Malcolm CasSelle and the OPSkins Team Launch New Asset Trading Venture

Since its founding in 2015, OPSkins has emerged as the world’s leading site for trading in-game virtual assets such as skins and weapons. With assets designed for a wide variety of games like CS:GO, H1Z1 and CryptoKitties, among others, OPSkins is undoubtedly the gaming industry’s premier centralized marketplace for virtual assets. Now, the team behind the website has launched a new venture called Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) a decentralized asset marketplace that serves to address the natural restrictions that a centralized model might run into. Part of the team behind WAX is OPSkins CIO Malcolm CasSelle, who acts as President for the new platform.

Designed as a peer-to-peer platform, WAX uses blockchain technology to enable individuals to operate their own virtual marketplaces, which serves to combat issues of fraud and fragmentation that may arise in a centralized model.

By utilizing blockchain and smart contracts, WAX users are guaranteed of fraud-free transactions, with ordered assets delivered on time and on quality. A by-product of this development is that the numerous costly intermediate processes that serve in a centralized marketplace to combat fraud are eliminated, hereby increasing affordability.

Another benefit of blockchain technology is that the fragmentation that arises from the intersection of different economic systems and regulations on a single platform is eliminated. Users are able to quickly and effectively tokenize and trade assets in a few mouse clicks.

That WAX represents the next step in virtual asset trading is apparent to its management team. “The gaming industry will ignite the world of cryptocurrency to the mainstream,” CasSelle said in reference to the platform.

Malcolm CasSelle graduated with a Bachelor’s from MIT and a Master’s from Stanford University, both in Computer Science. He was previously President and CTO at Tribune Publishing (now tronc), as well as SVO & General Manager of Digital Media at SeaChange Int’l. He has been an active investor in leading companies such as Facebook and Zynga, and co-founded the Hong Kong telecom company PCCW, which is now valued at over $35 billion.

The Life, Work and Achievements of Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi is a licensed Urologist whose specialty is in the treatment and diagnosis of cancers related bladder, kidney, prostate and urologic diseases. He also an expert invasive remedies for prostate cancer as well as laparoscopic robotic and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy.

Dr. Samadi is from Iran’s Persian Jewish Community. After the Revolution in Iran, when David Samadhi was 15 years old, he and his brother were coerced to leave their home place and go to Belgium. A lot had changed in his life when he was separated from his parents and Heidi, their little sister. He and his brother Dan were compelled to look after themselves. Nevertheless, David and Dan proved to be resilient and determined, and they did their best to make their parents feel full of pride.

David Samadi went on with his studies to be able to attain his dream of being a doctor. When Dan and David reached America both their lives turned better, and they were more than pleased with their new environment. The initial six years in America were fruitful for David Samadi, and in 1990 he finished his primary years with honors at the Stony Brook School of Medicine. In 1994 he earned his Master’s Degree from the State University of New York, and he achieved his post-graduate Urology training at the Montefiore Medical Center.

Samadi finished his proctology training in 1996 at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and likewise in 2000 at Montefiore Medical Center. In the year 2001, Dt. Samadi concluded his oncology fellowship in proctology at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Under the guidance of Professor Claude Abbou, he completed his fellowship on robotic radical prostatectomy in 2002 at the Henri Mondo Hospital Creteil in France.

Dr. David Samadi is the Vice Chairman of the Urology Department and the Chief of Minimally Invasive Surgery and Robotics at the Mount Sinai School where he is also a member of the faculty.

In his dedication to being of utmost help to others, Dr. Samadi developed the SMART Technique (Samadi Advanced Robotic Technique), which is a modern way to remove a prostate that is cancerous. The SMART lessens surgical time by 2 hours and allows a 24 hours recovery period in the hospital; and also minimizes the damage to nerves and tissues while in surgery. Dr. Samadi already had 7,000 surgeries using the mentioned technique that was successful.

Aside from his professional medical career, Dr. David Samadi also hosts the Sunday Housecall broadcasted on Fox News Channel having worked for five years with the said network.

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The Publishing Company, Agora Financial

Agora Financial, a publishing company situated in Mount Vernon, Baltimore, was conceived in the year 1979 by Bill Bonner and The Agora. It has been known for long that many successful institutions began as simple companies and in the years that followed, grew to become leading companies in their industries of expertise. Agora began its work by publishing three financial e-letters which can still be found today. The publications made accurate predictions on economic situations in the country. By the year 2004 Agora Financial was able to stand on its own. Ever its conception, the firm has been able to grow and make progress. Progress may at times take time to become evident, but once it does, the benefits become major. Now, it has branches in three countries; France, Australia and United Kingdom.

