How iFunding Operates To Make Big Time Investments In The Real Estate Market

The American real estate market had widely been dominated by billionaire investors and billion dollar firms. This market only allowed investments from investors who had enormous financial capability. William Skelley is an investor and business person who has been in the business sector for a very long time. He has worked in different sectors in the business markets, and he has been able to gain a lot of experience and expertise. William Skelley is the founder and owner of iFunding. He states that from his time in the business markets he saw the need of opening up more investment opportunities. He added that he wanted this investment opportunities to be directed to investors who had the potential but lacked the ability to invest individually. William admits in an interview that from this vision his iFunding firm was formed.

As a real estate financing and equities expert, William Skelley based the operations of his iFunding firm in the real estate market. In 2012, he developed an investment model known as crowd funding. Skelley says that his crowdfunding investment model allowed low and middle class accredited investors to invest in high potential projects. He adds that he identified the real estate market to be the best sector that his crowdfunding investment model would work optimally. His iFunding investment firm practices the crowd funding ideology. This firm allows accredited investors across all levels of the economy to put together their small capital contributions and create a viable amount of capital for investment. The capital collected is used to make huge investments in the real estate industry whereby every investor would be able to benefit from their small investments. iFunding offers investors with as low as $5000 an opportunity to invest.

William Skelley, the iFunding founder, says on Twitter that so far his firm and its investment model has recorded unmatched success in the market. To begin with the investment model has been embraced by numerous investors in the market who were looking for a lucrative investment opportunity. William Skelley says that since his crowd funding platform is aimed at the larger investment market; his firm has been able to raise a lot of capital that has enabled it to undertake various real estate projects. iFunding also chips in the capital on top of what its investors have given to increase the viability of their investments. This real estate financing firm also offer equities to real estate developers undertaking their independent projects. iFunding founder William Skelley said that his firm would continue opening up more investment opportunities in the market, as well as an app for smart phones.

What’s Cooking in the Dog Food Industry?

It is being called the ‘humanization of pets‘. The phenomenon where we humans seek to have our emotional needs met by our domesticated animal friends; even willing to spend thousands for veterinarian care, and at other end of the spectrum, a justice system that will throw the book at anyone who abuses or neglects their pets. The same holds true for the way pet owners are looking to give their furry family members an “eat like your owner” meal time experience. The Daily Herald has reported a surge in the gourmet pet food industry, which has risen 45 percent to garner $10.5 billion of a pet food industry that rakes in $23.7 billion per year. Home-style recipes, fresh ingredients, organic, gluten-free and personalized formulations to meet Fido’s every need, are driving pet food manufacturers to respond with new innovative lines of dog and cat food.

Purina is tapping into the market of pet owners that want their dogs to have a more ancestral diet – to eat more in line with what their wolf pack ancestors would have eaten hundreds of years ago. The company acquired Merrick Pet Care, a smaller company that premiered certified organic wet and dry dog good. This will put Purina in a good position to accelerate it Backcountry line of recipes which include selections such as ‘Pacific Catch’ and ‘Game Bird’. Purinastore is the parent company of Beneful, whose extensive line of wet dog foods are available in re-closable 10 ounce tubs, keeping the product fresher for longer periods of time.

Beneful has certainly joined in offering the human-like mealtime experience with it’s line of home-style recipes geared to excite a dog’s palate with fresh ingredients, real meat and succulent sauces. The Beneful Simmered Chicken or Simmered Beef Entrees are both reminiscent of old family recipes, with carrots, barley, green beans, wild rice and spinach while packing plenty of protein with only 2% fat content. The Chicken Stew and Beef Stew recipes are great options for mixing with the Beneful Orignal‘s dry dog kibble, to create an economical, flavorful mix that will cater to the finicky eater with a large appetite. If your dog has a knack for table food, Beneful has the solution with quality, comfort food recipes for your pet.


Marcio Alaor BMG Modest Recap

Marcio Alaor of the BMG Bank in Brazil has become somewhat of an expert in the field of industry marketing. As one of the youngest leaders of a large corporation in Brazil, the vice president of the finical institution has been credited with the development and execution of a mass marketing program that resulted in the BMG bank becoming one of the largest financial brands in South America.

Years of developmental work preceded Marcio Alaor’s promotion to the position of vice president within the financial institution, but once he had received the job Alaor proved to his fellow associates that he was the best candidate for the position.

These qualifications have enabled Alaor to develop consumer reports on various industries in the business field. Recently, Marcio Alaor released a consumer report detailing the product launches that took place at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Consumer Electronics Show draws crowds in excess of several thousand excited tech fans each year and hosts the launches of several hundred innovative products. Marcio Alaor highlighted the considerable role that television technology played in this highly anticipated event. Several prominent companies, including LG and Sony ( two of the leading electronic manufacturers in the world), revealed new products at the Consumer Electronics Show. The product launches resulted in a multitude of successful reviews in tech magazines.

