Kate Hudson’s Fabletic Brand Plans New Store Openings

Kate Hudson is one of the fittest women in Hollywood today. She has been lauded for her incredible physique, and her new line of athletic clothing known as Fabletics has made waves among shoppers. Racked recently ran an article about the new openings of Fabletics stores and the incredible customer satisfaction rate at the company. This article explains how a subscription athletic wear service will become a popular brick and mortar store chain.

#1: Fabletics Sends Out New Items Every Month

The subscription service at Fabletics sends women new items every month in their chosen size. A woman who is working out often will be pleased to see a new item in their mailbox, and every woman who is using Fabletics products will discover that the products are designed for each season. Customers are wearing the same items Kate is wearing, and the brand helps women get dressed for the gym every day.

#2: New Stores Are Coming

Kate Hudson wants to expand her brand by opening many stores across North America. A few stores are open today, but the company plans to expand its store offerings to many cities across the continent. Kate Hudson is a major celebrity in America today, and her stores will be well-received in every location she opens. The company plans to open many stores at the same time, and the company will balance subscriptions with in-store sales.

#3: What Will Customers Find in Every Store?

Customers will find the same Fabletics items they are accustomed to seeing online in every store. The company may begin to expand its clothing offerings, and the number of sizes may increase at the same time. The stores may use market research to ensure that each one is carrying the right products, and customers get personal service from the staff in each store.

There is a certain joy in buying clothing from a real person, and Fabletics wants to give women the chance to meet with someone before making their next purchase. Someone who wants to purchase in-store will save time, and women who prefer to stay on the subscription service may do so. Women in today’s world are very busy, and giving them more options for shopping is a wise decision on the part of Fabletics.

The Fabletics brand from Kate Hudson is making a change in its business philosophy. The company is planning to open many stores in North America that will serve women in many major cities, and every store will offer personal service that women prefer. Kate Hudson has made a name for herself with her incredible fitness routines, and women around the country may begin to dress like Kate for the gym when they visit a Fabletics store.

Charles Koch Wants To See Changes In Government

Charles Koch has spent his life building the business his father started. It was originally a middle sized oil business. Koch then expanded into everything from pollution and process control technologies and equipment and fertilizers to polymers and fibers and forest and consumer products. The company manufactures items such as Lycra, Stainmaster, Quilted Norther and the Dixie Cup. He has grown the company to 2000 times the size it was. Because of this and because Koch Industries pulls in a revenue of about 90 billion dollars per year, Charles Koch is worth nearly 42 billion dollars.

Koch grew up in Wichita, Kansas. He studied at MIT and received several degrees in engineering. He moved home and started to take over his father’s business. Over the years, he also started dipping his toe into the philanthropic world. Koch is known to give to many politically aligned organizations, that share similar principles to him, and also cultural and artistic organizations, mainly due to the trust his wife formed. His goal is to push the idea of a free market economy so that everyone has access to the same opportunities without regulations getting in their way.

In order to push this idea further, Charles Koch wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post. In the article he first addressed how Senator Bernie Sanders has been misrepresenting Koch’s stance on a variety of issues. Koch said he would much rather try and find common ground and he believes that he and Sanders share common ground on 2 issues.

The first issue that Charles Koch believes he shares with Senator Sanders is the criminal justice system. Koch believes that the criminal justice system is broken and targets certain groups of people rather than looking at all individuals equally. He does not believe that non-violent offenders should be in prison. The first problem is that is costs the tax payer money and the second problem is that as soon as an ex-convict is released there are many regulations that prevent him from gaining opportunities to move forward in life. These regulations include the loss of right to vote, get a meaningful job, have a credit card or loan.

Koch also agrees with Sanders on the issue of the current government system not working, especially with regards to big business. However, Charles Koch believes that there should be less government.

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Talk Fusion Makes Email Pop

The first time that I heard of Talk Fusion I was unsure of what the break product would be. I knew that some people were talking about how this company would make video communication much better. I was surprised to learn that this was a company that was putting a good spin on something that was greatly in need of an improvement. Talk Fusion has transformed email into something cool.

The great thing about Talk Fusion is that this company has managed to make email cool again. So many people will be just impressed as I was to check out the concept of video email. I love this because in the past the email was just getting overshadowed by text messaging. Now there is the video email, and this is so much better than the traditional email. People can appreciate this because they can pre-record a message. This is great for birthdays and things like business presentations. There can even be a Talk Fusion video newsletter for businesses.

I have found this software to be quite valuable for adding an extra layer of excitement to an email. I know that my newsletters get a lot more readers now that I have access to a system that gives me the chance to deliver pre-recorded content in the form of a video. The great thing about this is that there is technology that supports that right now. People have faster cell phone connections and more access to larger data plans. This makes it a lot easier for recipients of my video emails to view these video emails faster.

