Eric Pulier: An Unsung Hero

For some strange reason, it seems that the people who do more positive things for society doesn’t receive half as much credit as they deserve. When being compared to professional athletes or entertainers, individuals that are re-shaping man-kind for the better aren’t even household names and here is the perfect example. Have you ever heard of Eric Pulier? If so did you know that he has done some amazing things in the fields of education, technology, and business?

Eric Pulier is a man of many talents and he’s brought many innovative ideas to the forefront of society. The guy is simply a genius (in-a-sense) thanks to his high intellectual level. Growing up in Teaneck, New Jersey Pulier has always seem to have a creative mentality. Did you know that while in just the fourth grade, Pulier programmed his first computer? That’s right! Even at such a tender age the ingenuity was present and by high school he had already founded a data computer company. Between 1984-1988 this brilliant thinker attended Harvard University majoring in English and American Literature. Though having a jam packed schedule, Pulier worked as an editor and column writer for the prestigious Harvard Crimson Publication. Did you know that during this time Eric Pulier also took classes at neighboring (MIT)? He’s the real deal when it comes to getting things done and in 1988 he graduated magna cum laude.

Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles in 1991 to began his professional career (Click here for more) and he wasted no time getting work. People Doing Things (aka) PDT is one of his first founded companies which dealt in using advanced technology to solve issues in the fields of healthcare and education. Being such a natural philanthropist at heart, Pulier developed one of the first social media private networks. This network was for chronically ill children and Startbright World gave them the opportunity to share experiences, chat, and blog with one another. Being the founder of fifteen companies, a winner of numerous philanthropy awards, and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity; Eric Pulier is the very definition of excellence. See:

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ClassDojo Takes Off as a Highly Popular Educational App

Teachers have a challenging job. They are always looking for ways to do their jobs better. One of the things that has been a hindrance in education is the lack of proper communication tools for teachers to reach out to parents. This is a company, ClassDojo, that has presented an app that has built a community that any teacher can appreciate. This is the app that has been getting a serious amount of exposure because it has gotten some buzz from some high profile places.

Forbes has called the company that Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don created one of the most promising companies in America. ClassDojo is the company that is make people look at San Francisco as an educational app mecca. It has become the app that teachers are using for communicating with students. It has become the app that people are using for communicating with teachers. It has not been around for a long time, but ClassDojo has still managed to become a dominant app. That is a sign of just how important the app has become in schools in such a short time frame. Teachers are dependent on it, and parents are appreciative of the community that this app is providing.

ClassDojo is the app that parents look to when they want to get the real time feedback on the progress of their students. When Forbes called ClassDojo one of the most promising companies in America this gave the company the ability to stand out. It would become the create positive change in the classroom. Educators didn’t have to go out and look for multiple apps to do other tasks. The systems that are using this app are typically using it on a district level. It is more than an app that is used by one or two teachers at a school. To the contrary, this is an app that has been discussed by educational consultants outside of the schools. These educational specialists have introduced plans where this app has been discussed and recommended for you by teachers throughout certain districts.

Parents can benefit from this. It is an aspect of technology that gives them the freedom to connect with teachers without going to the schools regularly. Some parents don’t have this opportunity to take off. That is why this app is valuable. ClassDojo saves people lots of time, and educators can communicate much better.

Wessex Institute of Technology Careers

Wessex Institute of Technology is a very important part of the scientific community. In fact, a number of very high profile professionals involved with science are members of the staff at Wessex Institute. Certainly, a large network of professionals are connected with this outstanding institution because of its reputation.

Wessex Institute Recruitment

Wessex Institute of Technology careers include Administrative Specialist, Research Manager, Work Placement Manager. This is only a small sample of the typical jobs that are open during the year. Getting started with your Wessex Career begins with applying online at a recruitment site for the latest opportunities. Register with the site and submit an application for any job openings that fit your background and education. You are also encouraged to join the recruitment sites, mailing list for job opening updates.

ClassDojo Creates a Flawless Learning Environment

ClassDojo has organized a series of successful venture funding to boost its tech, which facilitates communications between teachers and students’ parent and development of behavioral and social skills among learners. The Series B round of 2016 raised $21 million. The teachers update the parents on valuable programs scheduled to take place in the school and students’ progress.

Co-founders’ statements

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary released a statement declaring that the Series B funding ended towards the end of 2015. They also announced that the capital acquired would be utilized to hire more trained employees and create more content and features that are valuable to the parents. Chaudhary argued that parents need to be in charge of the conversation and to ensure kids are receiving high-quality education by leveraging the vast features that the app has to offer.

