NuoDB cloud database technology

NuoDB refers to the SQL oriented transactional DBMS which is designed for use in distributed deployment in cloud database systems. NUoDB is categorized as a new SQL database that maintains qualities of the traditional SQL databases. It contains features that support scale-out processing in cloud database based computing environments.
NuoDB cloud database program is developed and distributed by NuoDB Inc.
All application programs interact with NUoDB using SQL statements, the same way they do in the typical relational database. However, the database has the inclusion of ACID compliance which permits transaction reliability.
NUoDB subdivides data elements into atoms. The database is developed around a durable distributed cache infrastructure that makes use of in-memory caches to support cloud database style elasticity. It ensures that the data objects are maintained and stored safely.It offers support for Multiversion Concurrency Control used to detect data deadlocks and to resolve arising access conflicts. It uses object-oriented and message oriented elements of distributed computing models.

Agora Financial: Be in the Know

Are you looking for a way to advance your investment knowledge yet you do not know how? Look no further, for Agora Financial is here to serve your needs. From the beginning, Agora Financial has thrived because it has for more than one decade diversified in creating a knowledge base that virtually centers on financial investments. Today, Agora Financial has a full range of digital and written work solely meant to help you invest wisely. With its free documentaries, newsletters, books, and online publications, Agora Financial is the only sure way that will help you trade with minimum risks.


Agora Financial has gone the extra mile of creating training programs meant to equip you with firsthand experience on how to invest. All information that Agora Financial gives you traces its origin from authoritative sources, meaning that there is 100% chance that the approaches you learn will help you bear fruit. One unique thing about Agora Financial is that it equips you with all the tools and skills needed to start trading. Once you get acquainted with information centering on investments, you are ready to trade for yourself. By eliminating stock brokers, Agora ensures that you keep 100% of all profits made.


In essence, whatever information you get from Agora Financial happens to be invaluable. Thus, you can make trading your side hustle, earning you a lump sum amount of money as you refine your craft. Regardless of your long time profession, you can always try your hand with investing through Agora Financial without worrying about getting burned in the process. With knowledge on wealth protecting strategies, you are even able to shield your current financial streams from unlikely threats that may make you lose out a lot of money. Take hold of your life and be the billionaire you have always wanted to become.

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Securus Technologies – Dominating the Correctional Industry Since 1986

Securus Technologies has been governing the correctional industry since 1986 when it was formed. The company is facing fierce competition now in the prison industry, but it is least concerned about the competition but is rather focusing on developing new and innovative products for the inmates and the law enforcement officers. The inmates are happy with the communication services they are getting because the call drops are rare in the communication network of Securus Technologies and the price per minute is also much less than what other companies charge.


The law enforcement officers are also satisfied with the crime prevention and investigative services offered by Securus Technologies. The company has made enormous progress in the last few years in developing smart and efficient investigative services, which safeguard the lives of the police officers as well as helps in arresting the criminals.


I am one of the senior law enforcement officers in Philadelphia and have been acquainted with the products and services offered by Securus Technologies for many years. I have noticed that the company has made rapid progress in the correctional world by ensuring that it continues to build new age products and services that are far better than what other enterprises in the prison world offers.


Many of my colleagues also prefer Securus Technologies’ products and services because these products and services are regularly updated and backed by excellent customer care, which helps the customers get the answers they need anytime of day or night. Such attentive and responsive customer service is what would ensure that a company can maintain its position in the service sector. Securus Technologies has also received the award for the best customer service training team at the Gold Stevie Awards 2016. It goes onto showcase how important the customers are to the company and how dedicated it is to providing value for money services to the customers.


NuoDB Is Changing The SQL Database Market

NuoDB is one of the few SQL databases that are specifically designed to run on cluster architecture. Other databases may be ran on clusters but they run into errors or simply lag behind in performance. This SQL database will optimize your cluster so that it will run faster depending on the amount of hardware you have hooked up to the network.

NuoDB has been operational since 2008 and it is an all-American product based in Massachusets. This SQL database has made its way to some high-profile companies like Kodiak, Alfa Systems and the UAE Exchange.

Originally, NimbusDB was the name when they started the project. This SQL database has received a lot of crowd investment prior to its name change in 2011. In a recent round of funding from 2016, NuoDB have topped their total funding to nearly $60 million.

NuoDB is also unique in the fact that is is compatible with other SQL platforms like Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and Oracle’s SQL database. NuoDB has backwards compatibility with commands from these platforms so users can upload their old databases with little to no configuration required.

The software may be purchased in a premium suite that receives official support. If you do not have the budget for that, the free community version still has all of the features just without the official support.

