Benefits Of Visual Search Applications

Many businesses are now using visual search technology in their e-commerce apps. Although the technology is not new, it is gaining popularity because big retailers are designing numerous marketing campaigns for visual search apps.

The Benefits

A visual search app can detect shapes, proportions, sizes, and colors. As a result, shoppers can find products quickly and accurately. Keyword searches can be time-consuming because the keywords must be placed in the product description or in the metadata.

A visual search tool can also increase sales on an e-commerce site because it boosts keyword search results. For example, when shoppers use Google’s Similar Items feature, it displays thousands of similar items.

Spear Fishing

When customers need to locate a product quickly, they use spear fishing techniques. When they spear fish while using visual search tools, they receive better results. If a customer needs a specific couture purse, a visual search tool will display different styles that have reasonable price tags.

Other Options

Although visual search tools are mainly used by fashion retailers, other industries can increase sales by using the technology too. For example, when a shopper takes a photo of an item, the technology will retrieve a mobile coupon. This feature helps many retailers target teen shoppers. Thousands of teenagers take photos of Levi’s jeans so that they use get discounts at Levi stores.

Usage Information

There are dozens of companies that develop visual marketing tools for retailers. Many businesses use Slyce because the company provides an app and has its own marketplace. Although Amazon has an app, it cannot process certain products well. Slyce, however, is very dependable and highly accurate.

Managers who use visual search tools also share the technology with other companies. However, they must design an API marketing strategy. For example, Zappos lets developers remix their products. After the items are redesigned, the developers place them into new apps.

Many people use visual apps because they reduce gas costs. Because consumers can snap photos of products to instantly gather information, they don’t have to travel to a physical store. Also, the entire shopping process is fast and efficient. After the app processes the information, the shopper can buy the item quickly and easily.

Businesses that need additional sales use visual search tools because thousands of people shop on their mobile devices every day. During big marketing projects, all tools must be reliable. This is why many retailers download use Slyce programs.

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