Patty Rocklage- The Psychotherapist with an Outstanding Reputation

Patty Rocklage is a family and marriage psychotherapist. With over twenty years experience in counseling, Patty has dedicated her career to assisting families and couples fight against their life struggles. Patty graduated from the Southern California university in 1981 and is currently based in Massachusetts.



Patty and Her Husband are Honored by Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Patty is skilled at teaching, coaching, team building, public speaking, and is active in community outreach. Following in the footsteps of her husband, Patty does not shy away from giving back to the community. Patty and her husband Scott recently gifted MIT. The gift was aimed at assisting them renovate a nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab. Patty’s husband studied chemistry at MIT hence the affection towards the fraternity at the institute.



Patty and her husband were recently honored for their generous gift to MIT. Moungi Bawandeni, the head of the renovated lab took them through a tour of the improved facility. The institute went further to put up a plaque to honor Patty and her husband.



Patty and the Renovation of Their Home



Patty and her husband recently subscribed to the services of the Sudbury company for the renovation of their home under the guidance of Ed Freedlender. Patty and Scott were not impressed by how far the kitchen was from the house. Ed offered them two options; the addition of a new kitchen or relocating the old kitchen to a distant room in the house. The other issue with the Rocklage home was the front façade. Finding the visitors entrance was difficult and there was need to reposition the façade.



Sudbury has very harsh environmental policies. Before Scott and Patty begun on their project, they had to seek the approval of the Conservation Commission of the town. The agreement was based on the terms that everything especially the trees in the Patty Rocklage home would be recycled and incorporated to the new design. The other condition was that the driveway be made from crushed stone. The project was completed successfully with a flawless kitchen and an exquisite farmer’s porch. Patt and Scott were also pleased by the quality and speed with which the projected was completed.