The Life and Work of the Successful Dr. Mark McKenna

When someone gives to their family, they find happiness in their life. Those who are successful in their work long to have a good family life in addition to all of the other success that they have found. Dr. Mark McKenna has a family behind him. This man is someone who has found success in the work that he completes, and he has done that while still keeping a good relationship with his wife and with his daughter. He has shared that he helps his daughter have breakfast in the morning and that he gives his wife a break by being the one to look out for the little girl at that time. Dr. Mark McKenna has a family, and he gives some of his time to his wife and child.

When a person looks out for others, that person will feel more satisfied than they will if they are solely looking out for their own needs. Successful people feel better about all that they have accomplished when they do things to help others. Dr. Mark McKenna is someone who is involved in various causes. He was a part of the relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina took place, helping in the rebuilding that took place in New Orleans. He is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization. He has served on various boards in the past, including the New Orleans Jazz Festival board.

There are people who will hold on to the company that they founded and keep it as their own, and there are others who will create a company, sell it, and move on to something new. Dr. Mark McKenna is currently the CEO of OVME, a company that he founded.

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The Success of Lori Senecal as an Innovative Marketing Solutions Provider

Lori Senecal is an exceptional advertising and marketing expert. She strives in using modern technology to make a difference in the marketing industry today. She looks at success in making money when her clients are also able to reap from their marketing investment. In her terms, her income is only as good as that of her clients. Therefore, she always puts performance and perseverance as key traits when developing advertising campaigns. These two factors have ensured that she has provided the best advertising campaigns in the innovative marketing world.

Lori Senecal bases her abilities to her coaching days, where she learned that excellence and planning for success was non-negotiable. With this in mind, she was able to carry out her plans with passion and high standards. She has worked on her discipline to always work towards set goals and be consistent in the process. This process has, in turn, trained her to be communicative with her team in a bid to build a cooperative and collaborative platform in all her advertising campaigns. The first time Lori realized that she could lead was when she was coaching her gymnastics team in high school. This position was an eye opener for her, because it helped her see beyond her ability to participate in the game. Check out cpbgroup to see more.

According to PR Newswire, having graduated from McGill University with her first degree, Lori joined McCann Erickson’s team. She later on became the president of the team in New York before working for other major brands, including Coca-Cola and Xbox. Her unique talent, creative style and relentless passion have enabled her to focus on challenges and solve them. Besides these companies, she has also had a chance to work on advertising companies for American Express, Vanguard, BMW, Boar’s Head, Victoria Secret Pink and HomeGoods. Lori is fluent in English and French. You can visit advertisingweek for more.

Lori has a robust personality that works well in developing innovative advertising solutions. Her idea of solving business challenges has always been based on realizing technological solutions for these challenges. She is currently the global CEO of Bogusky and Crispin Porter. Lori has always kept herself away from her comfort zone to ensure she remains updated with current trends.

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Monitoring Activity And Gaining Endless Data

Information is key for security agencies.


Private industry is vulnerable to the needs of security and for every level of information. The private sector consists of security agencies and the government administrations they are contracted by. These agencies work with government facilities, and their use of security varies.


Private facilities are often noted for what they manage within the walls of a secure location. These valuables could be detained people, advanced technologies or highly sensitive data. The collective features that make up the private industry puts work in the hands of security agencies and keeps itself secure against criminal activity.



Not Quite A Spy Agency But Close


The type of technology needed today has to reach beyond the expectations of criminals and the techniques they’re using. Technology makes information or the access to information a fairly touchy topic. The reality is that the signals and wireless waves being sent out to operate the modern world are vulnerable. Their vulnerability is only eliminated with protection.


Private facilities also include the numerous prison facilities and correctional offices listed in the United States. The communication technology that detainees have when in the private world creates one of the most dangerous technologies in private facilities. The criminal world is linked through active criminals who are in the free world and in the private facilities of the USA.



