The Success Story of Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran has what it takes in order to be a successful entrepreneur. However, he wasn’t born with all of the traits of a successful entrepreneur. He had to develop it. One thing that he has come to realize was that a lot of what he was taught was not true. Therefore, he had to unlearn a lot of the lessons that he was taught. Among the things that he was taught was that the key to financial independence was working a regular job. While he was good with working a regular job, Vijay was aware that someone had to be an entrepreneur. After all, it is because of entrepreneurs that there area jobs.

Vijay has started going into marketing for himself by getting involved with a company. Given that this was a completely different world to the one that he was used to as an employee, he had to learn a lot of different lessons. Among the lessons he had to learn was how to cultivate the right mindset which is a mindset of service. This is one of the traits that have brought him success. Afterwards he has started to see some results for his work.

Vijay Eswaran would inevitably realize how successful his venture is when he would find out that he is making more money as a marketer than working his regular. Job this was when he has decided that it was getting to be time for him to leave his regular job and pursue his business for the full time benefits. Given that he has a passion for the type of work he is doing, he has managed to bring about a lot of success. He has also managed to bring plenty of benefits to people in different cultures throughout the world. His passion for helping others has also made his company successful but also brought about growth. Find out more about Vijay Eswaran:

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Rebirth in Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery brings in tens of millions of dollars per year. This specific sector of business can turn an ugly duckling into a princess. Though women makes-up the larger portion of actual treatments, men have gotten-in on the medical-aesthetics craze. No one understands this better than a woman named Jennifer Walden. Jennifer Walden, M.D., is highly affluent as well as highly educated. She obtained her fellowship via the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. In totality, Walden has spent about seven years working in New York City’s Upper East Side. She has held many high-profile positions such as the Aesthetics Program Director at (MEETH). She has also held the position of Clinical Plastic Surgeon in Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern.

Clinical research and trials play a key role in the success of plastic surgery. Without these two components, newer treatments and procedures would never make it to see the light of day. Walden has certainly done her fair share of clinical trials as she has played a huge role in getting silicone-breast implants back in the market. In addition to that, Walden is the co-author of the award-winning book “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.” This extraordinary woman has been on a mission and you won’t find another female plastic surgeon with this much ambition. Thanks to being so highly educated, Walden has become a consultant for many of the leading aesthetics companies like Venus Concept, Smart Graft, Thermi and Lumenis. Is there anything that she can’t do? Well, is there anything that she can’t achieve?

The Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Spa is her very own pride and joy. This facility is fully accredited, has a team of female professionals and has a operating suite at Austin’s West-lake Medical Center. Thanks to the success of this practice, Dr. Jennifer Walden has been able to expand with a second office in Marble Falls, Texas.

What you need to know about IC System

IC System is an independent company that was established back in the year 1938 and it is based in St Paul Minnesota in the United States. The company also has its branches in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The company was founded by Ruth and Jack Erickson and it has been active all through under the leadership of his three subsequent generations. IC Systems, Inc. basically deals with provision of accounts receivable management service, and it has served thousands of clients countrywide since it was established.

IC Systems Company has a board of directors whose duty is to promote the companies mission to stand out the best and the most trusted in receivable management services. The board also is responsible for the protection of the company’s financial targets. IC Systems, Inc. has a skilled executive that embraces challenge, which is a key requirement for the growth of the company. In all stages of revenue management cycle, the company provides commercial accounts and ethical collections for the clients.

IC System clients include numerous brand-sensitive companies and many small businesses which are mostly members of the professional association that have backed up the company’s services. At IC Systems Company, they promote innovation for intelligent collections, leverage technology and emphasize on data security. It also largely specializes on financial services, Third-party Collections, First- party Call Center Solutions, Communication, Retail, Education, Healthcare, Government, Dental and utilities.

At IC System, its leadership believes in making a positive change in the community by giving back to the society and also by setting a good example. The company has charity committee called the Employee Charitable Help Organization (E.C.H.O) established in 1981. The members are the employees committed to charity and their main responsibility is to investigate and come up with a decision on distribution of money donated by IC System and its employees to charity. The charity committee also puts into consideration the company’s employees dealing with catastrophic health issues and other personal situations.

