Affordable Calling by FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a provider of affordable international calling. It’s a Los Angeles-based company that wants to change the international calling market by increasing the number of international calling from 20 million Americans to 50 million Americans. Applications like Skype have helped people call more often, but FreedomPop hopes to take a larger market share of the $35 billion annually that’s spent on international calling. Here are some other facts and information that you may want to know about FreedomPop:

1. Saves Consumers Money

Most international callers spend approximately $156 per month. FreedomPop will help these people save at least $1000 annually on their international calling plans. The company’s CEO is hoping to expand to free international calling in the future.

2. Calling Flexibility

Customers in the United States can use their international calling minutes to call more than 30 countries. Mexico, Brazil, China, and India are just a few. In the future, the company hopes to expand to over 100 countries.

3. Access to an International Number

FreedomPop allows customers to sign up for an international number. The typical charge is $8.99 per month. If anyone calls a customer from outside the country, it will only be charged as a local call.

4. The Free Talk and Text App

This application is offered by FreedomPop and offers 100 minutes of talk and text. It also offers unlimited plans beginning at $5 per month. While the market is only limited to the major markets, the program is expected to expand to 100 markets in the near future. The free talk and text app can be downloaded onto your iOS or Android device.

5. Other Popular Services

In addition to international calling, the carrier offers a plan that includes 500 MB of data, 500 texts, and 200 minutes of voice calls. The Unlimited Everything plan includes unlimited texts, 1 GB of data, and calls for $20 a month.

There were talks that Sprint has plans to acquire FreedomPop, but pundits say that most of the reports are false. Certainly, the plans they offer are appealing enough to capture the attention of the great telecom companies that want to ensure that they have a piece of the market share. If there was to be a full acquisition of FreedomPop, the investment would have to be at around $200 million since the value of the company is between $250 million and $450 million. There has been nothing formal from Sprint indicating that an offer like this will ever stand.

As the companies continue to evaluate the potential for acquisition, they are discovering that the typical customer is tech-savvy and budget-conscious, which is not the typical wireless subscriber.

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  1. Many pundits are worried that if the acquisition does come to fruition that the company would conflict with Virgin and Boost, which are existing Sprint brands. Time will tell how FreedomPop will evolve and emerge for customers of all types. That is also a quick way for review to get the information straight to them perfectly well.

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