I think that this is a neat concept, and I do believe that it will catch on with a lot of different people. This Talk Fusion company also does things like video conferencing. I like what this company is doing because sometimes I just want a pre-recorded message. I don’t want to always chat with someone because I don’t always have the time. I do, however, like to send video messages sometimes to personalize things. Businesses certainly need to consider Talk Fusion.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s GoFundMe Operation Smile Campaign

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is creating smiles around the world. Avi Weisfogel’s interests are widespread. Aside from his dentistry business, and Dental Sleep Masters educational training in Sleep Apnea, he and his wife, Kathleen, a nurse and social worker, join a team of 18 doctors, nurses and technicians who travel around the world specifically trained to create smiles.

A few years ago, Avi Weisfogel and Kathleen joined Dr. William P. Magee, Jr., a plastic surgeon on a trip to the Philippines with his team Operation Smile. They perform surgery on children and young adults, at no cost, repairing birth deformities such as cleft palates and other facial irregularities hindering the health and appearance of the children. Avi and Kathleen became dedicated to this program Operation Smile, and they have continued to travel to a foreign country each year performing miracles working with Operation Smile.

Since the inception of Operation Smile, the team of doctors, nurses, technicians and dental surgeons have changed the lives of over 220,000 children around the world improving their health by repairing facial deformities. It is their goal to continue traveling wherever needed to perform surgery on children improving their health. They do this at no cost to the families by offering their services free to benefit children worldwide. Unfortunately, the travel and medical supplies have become very costly. Therefore, the Dr. Avi Weisfogel GoFundMe Campaign has been created to ensure the team can travel to countries where children are in need of their medical services.

Operation Smile depends on the generosity of everyone to help fund the travel expenses and medical supplies to keep this team going to countries where their skills are urgently needed. The benefits of Operation Smile can help hundreds of thousands more children suffering from birth deformities live a normal life with a beautiful smile.

Please donate to the Avi Weisfogel GoFundMe Campaign and create “Smiles Around The World” through Operation Smile.

Keith Mann Of Dynamics Search Partners Offers Scholarships To Promising Business Leaders

Keith Mann, the founder, and owner of Dynamics Search Partners is dedicated to helping young, and innovative business leaders to be able to reach their goals. Keith Mann runs the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement, a scholarship program that supports young and bright business leaders achieve academic excellence by supporting their study and make them be among the next generation of innovative business leaders.

The scholarship program operates in partnership with Uncommon Schools in the awarding of this scholarship to the needy. The Uncommon Schools is a non-governmental, non-profit organization based in New York that majors in charter management. The Keith and Kelly organization launched its scholarship program opportunity in the Uncommon Schools to one graduating senior each year at one of the institutions based in Brooklyn.

Joe Frick, a college counselor at Uncommon Charter High School, welcomed the move with praises. He says that the program will greatly benefit the bright students and will greatly act as a motivational factor to other students. He also says that the program promotes the institution’s mission to nature prosperity in the young people. The scholarship will give an opportunity to one student from the institution to attend a four-year college degree program.

The Keith and Kelly Scholarship program requires its applicants to write a 1,000-word essay on their plan to achieve their professional goals if given a chance to attain a college degree. Keith Mann has been a proponent of education through his philanthropic efforts and has helped a lot of young people achieve their educational goals. Keith Mann is personally committed to identifying and helping strong leaders achieve their goals by pairing them with mentorship companies and programs to cultivate their success. His scholarship program offers $5,000 for successful applicants to use as their college tuition.

Keith Mann has had a very successful career in the executive search industry where he has worked for over 15 years. He has worked in the hedge fund compensation, staffing and hiring strategy industry where he has been able to a lot of expertise and experience. In 2002, Keith Mann formed the Alternative Investment Practice in the Dynamics Executive Search, this was after he realized that the hedge fund industry had a market that was underserved and rapidly growing. This motivated him to launch into the private equity industry in 2006, where he established Dynamics Search Partners (DSP), which is a premier executive search firm that serves alternative investment firms in 2009.

Get A Handy Worker For Cleaning Services Within One Day

For some, cleaning a home is something they love to do and can’t wait to get to it, no matter how many times a month they clean their home. For others, cleaning their home is something they don’t look for to it all and would rather that someone else do the work. Although every person has a different way that they look at cleaning their home, it doesn’t make a difference because everyone can get help if they need it, especially if they are willing to hire a cleaning company. Most people prefer to clean on their own, but sometimes, help is needed, so Handy is a company that can help.

Handy has created a cleaning business that has spawned other services as well, such as painting, moving, plumbing, electrical services and more, and all of the services are available under one umbrella, which is the Handy company. Those who’ve never heard of Handy before can easily find a lot of information about the company online, especially since they’ve grown tremendously in popularity over the last year. Handy does mostly cleaning for homes, but all of their services have been utilized by many different customers.

Many need cleaning services because most people have a home that they want cleaned but may not be able to clean it for one of many reasons. The cleaning service is not only reliable but also reasonable in cost, and creating an appointment is not hard either. Those who want to make an appointment for a Handy cleaner to come out can simply go to Handy’s app, which is where they’ll be allowed to create an account.

Depending on the circumstances, it’s possible to create an appointment that will allow workers to come out the very next day, instead of making the customer wait for longer periods of time. Handy takes pride in their workers to the point where they screen each worker, insure each worker, and each worker is background checked as well. Those that hire a Handy worker for cleaning services will only get the best workers that are very professional as well as courteous.