3 Must know things to know about Market America Events 8.17

Many at times you open websites and find events all over the search engines. One of the renowned event organizers is the Market America Events 8.17. Conferences, international conventions, seminars, and workshops are among the tasks that the company engages on. Do you face a lot of challenges when it comes to securing a seat in the events? In this context, you acquire skills on how to access most events that Market America Events 8.17 organizes and the sacrifices it makes.

Have you ever been to a conference that does have an outlay which is impeccable? Go no further than Market America Events 8.17. It engages in strategic planning from looking at the main partners to organizing a successful event. The firm has the full responsibility of booking and securing venues for particular functions. Planning and stakeholder’s satisfaction to them is the most significant thing.

They take event organization critical. The firm searches for best partners looks for venues that accommodate every person with comfort and ensures that the conference is best till the last tick of a clock. Poorly organized events sell the country negatively, and this is what Market America Events 8.17 avoids the most. Global partners with a high amount of assets tend to shy away from countries due to such issues despite them appearing very minute.

The organization does an excellent job and concentrates all its effort in making sure all events are a success. It includes meeting the aims and objectives of the convention. With this then the country does not only impact its population with knowledge but also with a good number of returning investors and social interaction.



Troy McQuagge Wins Much Deserved CEO Of The Year Award

Troy McQuagge is a businessman and CEO of one of the biggest health insurance providers in the United States, USHEALTH Group. The company is based in Texas and is mainly aimed at providing their customers with top tier solutions when it comes to health insurance.

The company tries its best to tailor their health insurance to the needs of the people who come to them since everyone coming to them has different requirements and needs depending on numerous varying factors. The company has employed some of the best advisors to analyze and provide solutions to their clients based on what they can gather from them and what they need.

Troy McQuagge is one of the main reasons why the company has been doing so well in recent years. He has contributed immensely to the overall development of the country and continues to do so every day as he leads the company towards a bright future. He believes in being a team player and motivating his employees to put their best foot forward and work towards the progress of the company.

Because of his efforts to make USHEALTH Group such a huge success in the industry, Troy McQuagge was awarded the CEO of the Year award by CEO World Awards. Troy McQuagge was seen as a perfect recipient of this award owing to the dedication that he shows to the company.

He has been the primary person behind the formulation of the strategies that the company uses, and he has time and again brought numerous positive reforms to the company, which is why he was seen as a brilliant fit for the title of CEO of the year. Learn more about USHealth Group: and

Troy McQuagge has an incredible amount of knowledge when it comes to the field of health insurance, owing to the large number of years that he has spent working in this sector. He has always been a hard worker, trying to do the best job possible when working for his company.

He also has had past experience working as a CEO, owing to the fact that he used to serve as the CEO for a company known as HealthMarkets Agency. He was instrumental in bringing huge profits to the company and was seen as a brilliant asset to the enterprise. He left HealthMarkets Agency in 2011 and joined USHEALTH Group to be their CEO.

After taking over this position, the company has experienced some of their best financial years till date. With the growth of the company, USHEALTH now has more clients than it ever did before, and a large part of this growth can be attributed to the efforts of Troy McQuagge.

When presented with the award, Troy McQuagge tried to be his most humble self. He went on to say that the award stands as a testament to the success of USHEALTH Group, and not him alone.

He went on to state that the company has only managed to attain his as a result of their dedication to excellence and innovation in the field of health insurance.

Trabuco History Of The Catapult

History of the Trabuco

Trabuco (also known as Trebuchet) is a siege engine from the 4th century that carries a swing arm to catapult large stones through enemy lines and break down large structure on Trabuco started in the 4th BC era invented by the Chinese Dynasty then slowly gained popularity spreading throughout all regions by the 6th Century BC.

Types of Trabuco

Trabuco was an evolutionary design having changed three different times over the next two centuries. These three structures began as the Traction Trebuchet, Hand Trebuchet, and the Counterweight Trebuchet.

The Counterweight Trebuchet was found to be the most effective design of the three invented by the Song Dynasty in ancient China in year 1248 according to This was due to the force of the swing counteracting with the weight suspended on the rear causing the thrust of the machine to gain speed, force, and distance.

The first ever test of the Trabuco was rumored to have been imbalanced crushing its own structure with the boulder at release, and later being perfected to hold a maximum of 800kg weight boulder.

Military Trabuco

The first recorded military use of the Trabuco was in the Second Siege of Tyre of the year 1124, named as “Gods Stone Thrower” and the “Bad Neighbor.” Also later aiding in the siege of Stirling Castle in 1304 following the crusades of Phillip The Second of France. Dueling two Trabuco Catapults the military could thrust boulders every 15 seconds with a maximum range of 300 meters.

The end of Trabuco

With the accidental discovery of Gun Powder by the Chinese Dynasty in 900 AD according to, the invention of the Cannon soon became a favorite of all forces. This left all forms of Catapulting a thing of the past for all purposes except constructional and engineering.

