David McDonald Promises to Bring Innovation to the Industry with OSI Group

David McDonald, the President of OSI Group, recently spearheaded his company into another merger. Turi Foods and OSI International Foods have official merged. These Australian operations have come together to form a new company called Turosi Pty Ltd. After the merger announcement, the Chairman of Turi Foods chimed in, expressing his satisfaction with the deal. “A shared ownership will enable the organization, whose cultures are similar, to share their expertise to build a world-class food solutions group,” said Sam Cuteri, the chairman of Turi Foods. David McDonald, the President of OSI Group, also shared his thoughts on the merger. “With the merger between OSI and Turi, we see tremendous potential to serve our customers in new, innovative ways,” said David McDonald.

In total, five plants are now operational in Australia under the new company name.

About OSI Group

OSI Group, formally Otto & Sons, was created originally as a small butcher shop in Illinois. Thanks to great business decisions over the years, OSI Group has expanded to an international company. The first big partnership between OSI Group was with McDonald’s. This partnership played a major role in the expansion of the company, enabling them to venture out of Illinois and eventually across national borders.

OSI Group is now a worldwide distributor of meat and food products, operating in several countries including the United States and Australia. David McDonald, the President of OSI, was born in Iowa. He went to college with the intention of pursing a career in wildlife studies, earning a degree in Animal Science. Beginning as a project manager at OSI Group, he quickly moved up the corporate ladder and earned his position as President of OSI Group.

McDonald, in an interview, promised that in the future, his company will continue to bring the best product to their customers. “We will adapt to the changing business environment and will listen to the needs of our customers,” said McDonald.

Forex Education At Its Best: NetPicks Forex Trading Education Today

Being able to rightfully explain the fundamental concepts of forex is no easy task. With so many new traders entering the world of forex on a daily basis, it stands to show that there are the massive amount of forex informational services out there as well. One such notable company is NetPicks, an online trading company that provides forex education for those seeking to increase in knowledge within the markets.

By definition, forex is defined as the worldwide monetary market that deals with exchange rates between currencies. Trading in the forex market is when an individual decides to make money off of one currency based on another. Of course, such opportunities are based on the value of the two currencies involved, whether you are trading a U.S. dollar versus the Euro-Dollar or the Japanese Yen versus The Swiss Franc, refer to (Dailyforex.com). The value of one currency against another is what will provide monetary earnings for the individual trader.

Having an eye for the timing of the markets is one service that NetPicks offers. By providing the trader with signals of when the markets open and close, this is a keyway that NetPicks offers an advantage to the trader. Such an advantage is understanding that the forex market is a 24-hour market in that with every major country involved therein, there are distinct times and opportunities when the trading of individual currencies are optimal.

The forex market is very liquid and very fluid. With such being the case, there are over 5 trillion dollars of active buying and selling in the forex market on any given day. With so much volume there is always an opportunity to make money. Within this world there are currency pairs, although there are many currency pairs the world over, there is only a few that are considered majors.

Opening a Forex account is one thing but understanding how that account is funded by another and Netpicks teaches the traders about this. Forex operates off of a system called Leverage. With leverage, the existing funds that are deposited into the account are multiplied greatly to provide the traitor real opportunity and making money in the Forex Market.

Jed McCaleb Believes Blockchain Technology Is The Next Big Thing

Cryptocurrency has quickly become a trend all over the world since taking the markets by the storm a few years back and Jed McCaleb believes that a bigger change will be coming to the markets at large with the release of his company’s technology. As a major player in the crypto markets, Jed McCaleb has been on board with most of the major moves in the market since crypto first made an appearance.

Today, Jed is the CTO for Stellar, a company that is working to release a new cryptocurrency network that will work internationally. Jed did an interview recently with CNBC and discussed what his technology will do and how it will take the market by storm in the next several years. Stellar aims to solve the current problems cryptocurrency has when it comes to different currencies and it will be able to handle transactions in seconds, so the company says.

In less than five years, the market has risen billions of dollars and there are many untapped markets out there right now that can be utilized in the financial systems. According to Jed, cryptocurrency is the future of financial platforms and it is here now. Stocks and the like will most likely follow suit sometime down the road as the technology continues to develop.