How the founders came up with ClassDojo’s Idea

ClassDojo’s founders noted that most of the education tech businesses were introducing grade books, digital curriculum, and testing platforms. They realized that a free and unique app that could connect educators, learners, parent did not exist. The two co-founders started ClassDojo in 2011. They faced stiff competition from other edtech firms like Remind, Kickboard, FreshGrade, and Kickboard. Currently, the main agenda of co-founders is to increase the usage of ClassDojo. They are planning to raise revenue by creating premium features and incredible content that parents can use at a fee. The co-founders have confirmed that they do not intend to earn revenue out of user’s data.

What is ClassDojo?

Since its official launch in 2011, ClassDojo has firmly held onto its mission of giving tutors, parents, and learners the capability to develop amazing learning environments. The San Francisco-headquartered classroom communication application assists students to develop social and behavioral skills while delivering a simple way for teachers to keep in touch with students’ parents. They can also use the app to update the parents on various activities that are taking place through photos, clips, and messages.

ClassDojo is perhaps one of the educational technology firms that are going through a phase of fast-paced growth. The app is utilized in 90 percent of schools in the United States and 180 other nations. The quality and features of the app have been increasing on a regular basis thanks to the effort of a competent team of engineers, teachers, and designers. These specialists have extensive knowledge in charter and public schools, Google, Amazon, Dropbox, Airbnb, and Facebook.

Stem Cell Therapy Is Changing The Way We Treat Lung Disease

The Stem Cell Miracle

Since the turn of the 21st century stem cells have served as one of the most important technological breakthroughs around. Hoping to find new ways to treat diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease medical researchers have spent years investigating all possible uses of stem cells in treatment. The Lung Institute has revealed one of the first practical applications of stem cells in its treatment plan for lung diseases. Serving patients afflicted with everything from asthma to COPD, the Lung Institute is breaking ground with these stem cell treatments.

How Stem Cell Therapy Works

In an article by, the stem cell therapy offered by the Lung Institute is essentially a form of natural healing. First, stem cells are taken from the blood or bone marrow of the patient. Next, those stem cells are then injected into the afflicted area of the lungs. Once this happens the body can begin to use the stem cells to heal itself naturally. There is no need for physicians to do anything beyond observations after the treatment begins. The Lung Institute understands that there is nothing better for the body than for it to heal itself naturally.

The Potential Impact Of Stem Cell Therapy

The future the Lung Institute is creating looks bright. Stem cells provide new possibilities for patients suffering from a myriad of diseases. Asthma patients can run and exercise without reaching for their inhalers constantly. Someone suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, can live life without the debilitating effects of the disease. There is no longer a need for an oxygen tank or any of the other awful setbacks so many victims of COPD suffer. This is ultimately what the Lung Institute is providing. They are finally free to live their lives exactly as they wish.



Chris Burch: The Marriage Of Fashion And Technology

The fashion industry has a lot of attention. One thing that could be said about fashion is that it can be a bit intimidating for people that do not have that much knowledge about the industry. For one thing, people often think about the stylish outfits that wind up on the runway. A lot of people that are not that interested in fashion tend to have more of an interest in technology. However, fashion and technology actually go together. When people think about it and do the research, they will find that a lot of the clothes that are out now have been made possible because of fashion. At the same time, there are some forms of technology that are wearable as fashion. There are people that notice this marriage as well.


Among the people that notice how well fashion and technology go together is Chris Burch. He is someone that is aware of the new devices such as smartwatches, heart monitors, and even some of the older forms of wearable technology such as glasses and contacts. Burch writes a lot on these topics. He provides a lot of insight on fashion and technology. He is also someone who is looking at where technology and fashion is going in the future.


Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur who runs Burch Creative Capital. He is an investor with a huge portfolio that includes companies in many different industries. He has investments made in companies of the technological industry and the fashion industry. He is also someone who appreciates creativity when it comes to bringing forth new products in technology and fashion. One thing that Chris sees as an advantage to being an entrepreneur is that there is a lot more freedom in being able to use one’s own creativity and profit from it.

Laidlaw & Company: Well-Known Investment Bank Has Shady Past, Present and Future

Relmada Therapeutics, Inc., a company in its beginning stages, is developing therapies for treating chronic pain. This company has recently announced that they filed a motion, amending the complaint against LaidLaw & Company Ltd. This amendment is part of a lawsuit they had previously filed, which includes another legal claim based on Laidlaw’s breach of the fiduciary duty owed to Relmada when they disclosed confidential information. In addition, Relmada is seeking monetary damages from fees and costs incurred while responding to Laidlaw’s misleading proxy materials in 2015.

The company has also stated that the Nevada court system issued a restraining order again against Laidlaw, as a result of their distribution of untrue and misleading proxy materials. Relmada believes they are owed compensation for the damages they have suffered because of Laidlaw. They also believe Laidlaw must be prevented from harming their company in the future.

