Give your employees quicker feedback with Betterworks

Giving feedback to employees is an important part of running a business. Annual reviews are two widely spread out and time-consuming to be practical when better ways are available. Betterworks provides a continuous performance management® solution that will fit your needs, allowing for real-time continuous feedback to your employees.

Betterworks ends annual employee reviews by allowing you to give them continuous feedback on how they are doing. This takes away the need yearly to evaluate each employee and then talk to them about the evaluation. It saves the time, money and effort need for reviews.

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Betterworks allows you to give your employees continuous reviews, as the result of this feedback they will know where they stand and what they need to improve on. This not only gives them the opportunity to work on any problems, and to get real-time feedback on their effort.

Betterworks helps you with the overall review process. Its easy to understand displays make tracking the progress of goals and group projects much easier. Give your teams both internal and external feedback on how they are doing and in real-time.

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Giving your employees feedback in real-time benefits them, you and the company. When feedback is given in real-time problems can be corrected a lot easier because you know where you stand. Is can help solve problems before they become big problems. Betterworks is the solution that can accomplish this goal.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick, dedicated to practicing injury law and bettering their community

Kisling, Nestico & Redick (KNR) is an Ohio based law firm that specializes in Personal Injury law. Driven by personal experience, attorneys, like Managing Partner Rob Nestico, who learned at a young age the tactics that insurance companies use to take advantage of people’s vulnerabilities, are committed to seeking justice for their clients. Kisling, Nestico & Redick has a track record of success which is recognized by their many accolades and their philanthropic pursuits.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick’s commitment to advocacy and addressing important societal issues inspired the law firm to sponsor an annual scholarship, KNR’s Stop Distracted Driving Competition, which offers any eligible student an opportunity to win a $5000 scholarship. The 2019 scholarship winner, Elianna Norin, created a public service announcement that compared driving blind-folded to driving while texting. She will use the scholarship towards her tuition for Savannah College of Art and Design. The next deadline will be March 30, 2020.

With a commitment to giving back to the communities they serve, Kisling, Nestico & Redick created KNR Cares About Kids. This program allows the KNR attorneys and staff to contribute to causes as volunteers and via donations. KNR Cares projects support children who are impacted by poverty. They have supplied bags of food to school children impacted by food scarcity; sponsored a shopping spree for members of the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program at a local Meijers store; and donated more than 500 bicycle helmets throughout Ohio to help prevent traumatic brain injuries from accidents. Additionally, the firm participates in the Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump, and this year has raised $30,000 for the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank from the event.

Recognized for their creativity and innovation, Kisling, Nestico & Redick was voted as a 2019 Honoree of the International Legal Category of the Webby Awards. The Webby Awards is the international leading award honoring excellence on the internet. The awards had entries from all 50 states and 70 countries.

Founded in 2005, Kisling, Nestico & Redick currently has 11 locations, more than 30 attorneys and 130 support staff dedicated to helping victims of accidents.

Gino Pozzo Looks To Build A Sustainable Future At Watford F.C.

Without a doubt, soccer is one of the most volatile industries in the world with the fortunes of individuals and teams rising and falling on an almost daily basis. One team that has been on an upward trajectory for many years is Watford F.C., the English team owned by the powerful Italian soccer entrepreneurs, the Pozzo Family. At the head of the work of the family is Gino Pozzo, the son of former Udinese F.C. owner, Gianpaolo who has focused his efforts on the English game since buying Watford in 2012.

Gino Pozzo is a Harvard graduate who had been settled in the soccer capital of Barcelona, Spain for more than 20 years where he had masterminded the rise of La Liga club, Grenada F.C. The Pozzo family had entered the soccer industry in the mid-1980s leading Udinese from the brink of bankruptcy to the heights of the Champion’s League.

Gino Pozzo is not satisfied with achieving success only to see the work he has done fall away when the team and coaching staff he has employed sees their success come to an end. The head of the Pozzo family believes the game of soccer has evolved and the short life of each team and coach should be embraced by fans and executives alike. One area of annoyance for Gino Pozzo and his Chief Executive, Scott Duxbury is the image of the club as one that sacks its coach on a consistent basis. Duxbury is quick to point out that every season has seen the same coach in charge on day one and for the last match which shows the model created is working. Watford plans to have sustained success in the Premier League with Gino Pozzo making the decision to base his family in London to make sure he has a hand in every choice made regarding the historic English club.

Three Tools Offered By Unroll Me to Get Rid of Unwanted Email Subscriptions

Unroll Me is a leading service provider of email management, This company was founded back in 2011 by a couple of entrepreneurs looking to eliminate unwanted emails. Since they were having difficulty emailing one another, they decided to come up with a solution that can allow email account holders to better weed out emails that they believed were unnecessary. These two entrepreneurs founded Unroll Me which provides an efficient service that helps email account holders sort and/or get rid of emails. Since founding Unroll Me, the two entrepreneurs have developed three options that can allow a person to manage their email accounts more easily. 