Coin Telegraph said that there are many up and coming companies out there focused on bitcoin and cryptocurrency that are working on ways to make the platform more accessible and safe for the digital markets around the world. Stellar’s own XLM coins labeled as lumens managed to become one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the entire market at the beginning of this year, though they have sold their stakes in that market since that time.

Given his assortment of roles in cryptocurrency corporations and his years of executive experience, Jed McCaleb certainly might be on to something with the idea that blockchain technology will take over the future of finances and assets.

Source: https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/stellar-ceo-want-real-enough-dot-com-bubble-pops/

The Backstory that Fuels the Success of Mina Ebrahimi

There are some businesses that have the ability to do well even in an economic downturn. The catering business is one of those types of entities. The economy is not stopping people from getting married. It does not stop a bussiness from having business meetings. It does not have anything to do with the way that people celebrate their birthday. The economy may be in turmoil, but people still have to eat and catering businesses provide this service.

Mina Ebrahimi is one of the award-winning caterers in Northern Virginia that provides the catering services for people that have birthday parties, weddings and various conferences. She is the entrepreneur that has been a fighter even in the midst of a lot of failures down through her lifetime.

Mina has a very motivational blog for anyone that is looking for an opportunity to own their own business. She empowers women that have doubted if a woman could rise to such a level of prestige inside of her own business. Saint Germain is a business that is designed to make the catering process easier because it provides a lot of different specialty dishes.

More people are checking out Mina largely because they are a fan of her openness. She has talked about the way that she has struggled with her weight at one time. She talked about the stress of the business and how this was bad for her health and her business. Mina has also spoken openly about how she was broke at the age of 26 with no money as she walked away from a business that was failed. For Mina Ebrahimi to have recovered from such a great loss in her mid-twenties and rise to a successful position where she has earned top catering business owner for the last 19 years is highly impressive.

What her journey in the business world shows is that it is never an easy course to success. It is never a road that is without a plethora of bumps along the way. The fact that she is successful in catering is even more impressive when one considers her back story.


NewsWatch TV Works Well for Businesses That are Trying to Break Out

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs and business owners is getting exposure. They have to find the medium that is going to bring them the desired exposure at the desired rate. However, one thing that people need to realize is that nothing is going to come quickly. If people want to get some fast results, then they are going to have to either put in the work or put in the money that is needed to get the results they want. Fortunately, there is NewsWatch TV. They are always at work with some kind of project that is going to bring exposure.

There have been a lot of reviews of NewsWatch TV. One of the most common things that are said about NewsWatch TV is that it increases the sales of many different companies. Among the companies that this website has helped are Fortune 500 companies. This is what gives them the credibility that is needed for them to be trusted with different companies. At the same time, it is not necessary for people to be gigantic business. All that is needed is some kind of passion to get the word out of a business in order to be able to get exposure and some kind of fame.

Other people that use NewsWatch TV are celebrities and entertainers. This is one thing that can help people spread the word about the causes they are supporting or other activities they are involved in. This is one of the best ways for celebrities to show a different side of themselves to others. One thing about NewsWatch TV is that it helps people improve their image. Business owners use NewsWatch TV as a way to increase their sales and also get people on board for the next promotion and products they have going.

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Southridge Capital and How Its CEO Has Grown It To Its Success Since 1996

It is important for any high-caliber and high-income finance firm to always be in the lead. The power and leverage of a certain company in the industry would only depend on the company’s reputation to bring other companies with them to success. This is because when companies offer potential for profit, more success comes to those companies. This ability to help others increase and protect their assets is what’s driving the success of Southridge Capital LLC today.



As a financial solutions company based in Connecticut, Southridge Capital LLC has already built the honor and integrity of bringing out the best of their clients in terms of financial strategies. One of the fascinating, insightful and verified articles that contain all the essential information people might need about Southridge Capital is found in the Release Fact news portal. In one of the articles there, it declared that Southridge Capital is already high-quality, hotshot and honourable enough to be considered a major player in the game of financial services.