Publications Agora in France majors in personal finance and heritage, while Agora Financial in the UK gives advice on investment opportunities and a view about financial markets in Britain. Agora Financial Australia being the newest is continuing to expand. It also distributes its publications to many other countries worldwide. The buildings in which Agora carries out their businesses have also increased and have been added a touch of modernity. Agora Financial has been the leading financial media through its publications. It gives the readers information about financial situations without missing out on anything.

This has contributed to its success as many of its readers find it a reliable source. To add to its success is its executive publisher who is recognized as New York Times’ bestselling author, ensuring teamwork with the editorial team in order to give true and precise information.Agora Financial is a company that values integrity and transparency Therefore its editors do not accept any bribe from a person, company or investor so that they can be included in their publications. Whether their publications are free or have been paid for, they ensure that the information that they provide is without fear or favor.If you ever need financial advice or information on market trends, Agora Financial would be the best solution, and it sure doesn’t disappoint.

David McDonald steering OSI Group to the Global Market

Leadership is a crucial element of every business. It is no exception of OSI Group, a global leader in the food industry. Under the direction of David McDonald, the company has experienced tremendous growth. McDonald pursued Animal Science at Iowa State University. He joined OSI Group as a Project Manager after being the Chairperson of the North American Meat Institute. His determination and hard work propelled him to the current position in the top management of the company. McDonald has also worked as a Director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A.

McDonald attributes his success to the ability to create valuable partnerships. In essence, the company has endeavored to build customized brands in different parts of the globe. Each of them conforms to the particular culture of the geographical context. It makes it easier for the local people to relate to the brand. The approach also helps in creating excellent products and services that resonate with cultural diversity, customer preferences as well as government regulations.

OSI Group supplies prominent players in the food industry such as McDonald, Burger King, and Starbucks among others. It boasts of a presence in over 17 countries comprising of about 80 branches. This includes the recent expansion to Geneva and Hungary. The growth has been experienced with McDonald at the helm.

Besides infrastructural development, the company has been active in acquisitions. It is one of OSI’s primary ways of growth. Among the most recent addition is a Dutch food processing company, Baho Food. The entity has five subsidiaries and processing plants in Netherlands and Germany. Baho Food has a significant presence in Europe.

The acquisition is an essential part of OSI Group’s plans to expand in the European market. McDonald reiterated this view. He also believes that Baho Food’s portfolio complements OSI’s vision to respond to the ever-evolving needs of customers. According to McDonald, Baho Food employees will be retained. He says that they will be invaluable assets in improving OSI’s service delivery.

As part of the growth strategy, McDonald promotes constant communication and collaboration between the in-house team and regional offices. It ensures that the products are designed in response to the tastes and preferences of the particular area. The current President and Chief Operating Officer, says that OSI Group is committed to keeping on growing and improving. Innovation is also at the heart of the company’s approach to adapting to the rapidly changing business environment.

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Meet Richard Blair, The Austin Texas Investment Manager Of Unequaled Credentials

Richard Blair, the Proprietor of Wealth Solutions, is a highly qualified finance and investment advisor. Apart from his degree in finance from the University of Houston, he has certification in other specialties.

Blair is a Certified Annuity Specialist, Certified Fund Specialist, Certified Income Specialist, and a Certified Tax Specialist. He is also a Retirement Income Certified Professional. His qualification and his long years of experience position him as the go-to financial advisor and manager.

Richard Blair drew his inspiration to begin financial advisory services from his family. His grandmother and his mother were teachers. From them, he observed that teaching enhanced confidence and knowledge. He wanted to help people to make better financial decision and investments. He wanted to make a difference in the lives of the residents of Austin, Texas, the same way his family members were doing as teachers.

In 1994, a year after graduating from university, he opened his firm, Wealth Solutions. The firm has offices in Austin, and it mostly serves local clients. The services that the firm offers can be summed to financial planning, investment advisory, services, and wealth management.

The firm, in which Richard Blair is the chief investment officer, has a reputation for giving quality advice to grow clients’ investments and better prepare for retirement. He also works with retirees to help them manage their retirement finances. It offers services to individuals from all social classes, small to medium size businesses, and corporations.