When looking to use Unroll Me, an email account holder will need to access a web interface which allows them to view all of their email subscriptions. Once accessing the web interface, the email user will then be able to choose one of three options. These include Unsubscribe, Keep in Inbox and Add Rollup. They will be able to access these options whenever they log into their email account offered by providers such as Google, Outlook, Yahoo and AOL. 

The first option that you can use whenever you are looking to manage your email is unsubscribe. This option is most commonly used for users looking to get rid of emails that they no longer want. It is also beneficial for those who are looking to stop the flow of email subscriptions. A user will need to gather all of the email subscriptions that they don’t want and then click on the unsubscribe option. This will immediately eliminate the emails and any others that come in the future from those particular senders. 

Users can click on Keep in Inbox if they are looking to keep certain individual emails. They will just need to click on a particular email and then click on the Keep in Inbox icon. This is ideal for anyone that gets a minimal amount of emails and is looking to keep ones that come from important people such as friends, family members of business acquaintances. 

Email account holders who are looking to maintain subscriptions will need to click on the Add Rollup icon. This allows them to gather emails from certain subscriptions and then ensure that they stay in the inbox. All a user will need to do is click on each email that they want and then click on the icon. They will continue getting emails from this subscription.

Robert Deignan Believes Machines Won’t Be Taking Over Just Yet

Workers everywhere are concerned about the changes that automation is bringing and they are worried that they may end up losing their jobs to a robot. Fortunately, entrepreneur and tech expert Robert Deignan doesn’t believe that most people have anything to worry about, at least not yet anyway. While the CEO of ATS Digital Services believes that technology will be able to replace the jobs of many people around the world, he also believes that it will take a lot longer than a lot of people are expecting. During that time, Robert Deignan predicts that most people will be able to prepare themselves for the changes that will be taking place which allow them to maintain their value as a worker in a different manner.

While technology may replace certain jobs at some point, Robert Deignan knows that it also has the potential to create some as well. As the co-founder of a company that offers remote assistance with technical issues, Robert Deignan also knows that technology is able to create jobs as well. It’s all about being prepared for the changes that are coming and making sure that you have the ability to stay relevant in a changing culture and economy. While machines are capable of doing many things, the tasks that they are able to do currently are rather limited. Repetitive actions and activities are the types of jobs that could be potentially replaced in the relatively near future, but things like decision making are still difficult for most machines to be able to do as well as humans.

The Purdue University graduate believes that most jobs should be safe for the next several decades, but Robert Deignan believes that it is still important to prepare yourself for the changes that are coming in the future. The human element will always be important to most people and machines lack the flexibility that humanity has. Even though certain tasks may able to be completed by machines, many people will always prefer being able to interact with humans. Just because a machine has the potential to replace your therapist doesn’t mean that it will.

Dick DeVos and Thinking a Lot

There are quite a few thinkers in this world. Dick DeVos of the Midwestern region of the United States is certainly among these individuals as well. His wife Betsy is among them, too. They’re a couple of the most influential American thinkers of this era. They’ve been influencing things in their North American homeland for a long time. They’ve been married for long. They’ve handled so many things as a married duo. They’ve contributed to the upbringings of children who have gone on to revel in wondrous existences.


Dick DeVos can call himself many things. He can say that he in the past was a company Chief Executive Officer or CEO. The Amway Corporation of the United States referred to him as its painstaking leader for years and years. He left his duties with the corporation not long after the millennium commenced. DeVos no longer is at the helm of the Amway Corporation. His time in the business sector, though, is in no way complete. He manages all sorts of things for a company that’s called the Windquest Group right now.


Lobbying isn’t something that’s an “unknown” to DeVos. There are many people who haven’t ever lobbied a day in their lives. DeVos, however, isn’t part of this classification at all. He managed all sorts of lobbying efforts in the city of Grand Rapids in Michigan. This was all throughout the nineties. He was especially keen on lobbying in the metropolis toward the start of the decade. He was involved in all sorts of political matters in the city. Someone told him about the chances of making a huge arena by the downtown part of the city. DeVos realized that that wouldn’t be something that would aid the community in any sense. This triggered in him the desire to begin lobbying right away. That’s exactly what he did as well. It didn’t take too long for the people of the area to realize that arena construction just wasn’t what Grand Rapids called for at the time. Why did DeVos object so intensely to the possibility of the building project? He objected to it because he saw what transpired back in the seventies in nearby Detroit. Detroit saw all sorts of structures emerging. It didn’t accomplish much for the city, though. It truthfully did more to wreak havoc on it when all was said and done.


