Want the Apple Watch? Be Prepare to Wait

For anyone who has been pining over picking up the Apple Watch, they need to be prepared to wait. The watch itself has been backordered for 4 to 6 weeks, so while there are a few able who have been able to pick it up on Friday, April 10, the first day it hit shelves, it has since sold out and so the official wait is on. Of course, for some, this might be a good thing.

The Apple Watch is pegged to be the next “big thing” from Apple, although so far the specs are anything but flattering. The battery life for the watch is less than a day, and for anyone who is use to wearing a watch, this can be a major downside. Plus, one bit of information that is not heavily discussed is how much of an impact it has on the battery of an iPhone. The battery on an iPhone is already lackluster (the iPhone 6 gives around 10.5 hours of actual usage time before needing a charge). Because the Bluetooth now needs to be enabled on the iPhone and Watch at the same time, it is going to drain the battery even faster, almost making mid-day charges mandatory for Paul Mathieson and others. Plus, the Apple Watch needs to be paired with the iPhone to receive the majority of its functions according to the Examiner, which puts it behind a large number of other smart watches. However, for those who really want the device, they just need to wait a few more weeks.

FreedomPop is back with 500 MB of mobile data a month… FREE!

Last month I told y’all about FreedomPop and it’s affordable international calling plans that, let’s be honest, not everyone needs. Well, the up-and-coming company has decided to expand its reach by offering a service that I know you use…

Whether you are using a USB or wireless hotspot, FreedomPop has already launched in beta and you will need a credit card to activate the service.

For a $49 deposit, FreedomPop offers the consumer a portable hotspot or USB stick, which are both refundable. Plugging into any Mac or PC, the stick is good for those people who are out and about a lot. Wireless data can be provided by the hotspot (for a total of 8 devices at one time) for those who want to connect portable gaming devices or various tablets.

FreedomPop follows both Clearwire’s 4G WiMax and Sprint’s 3G networks, however coverage is not offered nationwide, but in 71 markets only. FreedomPop does offer 4G data speed once the 4G LTE is made available later this year. For faster service currently, users are paying an extra $3 per month.

FreedomPop offers an ad free service, but it is through promotional offers that users can earn more data. This may involve the user’s personal information.

As previously stated, FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi service can work across a broad number of devices, but it is available first through its Android app. According to sources, an iPhone app is currently in the works and will be out in a matter of weeks.

To get its standalone Wi-Fi plan, FreedomPop is ensuring that the experience with its Wi-Fi service will be similar to that of a cell phone’s auto connect. FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi carrier is expected to break one million users this year alone.

Pre-orders on sleeves for fourth generation iPhones and iPod Touches are also being taken by FreedomPop. Working the same as the hotspot, there is no voice or texting service on the sleeves.

FreedomPop’s free users get the 500 MB every month of data. If there is any extra data used, there will be a 2 cent charge per MB. When the customer gets 100 MB as a limit, FreedomPop automatically charges $10 worth of credit, which ensures the customer continued service. Autocharging can be turned off in the settings feature.

FreedomPop users can make referrals to the company and earn an extra 10 MB per month. The company also makes free data available through other promotional offers including filling out surveys, joining email lists and through video ads. If you’re interested in FreedomPop, check them out on the Google Play store or iTunes.