Legal Expert Sujit Choudhry Explains The Changing Global Political Climate

As the founding director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, legal and political expert, Sujit Choudhry is in a unique position to provide a glimpse into the way the future of the planet will look. Educated in law at the world-renowned University of Oxford in the U.K. and the respected U.S. academic institution, Harvard, Professor Sujit Choudhry has spent much of his life and career exploring the political climate of the world.

Professor Choudhry has shown he has his finger on the pulse of the mainstream as he based a recent book chapter, “Constitutional Democracies in Crisis?” on a Tweet by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, source ( The chapter focused on the claim of Holder that the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller would be a red line for the defence of democracy by the American people, get more information on Sujit Choudhry believes the Tweet was somewhat naive on the part of the Attorney General as he was looking for the public to do the job of elected officials in determining when a federal employee had been illegally removed from their position, find out on (

One of the problems for Sujit Choudhry is the sense of President Trump acting as an autocrat by using his position to benefit himself. Choudhry believes this should be the red line spoken of by Robert Mueller and not the firing of an unelected official which is classed by most as a legal gray area. In the view of Professor Choudhry, any attempt by President Trump to interfere with the two-term limit for each President would show the democracy the U.S. has held so dear is beginning to be threatened in a dangerous way, read

Fortress Investment Group Intends to Continue Expansion

In 2007, Fortress Investment Group became the largest private equity firm to present an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange, and since its founding in 1998, this type of trendsetting has become common practice within the company. Since its founding, Fortress Investment Group has evolved from its original roots which were, primarily, private equity, into a diversified global investment management firm that currently employs upwards of 900 people, while directing over $40 billion in assets. When the firm was initially created, the principals included Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kaufman (who has since retired), but has now added Peter Briger, who operates the Fortress Credit division. In founding the company, the principals, who each had financial backgrounds from reputable financial institutions, hoped to create a model for investment firms; one which utilized an “alternative-asset” strategy.

Fortress Investment Group currently specializes in core elements such as corporate mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, operations management, and asset-based living, which are handled under their Private Equity, Credit, and Permanent Capital Vehicles sectors. Wes Edens is an original principal of Fortress Investment Group, currently heading the Private Equity Division, but he is also very active in a number of other areas, including the sports world, as he purchased the Milwaukee Bucks for $550 million in 2014. He is also the head of Brightline, which is a passenger rail system that is privately owned – the only one of its kind.

Wes Edens’ Brightline, which has been servicing the Miami area since May of this year, is currently breaking new ground by offering an alternative commuting option for those traveling between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. This popular commute, which should generally take no more than half an hour, can often balloon to twice that amount of time during rush hour, but in utilizing Brightline, the ride can generally be capped at 35 minutes. With the early success of Brightline, Wes Edens and Fortress Investment Group, hope to implement this service in more major cities around the United States in the upcoming years.

Shafik Sachedina- Entrepreneurship And Healthcare

Shafik Sachedina is an experienced dental surgeon holding an educational background from the Dental School at London University as well as the Guy’s Hospital Medical. He is a Tanzanian born surgeon with so many years of experience in the nursing field in England as well as healthcare entrepreneurship. Throughout his work in different healthcare firms, he has shown excellent substantial entrepreneurial skills and interests. He has voluntarily provided his talents to the community as he worked with the Aga Khan and the Jamati Institutions.

During Shafik Sachedina tenure in office as the Chair of the Department of Jamati Institutions, he was responsible for various vital operations. First of all, he monitored the programs Ismaili Community Institutions pursued in the 16 key regions. Also, he acted as a trade mediator between the Ismaili Communities and the plans of Aga Khan Development Network.

Despite being a dental surgeon, Shafik Sachedina has held key leadership positions in the Board of Governors of the Jamati Institution and the Aiglemont FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee. In fact, he has also held volunteer positions such as being the President of the United Kingdom for the Ismaili Council for two good terms.

In Sussex Healthcare, Shafik Sachedina acts as a co-chair of the institution alongside Shiraz Boghani. Not only have the duo provided nursing and residential care to the aged, but have also incorporated new technologies to ensure patients heal faster from their illness. Some of the therapeutic solutions they have offered are the occupation therapy, reflexology programs as well as physiotherapy.