Some of the IC System’s charities are American Red Cross, Ronald McDonald House Charities, American Cancer Society, Special Olympics Wisconsin, Toys for Tots, and St. Jude Children’s Hospital among others.


Desiree Perez Helps Drive The Music Industry

Fans, viewers, and listeners are captivated by what the music industry offers today. People swarm in great numbers to hear, and see their favorite artist is concert, and spend many dollars buying their music. the glamorous life of entertainers, and music stars is what excites and mesmerizes the public. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that is not seen by adoring fans. Someone is always taking care of the fine details, making arrangements for tours and concerts, and handling the contractual matters. The top female executive of the popular Roc Nation, which is responsible for much of the music heard today, is none other than Desiree Perez.

The Chief Operations Officer of Jay Z’s Roc Nation has been on board the entertainment train with Jay Z for many years. She has been one of the key figures for the company, and has helped drive the music and entertainment industry to a globally estimated $17 billion dollars in the year of 2016 alone. This sector has accumulated more than one third of the revenue for the world wide industry. Billboard has named Desiree Perez as the leading, and most powerful executives in the music industry. She is a mover and shaker who makes the deals, an influencer who covers making records, discovering talent, negotiating contracts, and protecting the rights of their clients.

Desiree Perez is a role model for many of the clients of Roc Nation, and is known for her tough business sense. The names Jay Z, and Desiree Perez are well known as the two people who make things happen. they handle the careers of many of the successful artists that are heard today like Rita Ora, Timbaland, J. Cole, Calvin Harris, Wale, and many more. Desiree has helped Jay Z expand on his enterprise for more than twenty two years.

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Why Ecigs are Better than Traditional Cigarettes

Ecigs are one of the best innovations to come around in past years. Though growing in popularity, many people still aren’t fully aware of all the advantages to switching to ecigs. They may be attached to their traditional cigarettes, but chances are, they’d be much happier with ecigs, especially now that they can be improved and customized with a user’s choice of box mods.

Here’s why ecigs are so much better than traditional cigarettes:

  1.  Ever since new smoking regulations were rolled out, it has become harder and harder for a smoker to indulge in their habit. While regulations vary by county and city, they are often less restrictive when it comes to ecigs, allowing you to smoke in a variety of locations, which has become impossible with cigarettes.
  2.  With ecigs, there are a ton of flavors that you get to experience. From sour apple to berry cheesecake and even coffee, vaping takes things to a new level. Not only will you get to relax after a hard day of work with a good smoke; now the experience can be enhanced with flavors so tasty it’s like you’re eating dessert, without all the calories.
  3.  Ecigs will save you money, leaving you cash to finally do the things you’ve always wanted, like going on that vacation or remodeling the kitchen. Ecigs are typically reusable, unlike single use throwaway cigarettes. Switching to ecigs can save you $1000 a year, or more!
  4.  Let’s face it: Cigarette smoke smells. The odor clings to clothes, furniture, even to our beloved pets. Not only that, it lingers on the breath and can make a person smell less than pleasant. With ecigs, the problem is gone completely. No foul odor, all the relaxation of a cigarette.
  5.  Lastly, no ashtrays are needed with ecigs. This leads to a cleaner home and vehicle, safer for pets and children that might be running around.

You can get ecigs from a variety of online vendors, such as O2Pur. Places like O2Pur offer a variety of designs to choose from. With a wide range of options on O2Pur and other websites, finding an ecig that’s right for you should be pretty painless.

Dr. Saad: Saving Lives One Child At A Time

an amazing soccer playerDuring the 2002 year Dr. Saad had been approached by the PCRF (also known as the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund). This non-political and non-profit organization was first founded during the 1991 year in order to help with the medical needs of the children in the Middle East. This organization was in need of a doctor who could perform surgery on a teen who had suffered from a gunshot wound. The doctors who were at the Israeli hospital were the ones who were able to help save the child’s life, but the injuries the child had were too complicated for any treatment to be done locally. After this, the PCRF made the decision to find Dr. Saad and fly the child to him in the U.S. in order to help save the life of the child with surgery.


When the child had arrived in the care of Dr. Saad they were in dire condition. The child had holes from the gunshot in his belly, and his skin was burning as well as him having a hard time eating. During the 2003 year the doctor had performed a complicated surgery that took seven hours to complete on the child, patching up all of the holes that were present and repairing any of the injuries that were internal. Everyone was happy with the end result, the surgery was certainly a success.


