Ara Chackerian Raises Awareness for Mental Health Patients

Ara Chackerian is an undisputable philanthropist and world class entrepreneur. He resides at San Francisco. His extensive experience for over a decade to bring innovative technology to healthcare has helped him to emerge as a successful entrepreneur. His love for the community has led him to spend much of his time finding ways to bring a positive change. He is passionate about empowering youths and the conservation of our environment. He embraces organic agricultural practices that do not cause harm to local communities. He offers employment opportunities to the surrounding community. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science in marketing at Florida State University, he shows his outstanding leadership skills as a CEO of PipelineRx and as the executive and Vice President at TMS health solutions.

TMS Health Solution

Ara Chackerian supports the construction of an outpatient hospital for clinical depression patient at North California shows how selfless he is. He was determined to raise public awareness for people to understand it is possible to treat acute depression. Investing at TMS, he was self-driven to expand healthcare service to reach millions of clinical depression patient. The patient will receive therapy session from doctors that treat acute depression.

Things to do in Mental Health Awareness

Are Chackerian is vigilant, he illustrates five essential measures that need to be addressed during the awareness month for the patient suffering from mental problems. He noted that patient with mental health problem needs to be understood. Statistically, in 2016 around 64000 people died due to overdosing, the high number of them being mentally challenged. Victims suffering from mental health problems should seek professional assistance.

He also stated that sharing grieves help to relief burden. In every five individuals, one is likely to suffer. Stigma is the primary factor that causes the mental problem. People lose self-esteem, despair, and loss of hope when discriminated, leading to mental illness. Doing regular body exercise, enough sleeping and having a balanced diet helps to minimize the risk. Participating in community welfare when supporting victims of mental health problems expands the know-how and one can be able to contemplate and comprehend mental health illness is a challenge in the society.

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