Readers of the article would also learn that Southridge Capital has the financial solutions that cover all bases. Whether a client needs financial analysis or a highly detailed business plan that’s safe to scale, the firm has strong ideas on how to address such problems. The Balance Sheet Optimization plan that Southridge has prepared for clients has also been an incomparable achievement of the company that not many companies can replicate. It addresses the needs of the clients at the same time doesn’t forget the clients’ desire to lower the marginal costs of engaging with the strategy.



Release Fact also restated the fact that the structured solutions of Southridge for clients’ needs in securitization, financial solutions and credit management have also been impressive. Southridge has already collaborated with many a number of companies already and have succeeded in the aim of eliminating their debt. For more details visit Bloomberg.



It might also be added here that Southridge Capital Founder and CEO Stephen M. Hicks founded the company in 1996. Since then, he has grown it to become one of the most relevant players in the financial services for over 30 years already. You can follow their Twitter page.




Read more: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=701946


David McDonald Contributions to the Success of the OSI Group

David McDonald is the president and the chief operating officer of OSI Group. He was born and raised in Iowa. While growing up, David McDonald spent most of his time on the farm at the Iowa community, and he developed passion for the agricultural industry. At an early age, David McDonald identified his purpose in life, and all he wanted was to succeed in the agriculturally related matters. To achieve his goal, he joined the Iowa State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in animal science. He has continued impacting the lives of students at Iowa State University by providing internship to the students and also fund the scholarships programs of the school.

McDonald has dedicated his career to the OSI Group, one of the world’s leading protein and food suppliers. OSI Group started as a regional food distributor but has now grown and expanded its operations in more than 17 countries. Through a relentless pursuit of the leadership team of the company, it is currently operating in more than 65 subsidiaries and has created more than 20,000 employment opportunities. In 2016, they were honored by the British Safety Council with the Globe of Honor Award for the worthy environmental causes. The OSI Company has also been recognized as a top 100 large private companies in the United States.

Through some acquisitions, the company has spread its presence in Europe and China. Recently they merged with Turi Foods, a food service company based in Australia. David believes that the merge is a perfect way for both companies to excel together. The company also acquired Baho Foods, a Dutch food company and the Flagship Europe. For a long time, the company has been working on the 17 million euros investment in Toledo Spain. The primary mission of the project was to increase the production capabilities of chicken products from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons in a year. The expansion was a response to the high demand of processed chicken products.

According to David McDonald the expansion will allow OSI Group to introduce new products to their portfolio and also will increase production and create new jobs opportunities. David has been a substantial contributor to the success of the company. As the chief operating officer, he ensures the company embraces latest technology trends and innovation for increased manufacturing capacity. The company provides food safety measures to ensure quality products. David McDonald chairs the board of members of the North America Meat Institute.

To know more visit @: www.crunchbase.com/person/david-mcdonald-7#/entity

Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert – Master of fast production

Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert has a degree in Production Management from Montreal University. When he completed his studies, his first degree was at General Motors. He was employed in their plant at St. Theresa, Quebec. A man known as Guy Hachey hired Louis Chenevert. Hachey was his mentor in the auto industry, and both of them became very good friends. The decision by Hachey to hire Louis Chenevert remains one of the best choices he has ever made. His performance with GM was so good that his department was always on top. He was placed in the assembly line. Louis was interested in growing his career and therefore was ready to give his all in running the business. He wanted to rise in ranks and become a significant player in the business sector. The job at GM was the start point for what would become an awesome career.

Louis Chenevert and Guy Hachey were so close that whenever he got promoted, he would promote him to the position he previously occupied. Hachey describes him as the best partner he has ever worked for. Hachey later became the CEO of Bombardier Aerospace Company. The two worked together and made production in the auto industry faster. They paid close attention to all the details needed in production that it was just a matter of time before they accomplished what they had set out to. While working in the auto industry, the production time was one vehicle per minute. So, this is a job that needed precision of the highest degree. A mistake in the production system would result in the production of a very high number of defective vehicles. So, there was no room for people to make a mistake.