The Trabuco (Trebuchet) can still be found to this day used in educational rather than military purpose worldwide. Popular in Historical re-enactments and events. A large 22 Tone Trabuco still exists and can be found at Warwick Castle, England. Trabuco is also still being used in Halloween Pumpkin Toss events throughout the USA at

End Citizens United

James Bopp is a lawyer based out of Terre Haute Indiana. James was hired by Citizens United to represent them in court in January of 2008. Citizens United created a film called Hillary: The Movie. The organization wanted to air their movie via on-demands during the republican primaries. They were denied the right due to the fact that the three federal judge panel based out of Washington DC felt the movie was nothing more than a ninety minute political ad. Citizens United did not provide proof of who funded the creation of the movie and because of this their show was not allowed to be shown on on-demand. The judges did not rule that they had the same freedom of speech rights that individual persons do in accordance to the first amendment.

Two years later the Supreme Court ended up reversing the ruling in Citizens United vs FEC. It was ruled that corporations can be considered individuals and are then protected by the first amendment. James Bopp is an advocate for helping non-profit groups and at chipping away at finance regulations for political campaigns in the United States.

End Citizens United focuses on removing large corporation monetary donations from political campaigns. End Citizens United accepts donations from their network of donors and the average donation is about $12. During the first quarter of 2017 more than 100,000 people donated towards End Citizens United. They were able to raise more than four million dollars and are hopeful that through networking they will be able to raise thirty five million dollars ahead of the 2018 midterm elections for congress. This is a ambitious increase in monetary donations considering the PAC raised twenty five million dollars for the 2016 elections. The 2016 elections were the first round of elections that End Citizens United was in operation for. End Citizens United feels that people as a whole are not happy with how politics are being handled and want to remove big corporate donations that may influence elections. By making donations people are able to help candidates that may otherwise not have a chance of a fair election have their voices heard.

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David McDonald: A Remarkable Leader and Manager

David McDonald serves as the current President and Chief Operating Officer at OSI Group, a global supplier of value-added food products such as such as sausage links and beef patties. Through his leadership and management, the company experienced massive growth and has become a world leader in the supply of foods in 17 countries.

David graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Animal Science from Iowa State University in 1987. In the same year, he joined OSI Industries as a Project Manager. In 2008, he became the Independent Director of Marfrig Global Foods S.A., after it acquired the operations of OSI Group in Brazil and Europe. David previously served as the chairman of North American Meat Institute, and presently serves on its Board of Directors. He is also a member of OSI Group’s board of directors and is the director of Director of OSI International Foods Pty Limited, Australia.

Ever since he joined QSI Group, McDonald has played vital role in constant expansion. Recently, QSI acquired Baho Food, a Dutch company that manufactures meat products and other foodstuffs. David said this is a great addition to the existing OSI Europe business because it gives OSI a broader presence in Europe. Additionally, OSI Group has more than 20 years presence in China, where it has numerous distribution channels and productions plants. It is a supplier for several popular brands such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Starbucks.

David is innovative, hardworking and focused. He appreciates the importance of customers in the business and acknowledges that company needs to offer more to them than just food production. Thus, QSI Group works in partnership with its clients on the target products and subsequently partners with the suppliers to attain that particular outcome. This customer involvement makes them feel included, and this has contributed massively to the ever-growing client base. For more info about us: click here.

David McDonald is indisputably an outstanding leader and manager with an impressive career. He has many years’ experience and is a great inspiration to many in the food industry.

How to Start a Company with Omar Yunes

If you want to start a successful business, you need a plan in place before getting started. As the economy continues to improve in certain areas, many people are ready to take the next step and start a company. One of the biggest issues that people have in starting a business is a lack of experience. Learning from successful business owners is a great way to improve your chances of success.

Omar Yunes

When he first started his company, Omar Yunes had a lot of issues to work through. However, he had a great work ethic and strongly believed in the mission of his business. This is one of the reasons he worked so hard to get his company off the ground.

Omar Yunes now spends a lot of time helping young business owners. He believes that small companies are one of the leaders of economic growth in his country. He wants as many people as possible to go out and start a business around their passion.

Financial Planning

One of the biggest keys to success in business is quality financial planning. A lot of business owners struggle in this part of their business. Few business owners want to spend their time on accounting and keeping accurate financial records. If you are not strong with financial planning and taxes, Omar Yunes recommends that you hire someone who is.

A lot of business owners get into trouble because they do not keep accurate financial records. Hiring out the work is a small expense to pay for reducing risk in your business.

Next Steps

Omar Yunes is ready to expand his business and help more people than ever before. He is excited about the future and everything that he wants to accomplish in the years ahead. If you are thinking about start a company, he is a great person to learn from.