Kim Dao’s Morning Routine Is Better Than Yours

What’s your morning routine like? Is it a simple one: like you get up, shower, get dressed and leave your house in 30 minutes? Or is your routine a little bit more involved than that? Well the routine of beauty & lifestyle vlogger Kim Dao is more of the latter, and she recently gave viewers a behind the scenes look at it.


Taking forever to even get up (Dao says she has to set at least 10 alarms), the first thing she does after waking up is play on her phone for 30 minutes. She starts with playing a game. Current game of choice is Best Fiends. After playing the game for awhile, Dao then checks her social media accounts and responds to comments and/or questions.


Up next is breakfast (oatmeal in this video) and a cup of coffee. After she is done with breakfast, Dao brushes her teeth, washes her face and then begins her skincare and makeup routines. Spending the most time here, Dao gives her audience an in-depth, step-by-step tutorial on the routine, as well as complete product information. As a makeup novice, I absolutely loved this part of the video. It was super helpful and Dao is so personable, that I’m considering subscribing to the channel. (Just. Did.)

Cotermar – the Mexican Company

Cotemar is a Mexican company, which specializes in maritime, offshore construction, marine maintenance, petroleum, and specialized ships services. The company provides these services at the different level of capacity depending on the consumer’s requirements. Since 1979, Cotermar Company has more than 37 years in the business of gas and oil industry. Base on its performance, the company ensures that each and every function is put into successful operation.

By providing offshore maintenance services, Cotemar has several vessels, which are computerized and linked to satellites. The linking of these vessels result in a dynamic positioning that makes the ships to remain in a fixed and predetermined position. Also, the vessels are well-equipped by saturation diving systems, which allows for proper procedures when it comes to inspection and processing of the rehabilitation lines. These specialized vessels can also provide services such as the transportation of the structures that are used in the exploitation of oil, barite, mud, abrasive bulk materials, and sand. While using these vessels, operators are usually conscious of safety. Cotemar provides hydrogen spill and firefighting services to the vessels, which are in need. It is fully prepared and ready for any emergency.

When it comes to fulfilling sustainability obligations, Cotemar ensures that they use efficient process in the production of hydrocarbons. Committed professionals only implement the required procedures and formulas that are employed in the production of hydrocarbon. Technology is also used to maximize production while risks are kept to the minimum level possible.

Regarding offshore catering and accommodation, Cotemar offers services that include laundry, bedding, nourishment, and cleaning of common areas (TV rooms, basketball courts, gyms, and cinemas). The employees who specialized in these services ensure that they monitor and inspect these vessels on a daily basis. They ensure that nourishments are at the right job location and common areas are clean and properly arranged.

The Peculiar Popularity of Kabbalah In Hollywood

Here is a interesting question for you, what do Paris Hilton, Madonna, Britney Spears, Marilyn Monroe and Sammy Davis have in common? They are all famous and practitioners of Kabbalah Centre. Kabbalah, for the uninitiated, is the ancient Jewish mystical tradition that is based around a esoteric and exogesic understanding of The Torah, the primary text of which is The Zohar.

What has left many people stretching their head is why the Kabbalic Traditions have become so extremely popular with the stars of Hollywood, a trend which took off to new heights of popularity with the pop icon, Madonna’s conversion to Judaism and intensive study of the Torah and Zohar. According to the well known American comedian Sandra Bernhard the Kabbalic teachings helped her ease the inner turmoil which fame had brought to bear upon her as well as quell her lurking inner demons. The same is true for pop icon, Britany Spears who practiced Kabbalah briefly before becoming interested in the Hindu religious traditions. In Sammy Davis’ case, he was drawn to the esoteric teachings of the Zohar for a slightly different reason. Mr. Davis stated on numerous occasions that he felt a great kinship with the Jewish people as a Black American because both of their people had been historically plagued with repression and thus he believed that understanding what had helped them remain a strong and coherent people for so long would in turn help him to better understand himself.

But again, this is really a repetition of the same motif over and over again of self understand over ignorance and order and stability – peace even – over chaos and disunity. It is relatively easy to understand how a venerable tradition such as the traditions of the Kabbalah could be of great use to Hollywood’s celebrities whose ostentation, flash, glamorous and enormous wealth often is only a facade, a smokescreen that occludes the very same problems everyone else has to face. As they say, “Money can’t buy happiness.”


OSI- Impacting Food across the Country

A very successful privately owned American company, OSI Group has been making an impact for many years to come. A leader in the meat processing worlds, OSI has become one of the top 100 food companies in the country. It is very tough to eat your daily meals without coming into contact with something made by OSI. They have impacted and helped many major food based companies. There recent interactions serve as proof they will be around for many years to come. OSI Group Capabilities

The OSI Group is the creation of German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky who began a family meat market in Illinois back in the early 1900’s. They became known as Otto & Sons a few years later and began building a reputation for offering quality meats. Over the years OSI Group would began building a relationship with some well known companies including the well known McDonalds. Supplying meet to McDonald’s restaurants soon became Otto & Sons’ main business. Over the years OSI has expanded it’s operations across the country. They have plants across the country in states such as Iowa, Utah, Illinois and even Wisconsin. Over the years OSI Group has grown tremendously and become a meat supplier to other major companies such as Subway, Starbucks, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut.