Among the television technology product launches was the release of LG’s unprecedented 18 inch flexible television. This television is unique in its ability to be folded, rolled, and otherwise manipulated in an effort to allow maximum portability of the product. The television can easily be moved from place to place due to its relative light weight and flexibility. According to Marcio Alaor OMG (as he’s popularly known), this product is a game changer for the flat screen television industry.

Another unique television product that was launched during the Consumer Electronics Show was Samsung’s 170 inch modular television. This television produces an enormous visual for consumers who enjoy movie theatre quality viewing time. The screen is actually comprised of several visual modules which create one large picture for consumers to enjoy.

Marcio Alaor predicts that both these television tech products in addition to the wealth of other products that were launched at the Consumer Electronics Show will create an extremely competitive economic environment when the products are released in late November 2016. More information regarding Marcio Alaor and the Consumer Electronics Show can be found here.

Helane Morrison’s Great Skills Changing the Entire Financial Sector

The 2007-2008 economic crash has been the worst economic crisis to hit the Americas economy since the 1930s great depression. Though it sent the economy to a halt, a lot of evils that had been going on in the financial sector were exposed. Unethical behavior that ran from fraud, secret deals, destroyed documents, false audit reports and falsified records were a testimony to the massive corruption that had been unchecked for quite long.

And the results- homes were foreclosed, stock markets collapsed, unemployment reached the highest levels ever, and the citizens suffered. Faith in banks and corporations, in general, was lost. People now realized that the institutions they greatly trusted were gullible too. The shake in the economy was felt worldwide.
It is now close to ten years, and trust in the financial sector is yet to be regained. In a recent poll by done Wall Street Journal/NBC, 72% of the citizens do not believe that the economy is back on the right track. And with elections nearing the situation is expected to get worse as there is a direct correlation between the presidential race and the stock market performance.
Someone of high ethical integrity is required to be able to regain and maintain sanity in this sector. The kind of a person, who can keep their integrity, and the integrity of the people around them. Helane Morrison has proved to be this person. She is certainly going to turn around the reputation of a sector that has been ruined for a very long time.
All along in Helane’s career from journalism to government service, she has been working towards protecting the vulnerable from corruption. For more than thirty years, Helane has been the most important player in the financial industry employing her determination and influence to change the sector to the best.

Due to her exemplary performance, the government invited her to serve in the US Securities and Exchange office in San Francisco as the head of enforcement. Here she was given the power to protect both individuals and corporation against fraud. Applying her law and journalism skills, Helane Morrison represents clients in legal, business and financial matters. She has collaborated with the government agencies and the media to ensure that all transactions are done legally.
Morrison has also been working towards making sure that the ratio of women to men leaders in the financial sector is equal. In this move, she joined Hall capital, the only financial company led by women. She says that the ethical culture of the company attracted her. The company also encourages the culture of work/life balance. Morrison also serves on the boards some of the notable organizations.

3 Lessons Agencies Can Learn From White Shark Media Complaints


Over the last 5 years White Shark Media, a leading digital marketing agency, has had its fair share of complaints.

The good news is they have shared their complaints openly and honestly. If you currently run a digital marketing agency, or you plan on starting one in the near future, here are 3 lessons you can learn from White Shark Media complaints.

Lesson #1 – Make It Easy For Clients To View Reports

All clients really care about are results. They want to be able to see if they are getting a decent return on their investment. Many White Shark Media clients would complain about not being able to access their Adwords campaigns.

After looking into the matter, the team at White Shark Media realized their reporting system wasn’t adequate and it needed to be updated. Now, anytime a new client comes on board, they are walked through exactly how the campaigns work and shown how they can check the performance of certain keywords and ads.

Lesson #2 – Provide Phone Tracking

This is especially important if you are providing services for local businesses. Many times the bulk of their customers will come through the phone. If there is no way for them to track those inquires, they will view the campaigns as unsuccessful.

To ensure clients know exactly where their customers are coming from, White Shark Media teamed up with Marchex to provide call tracking. They have made call tracking mandatory for all their local business clients. They have also included it at no additional charge in all AdWords management plans.

Lesson #3 – Make Sure Communication Is Top Notch

This is without a doubt the most important lesson that can be learned from White Shark Media complaints. How you communicate with your clients will ultimately determine the success or failure of your business.

Many clients who used White Shark Media didn’t feel as though the communication was good enough according to testimonials posted on the site. They felt like they had to jump through a lot of hoops just to get in contact with the right person.

To deal with this issue White Shark Media implemented a new phone system that allowed for direct extensions. Now, instead of having to call the receptionist desk, clients can contact their strategist directly.

They also implemented monthly status call where the client and SEM Strategist could review results from the last 30 days at the same time.

These two strategies have proven to be highly effective for White Shark Media and their clients.

