GreenSky eases loan servicing for banks

GreenSky is a fintech that offers point-of-sale loan services to consumers. It has partnered with regional banks to provide loan services to as many people as possible. They have simplified the loan application process, by handling the paperwork needed from the consumer and the bank. They offer quick solutions to the needs of consumers who are in need of crucial services but have no cash to pay. If you are a homeowner and you need some home maintenance work to be done but you lack the money to pay, worry no more because GreenSky will facilitate instant financing of the project through the merchant.

The merchant will apply for a loan with the amount he will charge for the service. They will send relevant loan processing information to the fintech, which will on its part link the borrower with a lender willing to offer the loan. Once a lender is found, the loan is processed instantly. GreenSky has mainly been working with four regional banks namely Sun Trust, Synovus, Fifth Third, and Regions Financial

Regional banks are interested in consumer lending since it attracts high yields, but two obstacles hinder progress in this field. The cost involved in getting customers is too high and the servicing the loan can also be a nightmare. Through GreenSky, regional banks are getting better full benefits of consumer lending. The fintech brings the customers to them and it even facilities servicing of the loan. The role of the bank in the whole process is to offer the money to lend.

GreenSky does not offer interest on the loans as is the case with traditional banking. Customers who will pay back the loan in the agreed timeframe will get the benefit of not repaying even a single cent on top of the principal amount. It is GreenSky who take up the role of repaying the loan during the zero percent APR period. There are huge hopes on this company that it will perform very well in long-term. In the period that they have been in the industry, there has been consistent growth trend. In 2017, they recorded a 30 percent increase from the previous year.

Opening The Classroom Door and Creating A School Community

ClassDojo is an app used to connect parents and teachers. Teachers are able to communicate with parents daily as needed. This educational app is opening the door to a classroom that was once closed. Parent involvement in their child’s education plays a role in their performance in school. Let’s face it working families don’t always have the time to be physically involved. ClassDojo gives parents another way to stay involved with their child’s school. Not only can the parents message the teacher they may also message the principle their questions or concern. ClassDojo allows the schools to build better bonds with the parents ultimately creating a community working together to create the best classroom experience possible. Teacher records each child’s behavior for the day and records how the overall week went as well. Giving the parent specific details on their child’s daily accomplishment as well as things they may need to turn around. Which gives the parent the opportunity to have conversations about their progress in school. In all honestly I believe every parent has asked their child after school how was your day and the child’s reply is always “Good”. No details or specific incidents or anything. With the ClassDojo app parents have the ability to ask a more specific question based on information they receive from the teacher about the day. Teachers can post pictures of things the class is working on or just something amazing a child has accomplished. This educational app closes the gap of teacher and parent communication.

A Tale of Thrones and Cyber Security

We can all learn some security lessons from the show where everyone keeps dying, and winter is always coming. There are three things we can learn from The Night’s Watch.

Starting in season one when a Watcher’s body reanimates and attacks its leader can teach you about ex-employees. Research shows that more than half of the digital accounts of ex-employees have zombie accounts. They can be used to achee access to corporate data and apps. It is important to get rid of every dormant account immediately. IDaaS solutions are a good way to do that.

Another example is found in the mindset of the southerners who believe the White Walkers are but a myth. Furthermore, even if they were real, they believed that The Wall would be enough to protect them. Later on, everyone regrets their preconceived illusions of safety. That shows that threats should be taken seriously and itis always a good idea to invest in security even if the risk seems unlikely. Organizations and individuals should establish more than one security measure and update it regularly. Currently, only about a quarter of board members prioritize cybersecurity even though cyber attacks are widespread. Not only that but very few board members realize what a cyber attack is and how it is a risk. While Onelogin they understand financial and legal risks, cybersecurity risks in their minds fall through the cracks as too technical.

The approach of Jon Snow to the low level of security around The Wall is a prime example of understanding that everyone has a part to play. He commands that everyone who can hold a sword has to receive training and fight for the survival of the nations. That can teach each business leader that every person they operate has to be trained in how to protect themselves online. Security is the most important thing, and the more employees are trained, the more the company will stay safe from cyber risks.

There are many things we can learn from various place about cybersecurity. It is a matter that needs to be taken seriously as t is a rising concern.