Recently OSI made a major move in the business world. OSI bought the former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago for about $7.4 million. Such an incredible facility enhances our OSI’s ability to meet the their growing needs. Some of Tyson’s notable products include items like tempura chicken, meatballs, crepes, omelets, soups, sauces and much more.

Another recent purchase OSI made was the purchase of Baho Food. Back in August of 2016 OSI acquired Baho Food. Baho Food is a a Dutch manufacturer of convenience foods, deli meats and snacks serving the food service and retail segments. OSI again has expanded it’s platform now able to produce even more high quality food.

OSI Group is a company that is respected by many. Just last year OSI was in the top 100 on the Forbes list of largest private companies earning more than at $6 billion. They continue to impact food more millions across America. Their presence is sure to be felt for years to come.

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Avi Weisfogel’s Thoughts on the Role of Physicians and Dentists in Treating Sleep Disorders

Avi Weisfogel is a New Jersey based dentist and sleep specialist. Throughout his career, he has been working on treatments for sleep disorders. Avi Weisfogel is one of the founders of Dental Sleep Masters. The institution was founded to offer remedies to sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. Weisfogel commenced his 15 years dentistry career as a dentist working as the head of Old Bridge Dental Care. He learned that most physicians lacked relevant knowledge on how to handle patients suffering from sleep disorders. This factor motivated him to create Healthy Heart Sleep as an awareness creation institution. Doctors from different parts of the world received education regarding the operation and importance of sleep labs from the institution.

Weisfogel spent most of his professional career touring the world and researching on sleep disorders. His emphasis was on the role that dentists and physicians play in the treatment of these ailments. He founded Unlimited Sleep Patient with a goal of helping victims of sleep apnea. In 2012, he also offered dentists and physicians lectures on handling sleep patients. Weisfogel attributes his career success to the psychology and biology degrees he acquired from the Rutgers University. He also attended New York University’s College of Dentistry for a DDS.

Weisfogel’s Thoughts on Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a life-threatening disease that affects people irrespective of their age and sex. The disease is prevalent in obese people. Weisfogel believes that obesity is one of the factors that cause sleep apnea. He urges people to practice healthy eating and workout on a regular basis. According to him, fat deposits tend to occupy the airways of the respiration, interfering with breathing. High blood sugar levels also increase the chances of one contracting sleep apnea.

When fat deposits block the airways, one may find it difficult to breathe. One may also collapse or die due to insufficient oxygen flow in the blood. As a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, Weisfogel urges people to avoid smoking. He also advises individuals to visit their physicians regularly for blood sugar level and blood pressure checkup.

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Evolve your lips with Evolution of Smooth

If your knowledge of lip balms stops at Chapstick and Carmex, you’re missing out on some stylish brands that offer extra benefits like being 100 percent natural. Among these Burt’s Bees and Evolution of Smooth ( standout. It’s EOS, as it’s better known, that has celebrities like Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian raving. The lip balm belongs to a larger family of beauty and healthcare products that includes hand lotion, body moisturizers and shaving cream.

What’s special about EOS?

EOS gives you healthier lips naturally. In addition to its 100 percent natural ingredients, 95 percent of its ingredients are certified organic. That means you spread the highest quality product with no harsh chemicals on your lips. These ingredients, including olive oil, beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter and vitamins C and E, nourish, moisturize and smooth your lips with a paraben-free, phthalate-free and petrolatum-free formula.

It’s also known for its fun packaging. The original line comes in egg-shaped containers in fun colors. The newer, “Smooth Stick” line provides a more traditional packaging.

Good taste

Forget old-school lip balm that comes in unflavored and maybe, cherry. EOS lip balm offers an array of tastes in its eggs, including:

  • Blackberry Nectar
  • Blueberry Acai
  • Coconut Milk
  • Pomegranate Raspberry
  • Sweet Mint
  • Strawberry Sorbet
  • Summer Fruit
  • Honeysuckle Honeydew
  • Vanilla Mint.

In the newer “Smooth Sticks,” you can choose from the following flavors:

  • Pomegranate Raspberry
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Sweet Mint.

Visit you local Walmart, Walgreens or Target outlet stores to purchase EOS. The products are also available online.

How Eric Pulier Finances His Startups

Eric Pulier has quite a bit of experience when it comes to launching tech startups. There are many different steps that must be completed in order for a startup to have any chance of succeeding. Obviously, creating and launching a startup will cost money. A startup project will not get past the planning phase without the money needed to make it a reality. Eric Pulier has mastered the technique of getting financing for all of the startup projects that he oversees (Click here for more). As you might imagine, there are plenty of entrepreneurs who want to know how he does this.