Louis Chenevert experience in the auto industry prepared him for tasks in the aerospace industry. He was ready to make the difference in the new industry just like he did while he was in the auto industry. His excellence in the Aerospace was so good that he was appointed to head UTC, a conglomerate business which was in charge of Pratt & Whitney which he was working within the aerospace industry.


The Amazing Life of Milan Kordestani

Milan Kordestani had a great upbringing and since he has graduated high school he has had very many achievements. Milan is an author that publishes articles for the Huffington Post in fields of politics, agriculture, and mental health. Milan is a very competitive equestrian. An equestrian is a horseback performer. He is also the CEO and founder of Milan Farms. All these achievements have been done before he even graduated high school.

In the early years, Milan Kordestani grew up in Stanford, California. He attended Phillips Brooks Elementary School. A little bit down the road, Milan’s parents went through a divorce. His family moved to London, England. While, he was in London, he went to Eaton Square School. When he was in high school, they returned to the Bay Area in California. He attended the Sacred Heart Prep School in Atherton. Milan Kordestani graduated from Sacred Heart in 2017.

At the age of ten, Milan Kordestani began riding horses. when he first started riding, Milan got thrown from his horse. Instead of getting scared or upset, he got up and got right back on his horse. This is a sport that he wanted to get better at, so he did not let a fall stop him from what he wanted to do. When he first started riding it was just lessons. In a short period of time, his dedication and hard work led to riding World Championship horses and winning many blue ribbons and equestrian championships in several different horse shows. Milan ranked third in the world championship along with many others leading up to that victory.

Milan Kordestani created his company, Milan Farms when he was still a sophomore in high school. Milan Farms produces eggs from poultry and harvests saffron and mint. Milan Farms has been a trademarked label on the west coast and Colorado since 2016. The saffron is expanded a crossed the world. He has no secrets as how all his plants and animals are raised. Everything is pure and organic. His herbs are harvested hydroponically with mineral nutrients in the water for the best taste. Milan Kordestani has made his company a significant household name.

Find out more about Milan Kordestani: https://vimeo.com/user37230414

100 Years of Foodservice Innovation: OSI Group

Being one of the largest food providers in the world is not easy. There are certain aspects of the business that must be in place at all times and having good services that deal with logistics is vital. The United States is home to one of the leaders in this specific category. Located in Aurora, Illinois, is OSI Group, and it has revamped its style to handle every aspect in professional food services. This company is one of the largest privately held companies in America thanks to its more than 20,000 employees. On top of that, OSI Group has facilities all around the globe. These facilities are loaded with technologically advanced equipment, which makes them state-of-the-art. OSI acquires UK’s Flagship Europe.

In life, your past can definitely play a part in your future. This company’s roots span back to the turn of the 20th century. The city of Chicago was experiencing a boom in immigrant, and Otto Kolschowski just so happened to fit the bill. In the city of Chicago, there was a large number of German immigrants, and these German immigrants helped to fuel the economy. Kolschowski already had a plan in mind, and it was to start a business. This man opened a small butcher shop in Oak Park, Illinois, but who knew that it would grow into a mega-success. The esteemed Carl Sandburg once said, “Chicago is the city of broad shoulders.” The year was now 1928 and Kolschowki’s butcher shop was doing big business. The company’s name was Otto & Sons, and it provided the freshest meats in the region.

By 1955, the franchise modeling of restaurants began to take-off. McDonald’s, a new hamburger chain, began to make a name for itself. Ray Kroc, the former-owner of McDonald’s, used Otto & Sons as one of the restaurant’s main meat suppliers. This fateful development would go on to last to this very day. As time passed, Otto & Sons changed its name to OSI Group. By the 1960s, OSI Group had grown into an international corporation that provided a wide range of foods such as fresh dough products, turkey products, beef patties, onions, tomatoes, pizza, meatballs, Tofu, cooked sausage links, meatloaf and more.

OSI Group is now a multi-billion-dollar company in 2018. It has a total of 65 factories and facilities worldwide. Who knew that a small butcher shop would transform into a global giant?

For details: www.foodbusinessnews.net/articles/8436-osi-group-acquires-baho-food