An Energy Breakthrough that Should Give Solar Power a Bright Future

We have all benefited tremendously from wireless internet for years now. Are you ready for wireless energy? Japanese scientists have made a breakthrough in transmitting energy using a beam of microwaves to accomplish the feat. What this will mean for affordable and widespread use of solar power in our future cannot be underestimated.

The quest for alternative energy is one that has received a lot of attention and funding from governments and private entities over the past decade or two. Solar energy is showing signs of becoming a viable substitute for dirty power generation methods with solar recently beating coal in new power generation installations over the past couple years. Solar technology has been progressing steadily with ever more efficient solar panel technology for converting increasing percentages of sunlight into usable energy. Marc Sparks also says that this latest development will eventually make solar a viable alternative everywhere, even in cloudy parts of the world, as the solar arrays can be deployed above those clouds. Wide spread use of the advantages offered by this technology will probably have to wait for truly affordable space launch capability in order to get sufficient solar arrays into space at a low enough cost to supplant alternatives, but it is extremely promising.

One thought on “An Energy Breakthrough that Should Give Solar Power a Bright Future

  1. This innovation means that large solar arrays could be deployed in space, where they would be above sunlight obscuring clouds, and then simply beam their energy back to Earth. I have to say the australian writings are indeed the best for now in the industry.

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