Can Graham Edwards Create Another Success like Telereal?

With Brexit coming up in a year, the Centre for Policy Studies is looking ahead and has created the New Generation Initiative. The goal of the New Generation Initiative is to create radical policy ideas for Britain post-Brexit. Voters need a more prosperous future, and we are focusing on four major policies to achieve this. These policies are in tax and cost of living, housing and planning, business and enterprise and welfare. The programs are designed to give people ownership and control in their own lives.

Alex Morton will oversee all four programs. Tom Clougherty will oversee tax and cost of living. Rachel Wolf and Public First are in charge of revamping the welfare system. Graham Edwards will be the Chairman of the newly founded Housing Policy Group. The head of business has not yet been chosen (

Having Graham Edwards chair the Housing Policy Group is very exciting. Mr. Edwards is currently the CEO of Telereal Trillium. In 2001 Telereal Trillium was founded, and it now owns over 8.000 properties in Britain and also houses about 1% of Britain’s workforce. With Mr. Edwards at the helm, Telereal Trillium has grown into the largest privately-owned property company.

While Graham Edwards has successfully lead Telereal Trillium since its inception, he has an impressive resume. Before 2001 he was employed with Merrill Lynch Investment Management and served as a fund manager in varying capacities. Graham Edwards also was head of finance at British Telecomholdings (BT) in the property department. This extensive history helped Mr. Edwards to create the wildly successful Telereal Trillium. It was Mr. Graham Edwards initial deal with BT that rocket launches Telereal Trillium into success.

Graham Edwards has proven business and real estate knowledge. He will no doubt be a huge benefit to the Housing Policy Group, offering special insights. His goal is to work with in-house experts to catapult housebuilding and home ownership using sound policies.

The Strength of Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research publishes financial information and software for the benefit its millions of worldwide investor customers in more than 100 countries (Linkedin). They are very choosy about which analysts they will publish. Since that is the case, their customers can be assured that the advice they get has Stansberry complete approval. That does not mean that they will only publish advice that follows one particular line of thoughts. On the contrary, they are proud to present a wide range of opinions and styles of strategies. Stansberry has a number of different franchises, all of which seek to highlight investment opportunities that are unloved, ignored, or unknown.

Stansberry has on its staff the very best editors and analysts. And these professionals are not simply impersonal individuals working behind the scenes. They are all about building long-term relationships with company clients, business partners, and employees. Stansberry maintains all of these strong, long-term relationships by constantly remaining transparent and accountable. Its customers have come to see that they can fully trust Stansberry clients as well. They are so confident that customers will be satisfied with their services that they guarantee that after 30 days you can quit with a full refund if not entirely pleased with them.

Stansberry is a subscription-based company that sells its clients lifetime subscriptions. Stansberry does a lot more than just provide investing advice. They also carefully track the results of the investments based on their advice. Stansberry is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland and has offices in Florida, Oregon, and California ( It puts out its newsletters on a monthly and bi-monthly basis. Its investment advice looks into such diverse areas as a natural resource, power, oil and mining company investments, healthcare and biotechnology. It also often looks into new alternative avenues of investing. It is confident that its already considerable clientele will keep on growing and growing.

Why You Need to Consider the Fagali’I Airport

If you would like to use the Fagali’I Airport as a way to travel, it is important that you make the most out of this option and know that it is something that is sure to help you out. Once you have made the most out of this for yourself, you’re going to find that it is very easy for you to save some money and know that this is something that is right for you. Before you know it, it’s going to be time for you to book a flight and know that you are doing something that is perfect for your budget and for any of your traveling needs.

There are a lot of reasons to give the Fagali’I Airport a try for yourself. For one, you’re choosing something that is going to help you out when you are going to be taking a flight for yourself. Now is a good time to give this option a try for yourself and know that this is something that is going to be of benefit to you. Now that you know the importance of making use of the Fagali’I Airport, you’re going to find that this airport is a whole lot easier for you when this is something that you’re going to need for this.