For people who require exercises on balance, posture, stretching, endurance and mobility, Shafik Sachedina has ensured the facilities their institutions offer to provide respiratory and the neurological solutions to patients. Dental treatment has been in operation from Sussex Healthcare for more than 30 years giving a wide range of cosmetic and clinical therapy to all patients.

Summing up, Shafik has been a successful dental surgeon with a vibrant award-winning healthcare record. His different entrepreneurial skills have influenced more than 20 facilities to operate under his company’s watch. With this mind-blowing expertise, elderly and adults have benefitted as their cognitive issues are addressed and solved. The competitiveness of Shafik is something to smile about, and their success is a solution to many.

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The Music Visionary, Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is a Nashville based music producer who is changing the music industry. More than just a producer, Clay Hutson is a stage manager, visionary, and someone who feels and sees music and implements those feelings and the feelings of the musicians he works with into ideas and action.


For Clay, his career in the music industry began years ago. Before starting his own business, he had spent years working with tour production and live entertainment. These experiences gave him a sharp set of skills and insight into the industry. It was those experiences that allowed him to start out on his own after the recession hit and the company he was working for hit a rough patch.


Since starting out on his own, Clay Hutson has found major success. Although he has found such success that has not stopped him from staying active in all parts of his company. From being a stage manger, to being heavily involved in things before and after shoes, Clay Hutson stays active in making sure that shows and tours operate smoothly.


What makes Clay so successful is his way turning thoughts into actions. He has a way of accurately envisioning how things will sound, look, and go together before making any decisions. He attributes this to his past experiences, which he says he now uses to create a larger perspective and perfectly execute his plans.


In the future, Clay Hutson is excited to delve deeper into technological advances. He is very aware that the music industry will not wait for anyone, so he makes sure that he keeps up with times in order to give people an incredible experience that is new and exciting. From creating different experiences with lights to knowing when a aerial stunt is more crowd pleasing than a large screen, Clay Hutson is all about making people in the audience excited to watch the show.


Clay Hutson is much more than a music producer or stage manager. He is someone who rolls with changes and strives to create new and exciting ideas to really help musicians shine on stage and stand out.

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David McDonald Develops OSI Group

The philanthropist David McDonald studied animal science at the Iowa State University in the year 1987. Despite his family not having much to offer regarding financial matters, they supported him by providing quality education to facilitate his quest to make a significant change in the agricultural sector. As he grew up at a firm in northeast Iowa, he developed a passion for agriculture, especially processing of the animal products. His expertise in animal products granted him a ticket to join OSI Food Solutions. David McDonald fits appropriately as the Chief Operation Officer of OSI Group and President.

David McDonald served in numerous other positions before getting to the current rank. Thus, he is a determined individual with entrepreneurial skills. Therefore, he understands the difficulties his employees go through and is ready to work with them with consideration. Before becoming the president McDonald worked as the distinctive project manager. Also, he is the Chairperson of the North American Meat Institute. Additionally, he is a member of the board of directors. The president received the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award for his visionary leadership.

His primary purpose is to make OSI Group the leading food processing company in the entire world. Under David McDonald’s ruling, OSI Industries established an extension early this year increasing the chicken production by a double from 12,000 to 24,000 tons every year. The expansion resulted in an increase in the total output of quality pork, chicken, and beef products to 45,000 tons every year. The industries brought about an economic advantage to the society by increasing the number of employees by 20 from the initial 140 workers. In the 20 positions is the product coordinator. The work of the product manager is to control the current production and introduce new products to the firm’s portfolio.

OSI Group crossed borders to Northern America by purchasing the Tyson Food Plant. The acquisition showed the willingness of David McDonald to serve the region. Further, the company acquired the Flagship Europe in the year 2016. The plant became the primary distributor of the processed food in the UK. The recent acquisition is the purchase of the controlling stake of Baho Food that has facilities even in Germany.
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Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff: Failed Manifesto or Book of Rants

Sean Penn, a well known actor and director, is now adding to his long list of credentials a writer. If you are like me, a millennial, you had to first figure out who Sean Penn is. Though, previously mentioned, Penn is known not just for his acting and directing; but he is a well known activist. He was married to Madonna at one time and even sued Lee Daniels in regards to false accusations of hitting women. “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is an interesting look into the man behind the book.