DeVos is like many individuals in that he has all sorts of pastimes. He’s a person who is eager to take on all kinds of philanthropic and charitable missions. He’s also a person who has a genuine zeal for the aviation sector. Air travel has been enthralling this man since he was a tiny boy. It continues to enthrall him as an adult. He’s so enthralled by it that the West Michigan Aviation Academy now exists. This is the name of a trusted charter school that’s at the airport in Grand Rapids. It teaches students all about the air travel industry and how it functions.


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Vijay Eswaran: From Gas Station Attendant to Entrepreneur

Throughout his life, Vijay Eswaran has held a number of jobs. He was a security guard, a gas station attendant, and even a cab driver. While not career paths he enjoyed, he learned resilience and drive from working from the bottom up. Years later he would play a key role in starting the QI group, a multinational corporation influential in Asia. He had decided that he wanted to do something important, to be someone, and to help not only himself but everyone around him.

The secret to Vijay Eswaran’s success is both his drive and his vision. With manufacturing jobs phasing out due to increasing automation, jobs are becoming harder to find. Eswaran’s goal is to help others as he’s helped himself, by turning them into entrepreneurs. His company, QI Group, is uniquely structured to support entrepreneurs, to raise people up and expose a greater number of people to the world of sales. The QI group sells products focused on personal health, well-being, and even high-fashion. Eswaran’s motto is RYTHM – raise yourself to help mankind. By promoting business skills, Eswaran hopes to provide jobs to many displayed by workplace automation. In addition to this, he also runs numerous charities to support his goals in building others up.

Eswaran’s RYTHM and Vijayaratnam Foundations support the core values he and his QI group represent. His central focuses include community building, youth support, gender equality and special needs investment. His foundations aim to support future business people, leaders, and the organizations they may someday run. Eswaran practices what he preaches, supporting will, drive, and mindfulness. He has written several books on mindfulness, business success, and motivation, hoping to inspire others as he himself had been inspired.

But his ultimate message, always be eager to try something new.

“Embrace it…” Eswaran says,

“It’s like bungee jumping, jumping off planes, skydiving, and so on. It’s scary to do until you do it. All fears have to be embraced in order to go on…”

“I embrace the power of new ideas. Things that I never thought worked, worked in our company…”

“It’s not fear anymore, it’s anticipation.”

Once working menial, bottom-rung jobs, Vijay Eswaran now runs a top international company. And now he wants to enable others to do the same, not only through his QI group, but through his numerous charities, books, and own personal example.

The RBS Group The Brazilian Media Giant


Businessman and entrepreneur Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho had the vision to create RBS Media Group. Mauricio stated out investing in other ventures before founding RBS Group or Grupo RBS.

Mauricio has always had a passion for the communication industry. This is when he founded RBS Group in 1950 over 60 years ago. Grupo RBS is a family-owned company and is one of the largest multimedia companies in Brazil .

Grupo RBS does have a big brother affiliate company called Rede Globo. It is the largest affiliate of Rede Globo. The brand and its successors which are Jayne Sirotsky, Nelson Sirotsky, and Edurado Sirotsky Melzer want to continue to grow the founders legacy. Their focus is on putting out the best quality content on the television and over the radio airwaves.

The Grupo RBS successors have a philosophy that you cannot do anything without people. People is what it takes to make everything from a flower to a company grow. They are focusing on working together to build a better and stronger brand that will benefit the Latin America society.

The Grupo RBS prides itself on putting out quality material when it comes to television and radio. The company wants to put out material that makes people think, evolve, and learn. After all they do say knowledge is power, so if you are a media group you are the person holding the power. The content that the RBS Group puts out is based off of three important objectives and they are people, the world, and life.

The purpose of Grupo RBS is to have journalism and entertainment help people have a better life. An impressive thing about the company is that they refuse to go outside of their value system to meet company goals. Any company that puts ethical practices before profits is a great company and can be trusted. RBS Group is here to inform the people on the things that’s happening in their local community and around the globe. Go To This Page for more information.

Grupo RBS and its successors run the company with great sense of business ethics and morals. The company has been successful for the last 60 years because they care about the people. I mean the people within the company and the people who they provide media content to which is the local community.


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Best Ship Pulleys & Bollards

Social event ocean things is dynamically like a preoccupation. While searching for marine collectibles, you are presumably going to go over bollards and ship pulleys. It is basic to grasp their occupations, what they include and how best to approach getting them before spending your cash.

What are pulleys?

The most grounded significance of a pulley is a wheel on a center point, usually proposed to support improvements and modify obviously. A pulley may similarly be insinuated as a drum or sheave. With respect to a ship, pulleys are normally called squares. Rope and pulley structures have been used in the lifting of items to and from boats for a long time. The present pulley structures used in current boats may appear to be progressively jumbled and not exactly equivalent to what was used in the past several years.