Before you try any other airport, you’re going to want to take a look at Fagali’I Airport and see why it is as popular as it has been in the past. This is the reason a lot of travelers make the choice to use this for themselves and know that it is something that is going to assist them in all of their travels. Before you know it, you’re going to be able to get the specific travel plans that you need without the problems that might come if you are being overcharged or do not know the quality of the airport that you happen to be using right now. This is the reason the Fagali’I Airport has been a leader in the flight industry and is trusted by so many people who would like to use it right now.

The Way to End Citizens United’s Electoral Corporate Finance Laws

The decision of the US Supreme Court in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission in 2010 led to controversial debate and unexpected repercussions on the US democracy especially elections. The case began in 2008 where Citizens United wanted permission to air an hour long advert attacking then primaries presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) found the case wanting as Citizens United did not say who funded their political adverts as per the federal laws. Citizens United took the case to the federal court which upheld FEC ruling.

However, in 2010, two years after the primaries were over and Barack Obama had been chosen the president, the Supreme Court overturned FEC’s decision. The effects were shocking to many, and it led to active efforts by political organizations to counter the effects of the ruling as others attempted to look for a legal way to overturn it. As a result, numerous political action committees (PACs) were started, and in 2015 End Citizens United joined the fight. It derives its name and mission directly from the ruling, to overturn Citizens United.

The ruling allowed large, anonymous and unlimited corporate campaign donations, as well as increased personal attack through television and radio adverts during campaigns. It further removed the aspect of responsibility as donors had nothing to be accountable for especially the negative and annoying ads.

The ruling also handed Republicans an upper hand because they have a good rapport with the economic elites who have a good stake in most corporations in the US. They include the Koch brothers and the Walton family who have half the rights at Wal-Mart.

End Citizens United has two primary goals. Develop and execute mechanisms aimed at overturning Citizens United, and support political candidates who demonstrated commitment towards campaign finance laws improvement. Most of the Republicans do not support such endeavors, leading to End United Citizens to be more inclined to Democratic candidates.

Through small-donor grassroots fundraising, mostly on digital means, End Citizens United is able to account for its campaign systems. The funding technique helps to pull individuals together into a coalition with people towards fighting for a common goal. As people engage at the local level, they feed the countrywide system, which in turn comes up with ways to accelerate local activism.

Formed by a team of experienced political experts who are savvy, End Citizens United leadership is well capable of achieving its mission. The president and executive officer, Tiffany Muller have been two-time chief of staff for different Congress member, while executive vice president Matt Burges is an expert in advocacy and campaigns having worked at numerous senatorial and gubernatorial elections.

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The Future of Advanced Cosmetics: Lime Crime

Do you wear makeup? If you answered yes to the question, then what would be your favorite brand. There is a plethora of competitors on the modern-day scene, but Lime Crime seems to standout amongst the crowd. Lime Crime was founded by fashion designer Doe Deere. The cosmetics side of the business was designed to compliment the clothing side of the business.

Fortunately, the cosmetics accelerated to the top of the ranks and Deere hasn’t looked back since. The Venus 3 eyeshadow palette is getting the most buzz out of any cosmetic product at the present moment. Venus 3 is the new and advanced version of the original Venus eyeshadow palette, which came in an abundance of rustic and bronzed colors.

If you’re a fan of Lime Crime, then you’ve probably visited the brand’s website as well as visited the brand’s social networks over the past week. Lime Crime has been giving subtle glimpses of its brand-new product, but most people thought that it was just a tease. If you know anything about this company/brand, then you’d know that Lime Crime teases the public before every major product is launched. This year has been no different as the new Venus 3 eyeshadow palette made its debut on April 24, 2018. For just $38, consumers will receive a beautifully constructed box, and the box is hosting some of the most dynamic metallic and matte finishes. Venus 3 gives you inspiration to create your very own masterpiece.

