interest on the loans as is the case with traditional banking. Customers who will pay back the loan in the agreed timeframe will get the benefit of not repaying even a single cent on top of the principal amount. It is GreenSky who take up the role of repaying the loan during the zero percent APR period. There are huge hopes on this company that it will perform very well in long-term. In the period that they have been in the industry, there has been consistent growth trend. In 2017, they recorded a 30 percent increase from the previous year.

ClassDojo Takes Off as a Highly Popular Educational App

Teachers have a challenging job. They are always looking for ways to do their jobs better. One of the things that has been a hindrance in education is the lack of proper communication tools for teachers to reach out to parents. This is a company, ClassDojo, that has presented an app that has built a community that any teacher can appreciate. This is the app that has been getting a serious amount of exposure because it has gotten some buzz from some high profile places.

Forbes has called the company that Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don created one of the most promising companies in America. ClassDojo is the company that is make people look at San Francisco as an educational app mecca. It has become the app that teachers are using for communicating with students. It has become the app that people are using for communicating with teachers. It has not been around for a long time, but ClassDojo has still managed to become a dominant app. That is a sign of just how important the app has become in schools in such a short time frame. Teachers are dependent on it, and parents are appreciative of the community that this app is providing.

ClassDojo is the app that parents look to when they want to get the real time feedback on the progress of their students. When Forbes called ClassDojo one of the most promising companies in America this gave the company the ability to stand out. It would become the create positive change in the classroom. Educators didn’t have to go out and look for multiple apps to do other tasks. The systems that are using this app are typically using it on a district level. It is more than an app that is used by one or two teachers at a school. To the contrary, this is an app that has been discussed by educational consultants outside of the schools. These educational specialists have introduced plans where this app has been discussed and recommended for you by teachers throughout certain districts.

Parents can benefit from this. It is an aspect of technology that gives them the freedom to connect with teachers without going to the schools regularly. Some parents don’t have this opportunity to take off. That is why this app is valuable. ClassDojo saves people lots of time, and educators can communicate much better.

ClassDojo Creates a Flawless Learning Environment

ClassDojo has organized a series of successful venture funding to boost its tech, which facilitates communications between teachers and students’ parent and development of behavioral and social skills among learners. The Series B round of 2016 raised $21 million. The teachers update the parents on valuable programs scheduled to take place in the school and students’ progress.

Co-founders’ statements

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary released a statement declaring that the Series B funding ended towards the end of 2015. They also announced that the capital acquired would be utilized to hire more trained employees and create more content and features that are valuable to the parents. Chaudhary argued that parents need to be in charge of the conversation and to ensure kids are receiving high-quality education by leveraging the vast features that the app has to offer.

How the founders came up with ClassDojo’s Idea

ClassDojo’s founders noted that most of the education tech businesses were introducing grade books, digital curriculum, and testing platforms. They realized that a free and unique app that could connect educators, learners, parent did not exist. The two co-founders started ClassDojo in 2011. They faced stiff competition from other edtech firms like Remind, Kickboard, FreshGrade, and Kickboard. Currently, the main agenda of co-founders is to increase the usage of ClassDojo. They are planning to raise revenue by creating premium features and incredible content that parents can use at a fee. The co-founders have confirmed that they do not intend to earn revenue out of user’s data.

What is ClassDojo?

Since its official launch in 2011, ClassDojo has firmly held onto its mission of giving tutors, parents, and learners the capability to develop amazing learning environments. The San Francisco-headquartered classroom communication application assists students to develop social and behavioral skills while delivering a simple way for teachers to keep in touch with students’ parents. They can also use the app to update the parents on various activities that are taking place through photos, clips, and messages.

ClassDojo is perhaps one of the educational technology firms that are going through a phase of fast-paced growth. The app is utilized in 90 percent of schools in the United States and 180 other nations. The quality and features of the app have been increasing on a regular basis thanks to the effort of a competent team of engineers, teachers, and designers. These specialists have extensive knowledge in charter and public schools, Google, Amazon, Dropbox, Airbnb, and Facebook.

Talk Fusion More Than Just Video Communication

In a recent study, it was proven that including video into a marketing email it was possible to increase marketing revenue by 40 percent. This study was done by the Relevancy Group which proves the power of video within marketing. Not only can one engage more audiences but opening rates are increased as well by up to 20 percent. This was found in a recent write up in the website.

We have moved away from simply relying on text to develop a brand as video becomes a lot more gratifying. We often use the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words then video is worth a lot more. Up to 1.8 million according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research. One company taking full advantage of this trend is the Florida based tech company Talk Fusion. They have positioned themselves well within the industry under the leadership and success of their CEO, Bob Reina.

Bob Reina had founded the company in 2007 with the simple idea of providing a software for a problem he had discovered several years earlier. He wanted to embed a simple video within an email but was told it was not possible. This led to the creation of Talk Fusion. The popularity of the software is attributed to the simplicity of the video email process. Often times, video marketing can be intimidating for new users. Talk Fusion with its video email application makes this process simple and extremely versatile. Talk Fusion provides up to a thousand different templates that can be selected by the user to customize their video email. it does not stop there as users can then shift to actually customizing their very own templates if they feel that they have gained the confidence to do so.

