Adopting a Wellness Program with Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry is the founder of Ascendant Cares, an organization that seeks to give back to the society by committing time and resources. Through this avenue, Jeffry Schneider partners with several philanthropic organizations and contributes towards the development of the community. Additionally, he works closely with non-profits like the Gazelle Foundation and Cherokee Home for Children. Jeffry lives in Austin Texas. Over the years, Jeffry has championed the adoption of wellness programs in institutions. These programs aim at bringing a conducive environment in the workplace.

Wellness programs started as employee perks offered by large corporations. Today, they are part of a routine provided in both the medium and small-sized businesses. Emphasizing on their participation comes with many benefits. They give the employees incentives, Tools, and strategies aimed at improving and maintaining healthy behaviors. Today, organizations are consistent at organizing the wellness programs. They understand the benefits of having a healthy workforce. According to Jeffry Schneider There are several benefits of adopting wellness programs;

They Improve Employees Health Behavior

The core goal of every wellness program is to enhance behavioral change. With the right education, motivation, and support, workers stand to change their behaviors. The program aims at helping workers to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. Healthy behaviors lead to lower health risks, and consequently, it leads to lower chances of getting chronic diseases. The critical thing is to have the workers maintain a healthy program for years without losing focus. For a fact, the programs contribute to the reduction of lifestyle-related diseases which are among the highest causes of mortality.

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Reduction of Elevated Health Risks

High blood pressure, high levels of glucose in the bloodstream, and high cholesterol are mostly a consequent of bad eating habits. These high levels are reversed by adopting healthy eating habits and regular physical activity. Healthy meals and regular exercises prevent diseases like diabetes, cancer as well as obesity.

Reduction of Health Care Cost

Taking the wellness program leads to an overall feeling of well-being. In turn, employees will hardly fall sick. As a result, the company saves money that may get lost in absentia. Also, the worker saves on personal savings that would get used for medical purposes. Keep the heart disease away by taking part in the wellness program.

Sense of Accomplishment

In the workplace, the programs get organized by hosting events and competitions between employees. The accomplishment of goals brings a sense of fulfillment. Who made most steps in a month? Who reduced the amount of alcohol during the weekends? The set goals contribute to an engagement that consequently, leads to the attainment of health benefits.

Improved physical fitness

Taking part in physical activities scheduled in the wellness programs goes further to improve the overall well-being of your body. Hitting the gym and taking yoga during free hours leaves you feeling healthy, relaxed and energetic. Open yourself to a variety of physical activities and reap the health benefits.

Weight Loss

The truth is that a large number of employees are usually struggling with weight loss. Your daily routine can be the source of increased fat deposits. In the routine, avoid the things that contribute to weight gain. Exercise more and take care of your mental health. Participating in exercise and having a good night sleep goes towards reducing weight gain.

Jeffry Schneider, the man with a New York accent and an Austin Zip code, is much more than the eye can tell. He is a traveler and a seeker of adventure. While others take on the golf course, hand him a jeep and a dirt road, and he will live to tell the tale. Jeffry is no connoisseur, but he is a lover of wine, and Tuscans for that matter. Inside his fridge, you will find a stock of the Napa Valley cabs and Super Tuscans chilled to perfection. According to him, it’s the taste served with the sophistication that ignites. Most importantly, Jeffry Schneider is a philanthropist contributing to tragedies, wildfires, and hurricane struck areas.


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