The theme of the project is “when grunge-meets-renaissance.” Lime Crime does a wonderful job of incorporating themes and fun ideas. The rustic colors are simply stunning to the naked-eye but if you were to layer the colors, they’ll definitely pop. Hopefully, you have a better perception of Lime Crime’s new product and this short article can only give the brand so much justice.

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Jason Hope Believes SENS Foundation Is Doing Some Of The Most Important Work In The World Today:

A fact that gets frequently ignored by everyone to the medical community to the human poplation at large is the fact that aging is the number one common health concern faced by all humans. Humans have always had the attitude that aging is inevitable and completely unavoidable. It is just a natural process of life and everyone will experience it no matter how well they take care of themselves. As people age, there are a number of health conditions and diseases that become more common. The result is often a dramatically reduced quality of life for the afflicted person. These conditions include osteoporosis, arthritis, cancer and high blood pressure. There have been a few advancements in treating these diseases but most of the work on this still exists in the realm of treating symptoms rather than eliminating the conditions.

Scottsdale Arizona’s Jason Hope is a philanthropist who has actively sought to donate to oranizations that work in the area of anti-aging. He is putting his primary focus on the groundbreaking organization SENS. Jason Hope has supported SENS for many years, starting with a $500 thousand donation back in 2010. The organization strives to develop technology that can counteract aging. The goal is for this technology to be available to the general public.

SENS is dedicated to developing biotechnology in the pursuit of improving the human conditon. The company studies living organisms and organic systems. The organization was founded by Aubrey de Grey in 2009. SENS strives to educate the public on the issues of aging along with its well documented research programs focussing on combating aging. The outline that the SENS Foundation has presented regarding its mission is that it aims to “transform the way the world researches and treats age-related disease.” SENS has a research heavy approach to its operations but also puts a lot of time into outreach with influencial public figures such as politicians.

Jason Hope supports the nonprofit group SENS because he believes the foundation is doing something that traditional medicine is not. That thing he speaks of is, trying to eliminate the conditions related to aging, rather than use the traditional approach of treating the symptoms and seeing aging as something that is unstoppable. Jason Hope wants to be someone that makes a difference in this important research and he wants to encourage others to follow their hearts in charitible pursuits. Find something you can get behind and support it.

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From Elance To Upwork For Freelancer Globally

Founded in 1999 as Elance, it became a global freelancing platform where businesses could easily collaborate with independent business professionals in various disciplines. That’s when in 2013, after Elance merged with oDesk to become Elance-oDesk, eighteen months later the service was rebranded as Upwork where old Elance aspect of the platform was phased out completely.

With over 14 million users in more than $180 countries, it’s independent professionals have billed more than $1 billion in projects as of March 2017. It goes without saying that Upwork is one of the best places to connect and create a great source of income as a freelancer.

Recently in a blog post on their site, strategies were laid out on how to get through a to-do list.

Many valid points were made, but a few stuck out above the rest. The first of which concerned composing a to-do list. It’s an obvious one, but it’s also vital in getting through a to-do list. You have to put everything down. It doesn’t matter how small or how big, but it’s essential to be exhaustive. That’s because, getting everything off your mind and down in your list will work wonders for concentration, which can be seen as a finite resource.

Another high point was to prepare your list in advanced. More often than not, we tend to start our day with planning, figuring out all the things we need to get done during the day. Instead, doing so the day before or even the night before is far more beneficial because it leaves time in the morning to complete tasks that might otherwise require that peak level of productivity.

I’m guilty of this next one, and that having items listed out all over the place. On sticky-notes, sheets of paper, several different apps, or in a pages file on my Mac. This method of tracking is counterproductive and breaks the first suggestion in so many ways.

Follow these three tips alone, and you’re already on your way to completing your to-do list, no problem, and I recommending checking out the rest of the blog post as well for more great tips