This article really shows the great importance of using video in today’s economy. Simple word emails without video just do not create the revenue possible with embedded video. Video makes sure that the product or brand is both entertaining as well as engaging to the audience.

Talk Fusion Makes Email Pop

The first time that I heard of Talk Fusion I was unsure of what the break product would be. I knew that some people were talking about how this company would make video communication much better. I was surprised to learn that this was a company that was putting a good spin on something that was greatly in need of an improvement. Talk Fusion has transformed email into something cool.

The great thing about Talk Fusion is that this company has managed to make email cool again. So many people will be just impressed as I was to check out the concept of video email. I love this because in the past the email was just getting overshadowed by text messaging. Now there is the video email, and this is so much better than the traditional email. People can appreciate this because they can pre-record a message. This is great for birthdays and things like business presentations. There can even be a Talk Fusion video newsletter for businesses.

I have found this software to be quite valuable for adding an extra layer of excitement to an email. I know that my newsletters get a lot more readers now that I have access to a system that gives me the chance to deliver pre-recorded content in the form of a video. The great thing about this is that there is technology that supports that right now. People have faster cell phone connections and more access to larger data plans. This makes it a lot easier for recipients of my video emails to view these video emails faster.

I think that this is a neat concept, and I do believe that it will catch on with a lot of different people. This Talk Fusion company also does things like video conferencing. I like what this company is doing because sometimes I just want a pre-recorded message. I don’t want to always chat with someone because I don’t always have the time. I do, however, like to send video messages sometimes to personalize things. Businesses certainly need to consider Talk Fusion.

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Get A Handy Worker For Cleaning Services Within One Day

For some, cleaning a home is something they love to do and can’t wait to get to it, no matter how many times a month they clean their home. For others, cleaning their home is something they don’t look for to it all and would rather that someone else do the work. Although every person has a different way that they look at cleaning their home, it doesn’t make a difference because everyone can get help if they need it, especially if they are willing to hire a cleaning company. Most people prefer to clean on their own, but sometimes, help is needed, so Handy is a company that can help.

Handy has created a cleaning business that has spawned other services as well, such as painting, moving, plumbing, electrical services and more, and all of the services are available under one umbrella, which is the Handy company. Those who’ve never heard of Handy before can easily find a lot of information about the company online, especially since they’ve grown tremendously in popularity over the last year. Handy does mostly cleaning for homes, but all of their services have been utilized by many different customers.

Many need cleaning services because most people have a home that they want cleaned but may not be able to clean it for one of many reasons. The cleaning service is not only reliable but also reasonable in cost, and creating an appointment is not hard either. Those who want to make an appointment for a Handy cleaner to come out can simply go to Handy’s app, which is where they’ll be allowed to create an account.

Depending on the circumstances, it’s possible to create an appointment that will allow workers to come out the very next day, instead of making the customer wait for longer periods of time. Handy takes pride in their workers to the point where they screen each worker, insure each worker, and each worker is background checked as well. Those that hire a Handy worker for cleaning services will only get the best workers that are very professional as well as courteous.

Handy Offering Premier Home Cleaning Services

Handy is a private company that offers house cleaning services to clients. It runs most of its operations online. It offers residential cleaning as well as other home services. It manages an online application that allows users to book services online.

Handy operates in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. Its headquarters are based in New York, USA. The company was founded in 2012 by four people. Oisin Hanrahan (CEO), Umang Dua (Chief Operating Officer), Ignacio Leonhardt and Weina Scott. Initially, the company was launched under the name Handybook. This was because it provided a platform for booking handymen and other cleaning services.

By late 2012, the startup raised $2 million in seed financing from two institutional investors namely General Catalyst and Highland Capital. One year later, Handybook raised about $10 million and topped that amount the next year by raising $30 million in series B financing. In March 2015, the company raised $15 million in another B round financing. To date, it has raised over $110 million.

The company changed its name from Handybook to Handy in September 2014. It operates in about 28 cities across the US, Canada and the UK. It employs over 160 full time employees and another 10,000 handymen who work on call. The company depends on the rush demand for cleaning and other services. In 2014, Handy announced that it reached over $1 million in weekly bookings. Repeat customers account for over 80 percent of all cleaners. This is a great milestone for the company as it seeks to cement its place at the top of the online and mobile services industry.

All workers and handymen working from the company are highly professional, experienced and well insured. Additionally, their background is thoroughly checked and scrutinized during the recruitment and hiring process. This assures clients of not only professionalism but also safety. The company offers services as early as the next day after booking to enhance efficiency.

Some of the popular services include furniture assembly, interior painting, TV mounting, moving services, home cleaning, plumbing and other handyman services like electrical installations. In 2015, Handy ventured into furniture delivery and assembly. It aims to grow into a reliable and highly marketable services firm in the industry.

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