ClassDojo the Revolutionary Tool

ClassDojo is an interactive application with over $21 million at stake in its development, and connects educators to their scholar’s guardians. Plans are still underway to make the app as efficient as possible and to equip it with multifunctional features.

The Series B round of venture funding is developing technology that aims at keeping them up to speed on daily experiences and behaviours throughout their school days. Teachers make daily schedules that parents have access to assess their children progress in the classroom as well as in the playground.  More of this on

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Using the app, educators can take photos and videos of children’s activities while at school and send them to their parents.This makes the parents feel better watching their children play, and feels a part in bringing up their children even in their absence. Presently, ClassDojo is a fundamental tool in two of every three schools in the United States, both public and private, and involving kindergarten to 8th-grade learners.  More updates found on the App’s site.

Co-founders state that they have prospective promising features for the app such as payment for school activities, daily expenses, and supplies. ClassDojo’s fundamental mission is to empower teachers to create a conducive classroom environment. This will promote a better learning experience for the student, who is the core benefactor.

It also enables the promotion of teamwork, culture between teachers and parents, and enables parents to make a real-time follow-up on their children’s progress on their schoolwork, both at home and in school. This makes it a must-have tool for every dedicated educator and parent.


What ClassDojo Offers You Is

ClassDojo is the newest app to specially focus in on those working in the education industry. This app has earned so far zero revenue because of the 25 employees to pay and the still growing development of the app. ClassDojo is now functioning in more than 80,000 schools nationwide, but it needs to reach a bigger audience in order to truly grow. The app is successfully growing and developing into becoming one of the most useful apps on the net today. ClassDojo is going to be the one app that changes the way businesses work.  Check also

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ClassDojo provides a very simple definition of working. The app simply involves bringing new ideas to the forefront by allowing parents to become part of the way their students live their lives. ClassDojo gives teachers the chance to update parents almost on a daily basis on what they need to do. ClassDojo is very fulfilling in the sense that they provide all kinds of opportunities for teachers to connect with parents. Everything from videos to pictures, they can all be taken and sent in an instant using this app. Parents don’t have to wait to the end of the school year to see what their child is up to in class. All of their biggest accomplishments will be seen and captured for the parents to savor in the moment. ClassDojo is one of the best apps of its kind in this industry, and it continues to build and create more opportunities to get children and parents more involved.  Follow ClassDojo, visit their site.