Coming up with a solid idea for a tech startup is not a problem for many people. It is getting people to believe in their idea enough to invest in it that they often find to be problematic. Eric says that preparation is key in order to make a pitch that will impress potential investors. This means that you need to spend a great deal of time writing your speech and carefully crafting every word. You must always remember that even a single word that is misinterpreted by potential investors could be devastating for your cause. He said it is also important to make your pitch in very simple language that anyone can understand. Investors could become bored and zone out if your presentation is too complicated and wordy. See:

Pulier says that you should never invest your own money in a startup venture. This is just a bad financial idea that has a high risk of turning out badly for you. Always get someone else to foot the bill for any tech startup project that you come up with. You should simply move on to a different project if you are unable to secure financing for a certain startup. It might be hard to give up your dream if you have been working on the startup for a long time. However, things will be much worse for you if a large chunk of your money is poured into a startup and it fails. An investor will eventually come along if your startup is good enough.

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Academic, Educational, and Professional Papers available through WIT eLibrary

The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) has been offering higher degrees since 1986. Located in Ashurst, New Forest, England, United Kingdom, WIT focuses on providing research and education through knowledge transfer mechanisms between academic and professional users in the education industry. Currently there are more than 28,000 Open Access papers available for download through the WIT eLibrary. The eLibrary provides online access to papers presented at the international conference and from Science and Engineering publications through WIT. The eLibrary has educational papers in many categories, from engineering, health, biomedicine, ecology, environment, communication, and simulation modeling. Users of the eLibrary will benefit from the quick and powerful search function, PDF format downloads, and instant access to the newest research. Check this site.All reviews, publications, and papers are reviewed by CrossRef and are catalogued with the British Library and the American Library of Congress. All transactions and peer-reviewed papers from 1993 – 2016 are open to access.  Click


Getting to Know The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is a multi-level marketing company, started in the year 2001 that deals with wine. A lot of people seem to have embraced the idea and culture of using wine. It is fair enough to say that you will hardly find a party that does not have at least a bottle of wine. The traveling vineyard has taken advantage of this by creating a business model where anyone can earn good amount of money, by making personal sales of wine products to close friend and wine. Some other ways to make the business more profitable is by getting more people to join as consultants and creating a large team. The bigger the team you get, you more you get to earn.

Many advantages come with becoming a traveling vineyard consultant. The most significant advantage that seems to attract very many people is their amazing compensation plan. In this company, you can rake up to 15% – 35% of the total sales you make per month depending on the level that you are. A vineyard Consultant receives payments three times every month. There are 15 different levels available. As a traveling vineyard consultant, you also get to enjoy the freedom of working at your convenience with no manager to control you. By attending wine tasting events, you get a free chance to socialize with as many people as possible while tasting the different brands of wine that the company has to offer. By hosting your wine tasting party, the company gladly caters for the wine tasting equipment. You also get to enjoy the discounts on every sale of wine that takes place if you host as a consultant.

Follow Traveling Vineyard on Twitter for the latest wine party ideas an

Apart from all these real monetary benefits that you can earn, by being exquisite at your game, that is by reaching or exceeding monthly goal sales, you can get to enjoy free vacations.

Through Traveling Vineyard’s social media pages, you can tell that the company has a growing number of followers who are more than excited for the opportunities that they found at the traveling vineyard. Most of the wine lovers doing this business and have made it their full-time jobs due to its simplicity. They like the fact that you no one controls how you make money and how much you can make.

Learn more about becoming a wine guide for The Traveling Vineyard here.



Brown Modelling Agency Is Nurturing Talents In Austin City

Justin Brown is not new in the modeling field. He has been working as a model for an Austin modeling agency since he joined college. With his broad experience, he still works for other modeling agencies in the city such as Brown Agency, Wilhelmina Brown, and Heyman Talent South.

Brown founded Brown Agency to discover and promote modeling talents in Austin city. At the agency, he and his staff are responsible for nurturing the careers of over 450 upcoming models. The company is located on Guadalupe Street above the Zen Japanese Street. Brown plans to move the agency to a bigger premise to allow it to accommodate more models.

Having spent over 17 years in the field, the 35-year old started his career by doing fit modeling. At the time, he modeled ‘skinny jeans’ and ‘rocker jeans.’ He was paid $100 per hour. Such high wages encouraged him to have a permanent career in the lucrative field. He had previously washed carts at a golf course for $6 an hour. As a young model, he worked for various agencies, providing him with the opportunity to learn more about modelling. He now uses these skills to grow his Brown Agency.

Brown Agency focuses on ensuring that many talents are absorbed into the field. According to Brown, the company employs 20-30 percent of recruits that go through the agency. Such high numbers make him proud of his agency. He noted that the firm’s secret is based on coaching the models about posing for photos. When the models have mastered these skills, the company introduces them to some of the largest agencies in the world.

About Brown Agency

Brown Agency is an Austin-based talent agency. The agency has over 450 models and actors that it represents in various areas such as television, film, commercials, print, fashion, runway, and corporate events. The company carries out its recruitment exercises every Thursday between 3-4 pm. The vacancies are open to everyone, including individuals who have never tried modeling. After recruitment, the company trains and coaches the talents before connecting them with modeling agencies and other opportunities. It mainly focuses on recruiting talented individuals from Austin, Texas.