The U.S. Money Reserve shares in the Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary Recognition

It is hard to believe that it has been seventy-five years since the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. As a nation, we continue to honor the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Although our young people know the historical significance of this date in our history they cannot know the depth of pain and suffering that countless families endured that terrible day.
On this reported by, the seventy-fifth anniversary, U.S. Money Reserve and the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation joined forces to honor those lost that day in December, 1941. According to recent Yahoo article, both U.S. Money Reserve and the U.S. Navy Foundation have created a unique way to raise funds for a “Lone Sailor Statue” to be erected in Honolulu, Hawaii. Neither of these two entities is affiliated with the United States Government or the U.S. Navy but share a bond of commitment in our country’s history.
The U.S. Navy Foundation serves as an ambassadorship for those naval men and women, both past and present, who want to share their glorious history with those around the globe. By working in partnership with the U.S. Money Reserve they hope to raise enough funds on twitter through the sale of the “75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins.” Funds raised through the sale of these special coins will go directly to the “Lone Sailor” Statue.
The “Lone Sailor” Statue once erected will be the watchman for those brave military personnel or families who pass by his station. The bronze statue, measuring approximately seven feet tall, will have the distinction of being a larger part of Pearl Harbor’s history. Steel from the USS Arizona will be used as a part of the base. The strength of this magnificent piece of steel wil ensure that the “Lone Sailor” statue will hold through the test of time.
Those patrons who purchase the “75 Anniversary Pearl Harbor Gold or Silver Coins” are honoring those who served our country with bravery and honor.

Luscious Lime Crime

Lime Crime explodes onto the makeup scene like a water balloon on a hot summer’s day. Makeup for unicorns is right; the pigments that make up Lime Crime’s vibrant collection seize the viewer by the eye and don’t let go. Luscious and silky lipsticks in shades of avocado green and powerful plums create mouth watering smiles. Transform into an ethereal creature with one swipe of the potent eye shadows. Shatter hearts with some perfectly placed cat’s eye liner. Whoever you are, whatever you are, Lime Crime has come to transform you into the true magical beast that you have always been.

With colors like poly and fetish that can be seen on Pinterest, and the luxurious bae bouquet, the wearer can’t help but pique the interest of all that pass by. Are you a sweet and sultry pre-Madonna? Get your groove on with the Venus eye collection. Not your style? Never fear my dear, the grunge collection has you covered. No matter if you’re a sultry book worm or a midnight vampire (Or both!) Lime Crime can bring out the inner unicorn in you. Top off those bedroom eyes with some liquid eyeliner. You can go glam with a classic black, or shake things up with a lip-puckering lemon colored liner. These user friendly tubes make it a cinch to execute those flirty lines. You choose your fantasy with these show stopping shades.

Lime Crime has created a line of makeup from another realm. The hues call to arms the warrior women-those art lovers and trail blazers that set the standard for beauty in the world. This is for the bold women, the lovers of darkness and the embracers of light, but certainly not for the faint of heart. Lime Crime asks the wearer to release their inner unicorn in an expression of beauty and rebellion. Don’t be afraid, grab that unicorn by the horn and ride it into your vibrantly colored destiny. is the official website.

George Soros and his Dire Analysis of the European Union

George Soros is a very adept businessman and political analyst. He is one of the most powerful lobbyists in the world and one of the top lobbyist in Europe. Soros is Hungarian and has a wealth of knowledge and history under his belt. He had lived through the terrible times of the Jewish Holocaust as a young Jewish teenager. He has seen Europe undergo many radical transformations since those horrifying days and he now uses this knowledge to help his business and the lives of millions of people everywhere.

In 2016 Soros made some rather harsh and unnerving predictions about the European Union. He claims that this 19 member union of European states is now on a verge of collapse. Soros does not speak these words lightly. He is a realistic and practical person who has used his previous experience to help him further evaluate situations and circumstances. His father gave him some invaluable advice during those dark days under Hitler’s regime. His father told him that: “It is much better to face a harsh reality than close your eyes to it. A person has a better chance of survival if they take this approach”. This is one reason as to why Soros is stating that the demise of the EU is imminent.

One of the biggest problems facing the EU today has to do with the migration crisis that is taking place on the continent. Millions of people from Syria and other parts of Asia and Europe are fleeing to Europe for a better life. Soros claims that Syria is primarily driving this influx of migrants and that ISIS is capitalizing off this situation. Soros is a sound political analyst who knows that a country that does not keep control over its borders will not be around for long.

The problem with allowing too many migrants into a nation has to do with the social and governmental aspects of that nation. Too many Syrian refugees can literally turn a European territory into another Islamic state. This is possible if Syrians elect their own officials, start radically change the culture and starts to transform the economy.

Soros fears that this type of thing is happening all throughout Europe and the migrant problem will eventually destabilized the EU if left unchecked. The only hope for EU is to limit the inflow of migrants while ensuring safe passage for people into other territories outside of the EU.

Soros claims that the migrant problem is the biggest challenge but he also points out the Paris bombings in November of 2015 has affected all of the governments of Europe. He claims that the UK’s movement away from the EU would hasten its demise. He also warns that the EU member state, the Ukraine, is headed in the same direction as Greece in terms of being an economic disaster. Soros sternly warns governments and businesses that if the EU does not deal with these problems and many other things that are going wrong; they will not recover. For more information about Soros’s prediction you can view the article Europe on the Verge of Collapse: Soros at CNBC.