Wealth Solutions has a team of highly qualified employees. Some of them are Vashanti Mehta, Kathleen Neck, and Karen Mosich. The firm has an annual return of about $440,000.

Richard Blair’s firm applies a three-pronged strategy approach. They discuss with the client and come up with a financial plan to suit the needs of the client. They then look for long-term means of achieving the plan. Lastly, they look into how the client and the investments can be insured. So committed is Richard Blair to the success of his clients that he works with them until they achieve their dreams of financial security.

Richard Blair, who is married to his wife Joanne, enjoys riding bikes when not focusing on his work at Wealth Solutions. He has three children, and he loves going on family vacations. He also plays golf. Just like Blair’s grandmother and mother, his wife is a teacher.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Continues to Inspire with Her Leading Position As a Plastic Surgeon

When it comes to the plastic surgery industry, the field is mostly dominated by male. However, Dr. Jennife Walden has made a huge name for herself as one of the most capable and trustworthy plastic surgeons in the country. As a leading surgeon, Jennifer has performed countless surgeries over the years with great success for her clients. Her step-by-step orientations leave customers feeling happy and safe about their decisions. Jennifer’s desire to exceed expectations and please customers is what gained her a top position in her industry today.

Jennifer Walden is often sought after for her exceptional skill in plastic surgery as well as her advice, especially as the plastic surgery scene continues to grow every passing year. Although Jennifer moved back to her hometown of Austin in Texas, her practice is doing very well with regular clients. Her decision to move to Texas was based on her desire to be close to family for support as she raised her children and managed her high profile career. Dr. Jennifer Walden’s experience is extensive and she is capable of performing nearly all kinds of plastic surgery thanks to her years of experience working with other industry experts. To know more about her click here.

Jennifer had an early start on her journey to success since her parents were also well to do as a nurse and dentist. Jennifer was always encouraged to follow her dreams and be determined to go after what she wants. This is why Jennifer is an advocate for women to follow their dreams, especially when it comes to a career. Jennifer’s success in plastic surgery shows that any woman is capable of achieving great things despite the typical standards in society. Jennifer was even the first women to earn a position at ASAPS.

For any prospective clients, Dr. Jennifer Walden has her own website for customers to check up on her qualifications. Her portfolio can also be seen, which shows off her previous plastic surgery work. Although most of Jennifer’s clients are women, she regularly encourages anyone thinking about changing their look to give her office a call.

Achievements of Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian entrepreneur who owns a multi-level marketing company called QI group. Mr. Eswaran is the son of Vijayaratnam Saravanamuthu who is widely regarded as the Father of the Hindu Youth. Vijay was born on 7th October 1960 in Penang, Malaysia. During his early years, his father worked for the Malaysian Ministry of Labor. His father’s nature of work caused the family to move to different parts of the country occasionally.

Vijay Eswaran is a holder of a social-economics degree from the London School of Economics. He graduated from this school in 1984 and did a series of casual jobs in different parts of Europe after campus. It was during his time in Europe that he learned about the binary system of marketing. He developed an interest in this subject and decided to study further. He enrolled at Southern Illinois University and graduated with an MBA degree and a CIMA certification in 1986. During this period, He was partially involved in MLM marketing. He had a part-time job with Synaptics Company. On return to Malaysia, Vimay was approached by Cosway Group to work in their MLM venture. This was when he decided to fully indulge in network marketing.

In 1998, Mr. Vijay Eswaran co-founded QI group. This is an e-commerce firm that has invested in many fields such as telecommunications, media, training and corporate investments. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong but has other offices in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Mr. Vijay is also a speaker, and he has addressed convections such as the World Economic Forum and Pravasi Bharatiya Divas. He has also written many books. Many of his books are on entrepreneurship and essential life skills. One of his prominent books is called In The Sphere of Silence. This Book addresses his journey in business management. It also highlights the essence of beginning each day with a moment of silence. This helps him contemplate what to do during the day. He has released four other books. His latest work is called On the Wings of Thought. This book was published in 2011.

He is also active in philanthropy works. His company QI group has a charity arm called RYTHM Foundation. He also has another charity group that is named after his father. Both organizations have been actively involved in transforming the livelihoods of the less fortunate in Malaysia.