A Look At The Needs Of Private Facility Security


The agency that stands out by helping the U.S. government is the Securus Technologies agency. This organization operates with roughly 2,600 different facilities that the agency is contracted with. This level of business productivity is based on one factor, and it’s called consolidation.


Consolidation in the private industry deals with limiting access to a single source.


The U.S. government leaves itself open to criminal infiltration if it does not consolidate the work it has. The consolidation of the U.S. government is possible as Securus Technologies holds so many contracts for the country’s private facilities. This single stance means that Securus is able to oversee many facilities but with one team, one process and one easy way to track it all.


The Right Place – Sussex Healthcare, A Senior Living Home

In the UK, there are many senior aged people that need somewhere to go. This may be do to injuries or just the inability to carry on with their daily responsibilities. It may very difficult for them on a regular basis. Since there are many seniors that want somewhere to go that is close to their familiar places and people that they know, Sussex Healthcare is a very nice place for them to choose.

When someone is aging, they may feel lonely. That is because they are not out and about like they used to be. At Sussex Healthcare, the professionals are aware that the ability for seniors to take part in activities is very important to their health and happiness. They create groups where the seniors can meet other people that might be interested in the same things that they are. Since this will allow them to feel more integrated into society, the seniors living at Sussex Healthcare tend to live a happier and healthier life.

If you are someone that has a loved one that might need care or a place to stay when they are older, you will find that Sussex Healthcare is known for what they can do for the dignity of your loved one. It can make a huge difference in the quality of their life when they live at the Sussex Healthcare.

The staff at Sussex Healthcare is aware of the problems that affect seniors. They make them as comfortable as possible so that they feel that they are loved. It is comforting to know that they are kind, as well as professional. They are experts at what they can do for others, and they know that it can make a huge difference for a senior to know that they are care about on a daily basis.

Having questions for Sussex Healthcare is not a problem because they are trained and knowledgeable at what they do. Since they know that they can help people, they do so willingly and on a daily basis.

Sussex Healthcare holds a great respect in the community too. The people know that they can be trusted on regular basis.

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The Brazilian Chamber of Deputies Honours Ricardo Guimares of BMG Bank

According to the official website of Câmara Municipal, Ricardo Annes Guimarães was awarded the Diploma of Honor and Merit on April 18 by City Hall as requested by Daniel Nepomuceno, a member of the council. President of the House, Léo Burguês de Castro was in charge of opening the ceremony.

Immediately after the opening, Daniel Nepomuceno complimented Ricardo Guimarães for being one of the prominent leaders in sports investments in Brazil, saying that it was an honor to acknowledge him.

Léo Bourgeois cited that Guimarães was awarded the Grand Collar of Legislative Merit in 2004 and that it was a pleasure to open the doors of the House to pay respect to this entrepreneur once again. The member of the House also mentioned the progress made in the sports sector in the period between 2001 and 2006 saying that Guimarães was responsible for getting the finances of Atlético Mineiro in order and the construction of one of the best Training centers in the country.

Deputy Governor Alberto Pinto Coelho said that honoring this person is an important step towards the development of the sports sector in Brazil. After highlighting the terms, the president of the House handed the diploma to the guest of honor.

Ricardo Guimarães gave many thanks in return to councilman Daniel Nepomuceno, saying that he is loyal to his origins and that it is an honor to keep his grandfather’s will alive. He also stated that BMG has the largest portfolio of investments in sports.

It is worth noting that Ricardo Guimarães is an important businessman in the mining sector and the head of BMG bank. Since 1998, Ricardo has continued in his grandfather’s footsteps to make the Guimarães family an important player in the world of finance. Thanks to the leadership of Ricardo Guimarães, BMG occupies now the largest share of the personal loans and payroll loans market in Brazil.

The Pentagna Guimarães Family has been in the finance sector since 1930 and controls all of the Banco de Minas Gerais, which offers several financial services for individuals and entities.