Laidlaw & Company is an investment banking and brokerage firm. They offer personalized investment advice to both private and public institutions, in addition to high net worth individuals. They have a growing number of offices throughout the U.S. and Europe. Led by CEO, Matthew D. Eitner and Managing Partner, James Ahern, Laidlaw & Company uphold a 170 year legacy of investment banking around the world.

Between 2007 and 2009, Laidlaw received more than 60 complaints that requested claims for damages. They were sanctioned by the FINRA, or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, for laughable reporting of such complaints. In 2012, FINRA found that Laidlaw failed to implement adequate policies concerning anti-money laundering, failed to report claims for monetary damages, distributed misleading communications to the public and failed to maintain checks received and forwarded. Laidlaw & Company has a long-running history of noncompliance with security laws and a serious history of FINRA violations.

Capture Your Magic With George Street Photo & Video in Atlanta

A wedding is one of the most magical moments. The beginning of a journey between two perfectly matched people who complement and support each other in a uniquely powerful way.

The magic of this moment deserves to be captured flawlessly. It should be immortalized in a way that reflects the extraordinary bond between the couple while preserving the moment for eternity. George Street Photo & Video specializes in the preservation of this magic, ensuring that memories will be cherished and held dear many years into the future.

Pictures and video are tailored to each couple’s style and taste. A team of professionals works closely with each couple to make sure each image captures the passions, hopes and dreams that fuel the attraction and cement the bonds of matrimony. George Street Photo & Video Atlanta understands how important your magic moment is and will help you honor that moment forever.

Thor’s Passion

Thor Halvorssen has a passion for human rights. His background has given the fuel for this passion and the determination to continue fighting for the oppressed. A little background on Thor and his upbringing. He was born in Venezuela and is a descendant of both Venezuelan and Norwegian. Thor attended the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Political Science and History. This was preparing him for the future which he may not have even realized.


While attending the University of Pennsylvania, as a freshman, Thor’s father was placed in prison in Venezuela while investigating a drug cartel. It is believed he was considered a political prisoner. In an attempt to slow him down the charges of money laundering and bank fraud were brought against him. These charges manifested into a terrorism charge and resulted in Thor’s dad being beaten, tortured and almost killed. Thor came to action and worked with Amnesty International to have him released. He was eventually found innocent of all charges. This was a huge step in Thor’s progress into human rights. After this successful negotiation, he was chosen to be the Director of the Pan-Amerian for the International Society for Human Rights. The second major milestone was in 2004 when his mother was shot when attending a peaceful protest. It is obvious where Thor acquired the drive to do what is right and stand up for other people.


Thor leads and participates in numerous organizations supporting human rights and fighting for people who are unfairly treated. As the President of the Human Rights Foundation, he has been involved with the release of seven prisoners. He has written books and is continually speaking at events informing and encouraging people to stand up for human rights. He also heads up to Oslo Freedom Forum. This is considered a “spectacular human rights festival.” This forum is a unifying agent that has occurred annually since 2009.


Thor’s passion for other people is unmatched. Spreading his will and determination across the world and letting people know they can’t be treating wrongly is huge. Especially for people in the countries where they may not have the liberties of the United States.

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Todd Lubar Achieves Success As A Real Estate Business Owner

The level of success that people achieve in the real estate industry depends on several factors. One of these factors is knowledge. People must learn the ins and outs of their profession. In real estate, this is really important. Knowledge is what separates many people in the real estate industry. Another factor that is just as important but probably more important is producing results. In the real estate industry, people want results.

The way that many people are paid in the real industry is based on producing results. People are measured by numbers in the real estate industry. These numbers can take many forms, but ultimately the final numbers relate to real estate sales. For real estate agents, real estate brokers, loan originators, or almost any other real estate professionals, numbers are a true indicator of performance. The better the numbers, the better the success for most real estate professionals.

There are a variety of things that can impact productivity regarding real estate professionals. Yes, knowledge and results are major factors. However, productivity can stem from personality to business savvy. The factors are numerous. A key trait that can help people related to productivity is hard work. Real estate professionals who are willing to work hard can produced amazing results.

One of these real estate professionals is Todd Lubar. Known as a hard worker with a deep passion for the real estate industry Todd Lubar has achieved great success in his real estate career. From his humble beginnings as a loan originator, Todd Lubar has risen to become the owner of several real estate companies. His companies focus on the loan aspects of the real estate industry, which is where his real estate career started.

Todd Lubar has a deep understanding of the real estate industry and the real estate loan process. He has worked hard over his two decades in the industry to gain the experience and knowledge that he has obtained. He has used this experience and knowledge on a daily basis to help his real estate companies grow and succeed in a competitive industry that determines success primarily on raw numbers.