During the 2010 year the doctor had to perform yet another surgery on a child coming from the West Bank (she was a girl who had been born with her intestines hanging outside of her). There were 18 months of time that the local doctors had tried to help the child, but they were unable to. Once she was flown to Dr. Saad, the girl was immediately helped, and after five hours of surgery the doctor was able to help the girl greatly.


In the 2013 year the PCRF had come to the doctor with yet another child that was in need of some surgery. This time it was a boy that had been hit by a bomb, and he had been paralyzed in one of his legs. Prior to the incident the boy had been an amazing soccer player, but after he had been put in a wheelchair and was no longer able to move in the same ways. With the help of Dr. Saad and a qualified surgeon who had practice as a nerve doctor, the boy was able to walk on his own two legs 11 months later. Learn more:


Dr. Saad


Dr. Saad has more than 40 years of experience in complex pediatric surgeries with the U.S. and the Middle East. He is a doctor that every patient can rely on, and someone who has been trusted to do a lot. He has helped improve the lives of many children, and he continues to do so now.


Securus Technologies Continues Making the World Safer

Securus Technologies has been in the business of making our communities safer for over 3 years. The Dallas-Texas-based prison technology conglomerate is continuing the tradition by its recent completion of a drone detection testing program. The 18-month program tested the capability of the company’s drone detection technology and was recently given rave reviews. The technology uses a similar infrastructure to Securus’ Cell Phone Blocking technology and uses digital antennae structure (DAS) to detect and disable drones. The technology is going to be used to combat the recent trend of illegal contraband being introduced to prisons using pilotless drones.


Securus also made headlines for its customer service when it received three Stevie Awards in February 2018. The international awards show focuses on sales and customer service over thousands of business around the globe. Securus took home a Gold Stevie award for the category of Best Customer Service Training Department. The company recently built and staffed a 300-seat customer service call center in Atlanta, Georgia. Receiving these awards so early into the call center’s existence is exciting news for the company.


Securus Technologies provides a myriad of technology-based services via its 20-plus wholly-owned subsidiaries to over 3,500 corrections facilities in North America. The company was formed in 1986 and strives to make the world a better and safer place to live.


Jed McCaleb looks forward to cryptocurrency technology revolutionalizing the world market

Jed McCaleb looks forward to cryptocurrency technology revolutionalizing the world market.


Jed McCaleb has always had the passion for using innovative technology to reduce human suffering. He is the Chief Technical Officer at the company he co-founded He is responsible for spearheading the company to reach its maximum technical development. He has pioneered several successful projects namely eDonkey, Mt. Gox, and Ripple. eDonkey was rated as the leading file-sharing platforms of its time Mt. Gox was started in 2011 and was the first Bitcoin exchange platform. The idea for Stellar Development Foundation came about as a result of Jed McCaleb trying to solve the aspect of the financial infrastructure that rendered most people with little or no resources. Jed McCaleb is positive that the modes of global payments, stock markets, and fundraising were bound to change with the change in technology. Sharing with Jed McCaleb spoke how the payment network in the world was evolving. The Stellar organization is an example of a platform bound to bring revolution in the market. The system offers room for trading using currencies that are backed by the government including dollars and euros. The network also has a less time for settling transactions that are faster than other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins. A system for payments that are of cross-border in nature is being developed IBM using the network provided by Stellar. A financial firm that conducted research reported that the offering of coins had raised over $9billion in just four years and this indeed shows that it is a new system for raising funds. This type of model for fundraising is more effective as the sales of tokens are transacted directly to the investors. The investors can then buy digital coins and in the long run contributing to a project. Jed McCaleb looks forward to those assets that are not in crypto form have a possibility of being made digital by using the same principle and technology. Some organizations have already started this venture of using bitcoins to buy stocks. Jed McCaleb argues that in the future the market would be so flooded that a centrally controlled system would not be able to handle and looks forward to funds being tokenized.