In July 2012, BMG formed a joint venture in the form of a partnership agreement with Itaú Unibanco SA to distribute and sell appropriated credits in Brazil. In April 2012, these two entities united their efforts to concentrate consigned credit operations. BMG holds now a 40% share of the voting capital stock while Itaú Unibanco holds the other 60%.

The BMG bank is strongly involved in the sports sector via the valuation of talent in Minas Gerais and the promotion of sponsorships in various sports, particularly well-known athletes in the international arena. Ricardo Guimarães confessed that supporting committed and professional athletes is very important. He also stated that all of these partnerships aim to raise the company profile as a tribute to the miners.

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Adam Milstein Is Passionate Advocate For American-Israeli Relations

His mother is from Mexico and his father Argentina, but Adam Milstein’s parents felt a powerful call to “come home” soon after the modern State of Israel was established in 1948. Hillel Milstein and Eva Milstein married in Israel in 1950. Adam Milstein was their first son, born in Haifa in 1952.

Like his father, Adam Milstein would serve in the Israeli military and both would serve during times of war. The elder Milstein was a sailor during Israel’s war of independence. Adam Milstein would take part in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Milstein fought in Egypt with forces commanded by Ariel Sharon, participated in the crossing of the Suez Canal and the historic surrounding of the Egyptian 3rd Army.

Also like his father, Adam entered the real estate business after his military service, but not before earning a Bachelor of Science degree at Technion. He studied business and economics.

The year 1974 was a significant one for Adam because that was when he married Gila Elgrably. The couple moved to the United States in 1981. There Adam furthered his education by earning an MBA from the University of Southern California. Adam Milstein parlayed his top-flight education and powerful work ethic to achieve considerable success in the field of real estate. Today he serves as a managing partner with Hager Pacific Properties, an Encino-based firm that is focused on working with industrial, retail, office and multi-family properties.

One of the most significant and singular achievements of Adam Milstein is the establishment of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (MFF). This organization works with students and young professionals with the goal of stimulating the bond and connection between America and Israel while also inculcating a sense of Jewish pride among people with Jewish roots. The group enthusiastically advocates for the State of Israel and its people.

Adam Milstein is also co-founder of the Israeli-American Council — it’s the fastest-growing Jewish organization in America today. It serves more than 250,000 Israeli-Americans across the country. Its mission is preserving and strengthening Israeli and Jewish identities for future generations. Milstein serves as National Chairman of the Israel-American Council.

Cassio Audi Legendary Metal Drummer from Brazil

Cassio Audi Group

Most of the people in Brazil in the corporate world know Cassio Audi as the highly successful financial expert and executive, but to the surprise of the many, he is also a highly skillful musician. He is a metal drummer, and before starting his life as a business executive, he played drums for a band called Viper for many years. As a founding member of Viper, he was not only involved with drumming but also helped compose songs and write lyrics. Some of the famous songs that he has formed and written lyrics for that went on to become hugely renowned among the audience are Soldiers of Sunrise, Princess from Hell, and Killer Sword.


At the time when Cassio Audi was active in the music industry, the metal genre had taken over the globe, especially among the youth. In Brazil though, the metal scene was still in its infant stage. However, Cassio Audi and his band Viper played a crucial role in advancing the metal music scene in Brazil. Viper used to do tours across the country and with time got a lot of love and acknowledgment from its target audience. As the role of the drummer is significant when it comes to the metal scene, Cassio Audi was responsible for creating an innovative sound that did touch chords with the people. He is counted amongst the few legendary drummers in Brazil, alongside names like Ivan Busic and Jean Dolabella.

When the Viper released their first album named Soldiers of Sunrise in 1987, Cassio Audi became an instant star in Brazil. One of the reasons behind the international popularity received by Vipers was that they released songs in English as well, which not many Brazilian bands did at that time. Cassio Audi continues to be a legendary drummer in the metal genre till date, even though currently he is a well-known financial executive based in Sao Paulo.

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