Penn’s style of writing has been seen as distracting with his, almost addictive, overuse of alliteration. Phrases like “Wader’s whimsy for wheeling Wahhabist roadways.” As a reader this can be distracting from the overall flow. He also incorporates his personal views into his characters in such a way that it seems there is no distinction between him and Bob.


After reading his book, the first thing that will stand out is the direct comparison to the times within the book and that with which is going on in the world. Penn makes references to the “Me Too” movement and the president. His character Bob is known to his neighbors as an antisocial problem (they call with complaints on him often). He hates how the world refuses to acknowledge milestones and memorable moments unless they are broadcast on social media.

While some find his book to be snarky, weird, but funny; others find the book thoroughly flawed. Entertainment Weekly described the book as a “stream of consciousness” rant about all the things he finds wrong in the world. He references people like Trump and el Chapo, not to mention his mention of events like the feud with North Korea; all of this points in the direction that although this was a fictional novel it had all the makings of a manifesto.


In the end his book lacked the experience of a writer. His plot was not fully developed and his writing was choppy due to his obsessive use of alliteration. Penn has the potential to write amazing work, especially with his background in the film industry, but “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” was not the jump start in a transition to writing.


When it comes to personal augmentation, the city of Atlanta in Georgia has Dr. Mark McKenna. The Tulane Medical University alumnus is revolutionising the medical field as we know it through his latest idea, the OVME services, pronounced “of me”. Dr. Mark McKenna seeks to unite the very best of technology with the science of aesthetics. Asked on how he plans to do it, Mark McKenna says that they will utilise the internet to build a network of peers that can always be on call even to private residences if need be, comparing its working to that of Uber and Airbnb. Always an entrepreneur, Dr. Mark McKenna started investing while in real estate while in medical school. After graduating in 1999, he joined his Father’s practice in New Orleans, Louisiana. He continued to invest in real estate and was doing well when Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005 and he lost millions overnight. Unfazed, he took advantage of the dipped real estate prices and built some capital and eventually moved to Atlanta in 2007. There he took full advantage of the internet marketing and founded an aesthetics and wellness practice called ShapeMed where despite the competition, the business thrived. With revenue of nearly 4 million dollars, ShapeMed was a success before Dr. Mark McKenna decided to sell it to a more prominent company, Lifetime Fitness in April 2014. Mark then worked at Lifetime Fitness for a year before taking a one and half year hiatus to concentrate on his family. After that, Dr Mark McKenna came back with OVME, which he believes is going to increase customer satisfaction and boost their confidence. The clientele will be able to request from an extensive range of services and professionals what they feel works best for them and is tailored to their tastes. He sees this as a way of rebuilding people and boosting their confidence which he says is a way of saying thank you to the community that has been instrumental for him reaching his current level. Part of the proceeds from OVME will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation as part of giving back to the society.

The Innovative Inventions Of Dr. Saad Saad

As an accomplished pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad has performed pediatric surgery thousands of times. He is consistently searching for ways to improve the doctors current procedures and methods. This has resulted in the patents for two inventions and numerous new procedures for pediatric surgery. His first invention is a type of medical catheter. This is a tube used to help perform surgical procedures, treat medical conditions and is inserted into the body. A catheter drains fluids and gases and helps access surgical instruments. Some catheters can be permanently or temporarily left in the body.


The surgeon must be able to track the exact position of the catheter to make certain it has been placed in the right location. This requires an x-ray and does involve radiation. An MRI can be used instead but this option is impractical. Dr. Saad’s invention finds the catheter and eliminates the need for a machine scan. The device uses electromagnetic energy to find the catheter. This enables the doctor to locate the catheter using an external device. The device operates in a similar fashion as a metal detector. The doctor simply sweeps the patients body from the outside to ensure the catheter is properly placed. This eliminates the potentially hazardous use of guide wires. This invention is not widely used because the manufacturing procedure is complicated. There is interest in the device by a medical company in Utah so it may be used by physicians in the future. Learn more:


Dr. Saad’s second invention is an improvement for endoscopes. An endoscope is a type of optical device capable of looking into the body of the patient during surgery or an examination. This provides the physician with a picture of what is occurring in the body without requiring a body scan or surgery. The liquids produced by the body can interfere with an endoscope. The lens becomes fogged and obstructs the doctor’s view. An anti fog port provides suction to clear the view. This requires the endoscope to be removed so a suction tube can be inserted to remove the liquid. The endoscope is then reinserted.


