Arthur Becker the Bio Tech Guru Gone Artist and Real Estate Mongul

Arthur Becker is anything but stagnant. Now in his sixties, divorcing his wife, Vera Wang, and able to change careers more often than his choice for art mediums, Becker is set to sell a local condo project in his Washington Street project for $52 million. Here are some of his latest art projects that are fascinating people around the world. You can visit Perezhilton to know more.

Arthur’s art is stunning. Created from all forms of medium one could ever imagine, they inspire greatness. There are only so many ways one person can reinvent themselves. He lives to make that a false statement. He has used gold, money, cookies, nuts, binoculars, and religious symbols of affluence, origami, the Magic Eight Ball and anything else he feels is meaningful in his life to create outstanding art in his collection.

His art creations aside, his real estate ventures are amazing as well. He has created a whole new empire of avant-garde art through living. It brings in amazing profits to both himself, and his many investors. His art is world-famous.

Speaking of investors, he is also one himself. Stunning as it might seem, he has bought tech companies in his early years. This is in part what helped him get to the level of financial independence that he has. Allowing him to invest in things that he feels are dear to his heart. He really seems to have a good eye too. If he invests in it, it will work.

Arthur Becker had his own business back in the day too. His love of Macadamia Nuts led him to creating a business that grew them in a company that can only be compared to an island resort, where his nuts grew and the employees that helped him sell them lived. His client then was Mrs. Field’s. If you have had a macadamia nut cookie from Mrs. Field’s, then you have probably eaten one of those nuts.

His career is amazing, his creativity, nothing short of genius, and at 66 years of age, he isn’t done yet. The best is yet to come for a man of these innovations to be sure. For more details visit Ideamensch.

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