A History Of The Modifications Of The Trabuco

Trabuco were an advanced form of a catapult. It uses a counterweight to power a swinging arm which then throws a projectile. It was first designed in Ancient China and slowly spread westward. It is thought by many that it was the Avars who did much of this spreading because they were a nomadic people who continuously moved west away from China. In Europe they were first used by the Byzantine Empire around 590 AD.

The first Trabuco are known as Traction Trabuco. This first version didn’t have a counterweight and instead was powered by men pulling on a long length of rope. They were used to topple fortifications such as walls and castles. They were also fired at troops. During the Battle of Caishi in 1161 Trabuco were loaded with payloads consisting of sulfur and lime which were fired at ships when they came within range.

The next version of the Trabuco was called the Hand Trabuco. One person could operate these devices. This one was created by Nikephoros II Phokas of Byzantine around the year 965 BC according to He had several of them which were used to disrupt any formations making it easier for his men to defeat their enemies.


The Counterweight Trabuco was invented by a military researcher who worked for Saladin, the military genius who founded the Ayyubid dynasty in the area of Egypt and Syria. This device was far more powerful because it relied on a one-ton counterweight to provide thrust rather than on manpower. This was first used in 1097 during the Siege of Nicaea. It could throw much larger payloads than earlier version at a farther distance.

Among the battles that saw the use of the Counterweight Trabuco were the Siege Of Acre in 1189-1191 according to At this battle the forces of Saladin were arrayed against the forces of England and France. Phillip II of France gave names to two of his Trabuco during this fight. Once was called “Bad Neighbor” and the other one was called “God’s Stone-Thrower”.

When these type of Trabuco were first invented they could throw a stone weighing around 1750 pounds. The range was a little under 1000′. Most stones weighed more around 110-220 pounds, though. Later versions could launch a stone weighing as much as 3300 pounds. They could be fired very rapidly. In 1147 during the Siege of Lisbon, for instance, their two Trabuco could be fired every 15 seconds.


How Lawrence Bender Changed the Independent Film Genre With Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction introduced a new twist into the crime adventure film genre.

The movie showed that gangsters can be clever and witty speakers with interesting quirks and complex personalities.

The 1994 film built on the momentum sparked by Lawrence Bender’s and Quentin Tarantino’s earlier indie success with Reservoir Dogs.

In Pulp Fiction, pretty much every character is involved in some villainous conduct as the vignettes of several seemingly unrelated stories build their individual dramatic tensions into one grand highly-interconnected tale.

Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer begin the film with their “clever” scheme to rob a diner.

After the introduction credits finish, John Travolta and Samuel Jackson discuss European culture while driving on an errand for their boss Marsellus Wallace, played by Ving Rhames.

In another short story within the film’s plot, Bruce Willis and Maria de Medeiros scheme to escape the wrath of Marsellus Wallace sparked by boxer Willis’ betrayal by winning a fight in which he was paid to take a dive by Rhames.

As the story progresses, Travolta entertains Ving Rhames’, played by Uma Thurmon, to a night on the town at a 1960‘s themed diner while Rhames is out of town.

In an intriguing storyline twist, Travolta winds up being executed by Willis after Willis discovers Travolta attempting to stake out Willis’ apartment.

In the final act of the film, Travolta and Jackson need to dispose of a body that Travolta fatally shot by accident and the pair are directed to the home of “the Wolf,” Marsellus Wallace’s cleanup man played by Harvey Keitel.

After Keitel’s assistance, Travolta and Jackson decide to have breakfast at a diner, where the story comes full circle to the opening scene with Plummer and Roth robbing the same diner.

The movie did receive some criticism for its portrayal of Hollywood’s underground culture. In particular, Travolta’s and Thurman’s substance use within the film had been criticized as glamorizing addiction. However, the actors’ portrayed vices in fact add dimensionality to the characters, which in other films are portrayed with much more flat treatments.

Pulp Fiction introduced a boon to the independent film industry, resulting in several large and small budget copycat productions.

Lawrence Bender

Born in October, 1957 Lawrence Bender is most well known for his work as an American film producer. Bender has received three best picture Academy Award nominations and has received numerous other awards throughout his motion picture career.

The Bronx, NY native is known to make cameo appearances in several of the films he produces. In Pulp Fiction, Lawrence Bender is credited as the diner patron referred to in the film’s credits as “long haired yuppie scum.”