The old boats featured solid pulley and handle systems. The use of a lone rope around different pulleys engaged the stacking and offload of burden on a ship. Pulleys on a ship, together with the ropes can be recuperated and used for various purposes.

Marine bollards

Bollards, are shorts posts used in making building parameters. Regularly, they are acquainted with offer visual guide and engraving limits where principal. The recorded scenery of bollard pursues back to seventeenth century where the term was used to delineate a post used for attaching ocean vehicle’s verifying line. Despite the way that the name is just two centuries old, the equipment itself has been in used for over 2,000 years.

Bollards are expected to reflect the earth in which they are proposed to work in. Marine bollards have a trademark, nautical interest. From our aggregations of maritime things, we have such countless bollards you can purchase from us.

Confident expressive subjects and valuable sections

By far most who place assets into nautical collectibles do accordingly for various reasons. While some recuperated bits of boats re worked for reuse, others are basically refined because of their innovative worth. In the occurrences of ship pulleys, you can get them for individual or mechanical. Finely refined ship pulleys can at present be of current use, if in extraordinary condition. Moreover, marine bollards can be used for diagrams in waterfront homes and nautical-themed restaurant. Their stylish interest and quality add to the different reasons one should consider getting them.

Sea Marine Enterprise has a collection of various nautical things. Despite whether you need ocean complex format pieces or huge utilitarian ship fragments, you can examine the gigantic once-over of marine salvage things on our site. You can take a gander at inconceivable courses of action on ship pulleys and bollards. From experienced nautical planners to private property holders, our client base summary stretches out far and wide. Make your solicitations today and experience successful transport organizations.

Nautical Salvage by Sea Marine Enterprise

The majority of the items in a postal mail are meant to last. From the particular particular lights, ship telegraph, sextant, binoculars, compass in order to be able to pulley and bollards, each product contains a long-life within comparison to many business goods. However, each deliver posseses a great effective economical life. Generally the send owner can file its official functioning period as 30 or perhaps forty five years. After that, the actual ship can be used to a new ship endangering yard exactly where valuable mail telegraph products are skillfully removed and reclaimed. Typically the process of reclaiming several items from wrecked dispatch is usually known because marine salvage.

Today, several concerning the planet’s biggest decommissioned ships discover themselves within Chittagong, Bangladesh where actually scraped in addition to diverse valuable items retrieved simply by them. Typically the process is totally labor-intensive in addition to involves chosen environmental in addition to health hazards. That is why each single thing is carried away within a controlled region many of these since Chittagong ship splitting metres. Through nautical repair, deliver telegraph outdated and likewise old ships that may have got been considered worthless gets great resources.

Precious maritime Salvage products

Inside the particular previous yrs, there exists the rising trend inside the particular popularity of Nautical Recovery items. Previously being within just typically the industry with regard to extra than six yrs, many regarding us realize the demands. Along with Marine Salvage & Collectors products Enterprise, we stock a new number of nautical products. Our marine restoration lamps and vintage ocean going products are collected coming from the ship break garden throughout Chittagong. Here, the effort is completed within a controlled surroundings to guarantee the consumers conclusion up together with large quality salvage things.

At Sea Marine Enterprise, our professionals clear the particular different products and in which required, re-engineer for recycle. On the way of renovating the particular particular Nautical Salvage, ship telegraph items for reuse, the team removes older chemicals from the maritime products. This particular leaves at the back of an all natural appeal of the particular special metals present in creating these kinds of goods. Thereafter, all of all regarding us activates in professional polishing in the different what to provide them a great excellent surface finish. Eventually, exactly what we supply and sell to each and every of our own clients usually are authentic, very clear plus highly refined ocean going salvage, ship telegraph items fit for various employs.

Valuable pieces accessible

Inside this article at Sea Marine Enterprise, you might find several salvaged items depending on the needs you have. Designed for people who have the soft spot for marine lights, this is certainly most of the number 1 stop center for any person. From vessel deck lighting, bulkhead signals to provide lanterns, you may get just about any kind of ship lights program at our shops.

Typically the particular many lights can obtain used both for within just and outdoor lighting. Typically the ship deck lights furthermore passageway lights can switch in order to be used regarding indoor light, far more precisely wall light. Upon typically the other palm, lighter send searchlights could be employed for backyard lighting within just the back garden. The additional nautical things works extremely well for interior decoration.

Good value

When browsing regarding nautical salvage things, someone should choose genuine, top quality items. At Ocean Repair & Antiques Organization, a lot of us assure clients related with completely quality products. Each and every object is carefully chosen together with professionally cleaned to guarantee an ideal look. Really really feel free of charge so as to have an appear at a few our ocean salvage products on great deals and grab super bargains.