The invention of Dr. Saad fits the endoscope with a device to remove any liquid blocking the doctor’s view without the need to take out the endoscope. The doctor uses the irrigation to clear their view during an endoscopy procedure. Dr. Saad has removed foreign substances including food, marbles and needles using an endoscopy thousands of times. Moving and readjusting the endoscope several times significantly lengthens the procedure. His device means the doctors eye can remain on the scope. This makes the procedure much easier. This device is inexpensive to manufacturer and is being used often by doctors.

It All Begins in the Mind-The Ascension of Jacob Gottlieb

Have you envisioned being great? Do you dream big? If so, has any of your dreams come to pass? In reality, many people dream big but only a few of them work towards achieving their dreams. Jacob Gottlieb, for example, is a man who has everything that is legally binding to reach his present status.

Mr. Gottlieb, just like many people, traces his background to a humble upbringing. Jacob, the son of two immigrants from Poland, got born in the United States and New York City has been Gottlieb’s home ever since. Gottlieb, just like his parents who ended up becoming respectable people in society has made a living out of medicine and economics, empowering lives in his wake.

So remarkable has Jacob’s performance been in the corporate scene that he will get remembered for being the brains behind Visium Asset Management and Balyasny Asset Management. To say the least, not many children from immigrant families make it in life like Jacob has done.

Jacob, from the get-go, has trained to be a doctor but his calling has always been to be a financial analyst. In short, Jacob Gottlieb has become great for following his dreams. Gottlieb, an alumnus of the New York Medical School gets known to have taken his internship at St. Vincent’s Hospital. Mr. Gottlieb might have quit on his medical pursuits but it is the many principles learned at school that have edified his career.

Are you aware that Jacob picked stocks as a youth? So phenomenal was Gottlieb in the trade that he even won an unusual contest by picking the right stocks. Believe me, Gottlieb would never have found his way to Buyside Research, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., and the Merlin Biomed Group had he failed in proving his worth as a trader.

You are wrong to think Jacob Gottlieb is always a corporate junkie. It is true Jacob has done some superb things in the business world but it is also true that Gottlieb has excelled out of the corporate scene.

For instance, Gottlieb has been a staunch supporter of the Robin Hood program for the longest time now, joining hands with several like-minded individuals to support the poor living in New York City. In truth, Gottlieb has been a blessing in disguise to most of the communities living in Brooklyn, New York, enough reason for him to get revered in this part of the country.


David McDonald Promises to Bring Innovation to the Industry with OSI Group

David McDonald, the President of OSI Group, recently spearheaded his company into another merger. Turi Foods and OSI International Foods have official merged. These Australian operations have come together to form a new company called Turosi Pty Ltd. After the merger announcement, the Chairman of Turi Foods chimed in, expressing his satisfaction with the deal. “A shared ownership will enable the organization, whose cultures are similar, to share their expertise to build a world-class food solutions group,” said Sam Cuteri, the chairman of Turi Foods. David McDonald, the President of OSI Group, also shared his thoughts on the merger. “With the merger between OSI and Turi, we see tremendous potential to serve our customers in new, innovative ways,” said David McDonald.

In total, five plants are now operational in Australia under the new company name.

About OSI Group

OSI Group, formally Otto & Sons, was created originally as a small butcher shop in Illinois. Thanks to great business decisions over the years, OSI Group has expanded to an international company. The first big partnership between OSI Group was with McDonald’s. This partnership played a major role in the expansion of the company, enabling them to venture out of Illinois and eventually across national borders.

OSI Group is now a worldwide distributor of meat and food products, operating in several countries including the United States and Australia. David McDonald, the President of OSI, was born in Iowa. He went to college with the intention of pursing a career in wildlife studies, earning a degree in Animal Science. Beginning as a project manager at OSI Group, he quickly moved up the corporate ladder and earned his position as President of OSI Group.

McDonald, in an interview, promised that in the future, his company will continue to bring the best product to their customers. “We will adapt to the changing business environment and will listen to the needs of our customers,” said McDonald.