Highland Capital’s Portfolio Shows Major Position Shifts in Q3 2015

Highland Capital Management’s (HCM)CEO and President James Dondero has filed its quarterly 13F report which discloses all its equity assets that are under management by the firm. The report represented approximately 22.73 percent of Highland Capital’s U.S. assets, which has a portfolio market value of $3.42 billion. The company added 69 new stock purchases and sold out of 119 positions. New purchases included Eagle Pharmaceuticals (EGRX) for $17.73 million and Amazon Com Inc (AMZN) for 23.35 million. Its largest buy in was $67.07 million purchase of Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr (Call) (SPY), an exchange traded fund that tracks the S&P 500 stock market index.

The company’s top three holdings which make up a 13.59% share of its U.S. long portfolio include American Airlines Group Inc, Salesforce.Com Inc., and Ishares. James Dondero’s fund did drop its stake in some holdings, most noticeably were Envision Healthcare, McKesson Corporation, Nexpoint CR Strategies Fd and Spdr Series Trust (put). The moves Jim decided to make in his funds portfolio are not readily known but one can speculate that either momentum, value or better stock positions for Highland Capital Management were determined.

James Dondero is not only the co-founder and President of HCM, but he also sits on the board of MGM Studios and American Banknote, in addition to being Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank and CCS Medical. In 1989, before founding HCM, from 1989 to 1993, Jim was instrumental in building $2 billion AUM in the GIC Subsidiary of Protective Life. His career as an analyst began in 1984 in the Morgan Guaranty training program before moving on to work for American Express as a Corporate Bond Analyst with a later promotion to Portfolio Manager.

As a graduate from the University of Virginia, Jim excelled to gain high honors (Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi) while choosing dual majors in accounting and finance. Mr. Dondero is also a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) who is legally authorized to use the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation which is allocated to candidates that can pass three levels of exams in finance, accounting and economics with an emphasis on measuring competency and integrity. As a resident of Dallas, TX, Jim has over thirty years of experience in credit and equity market investing. He was also a pioneer in the use of Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO), which a security that consists of a pool of loans organized by maturity and risk.

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The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship

In a quest to help build young innovative minds to take over the business leadership, Keith and Keely Mann scholarship has been introduced. This was announced by Keith Mann who is currently serving at Dynamics Search Partners. Through the scholarship, Keith looks forward to steer professional achievements amongst the young who will be privileged to receive this. The opportunity has been introduced in uncommon schools which will see to it that one graduating senior will receive the scholarship each year at one of the uncommon schools.

Keith Mann is the current Chief Executive Officer at Dynamics Search Partners responsible for the full management of the firm. He has been in the executive search industry for 15 years and has much of experience on hedge fund compensation, staffing and hiring strategy. In 2002, within Dynamics Executive Search, Mann launched Alternative Investment Practice. This he later on expanded it to a private equity industry through which Dynamics Search Partners was established.
Following the introduction of the scholarship, counselors of various institutions have shown great appreciation to Keith and Kelly Mann. This will help see many low-income students through to college for a four year period of study, graduate and go ahead to build their professional lives through the degrees acquired from college.
As the founder of Dynamics Search Partners, an education advocate and a philanthropist, Mann is looking forward to helping choose potential leaders to link them with companies that will guarantee their success in life. The applicants are only required to forward an essay of up to 1000 words on points of how the degrees will help them achieve their professional goals. By this one can easily qualify for the scholarship.
With the application being opened this February, the scholarship has been availed to all graduating seniors who attend Charter High School in Brooklyn, New York. Towards the end of March this year, one winner will be announced and will be awarded $5000 scholarship that will cater for their college tuition.

Handy Offering Premier Home Cleaning Services

Handy is a private company that offers house cleaning services to clients. It runs most of its operations online. It offers residential cleaning as well as other home services. It manages an online application that allows users to book services online.

Handy operates in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. Its headquarters are based in New York, USA. The company was founded in 2012 by four people. Oisin Hanrahan (CEO), Umang Dua (Chief Operating Officer), Ignacio Leonhardt and Weina Scott. Initially, the company was launched under the name Handybook. This was because it provided a platform for booking handymen and other cleaning services.

By late 2012, the startup raised $2 million in seed financing from two institutional investors namely General Catalyst and Highland Capital. One year later, Handybook raised about $10 million and topped that amount the next year by raising $30 million in series B financing. In March 2015, the company raised $15 million in another B round financing. To date, it has raised over $110 million.

The company changed its name from Handybook to Handy in September 2014. It operates in about 28 cities across the US, Canada and the UK. It employs over 160 full time employees and another 10,000 handymen who work on call. The company depends on the rush demand for cleaning and other services. In 2014, Handy announced that it reached over $1 million in weekly bookings. Repeat customers account for over 80 percent of all cleaners. This is a great milestone for the company as it seeks to cement its place at the top of the online and mobile services industry.

All workers and handymen working from the company are highly professional, experienced and well insured. Additionally, their background is thoroughly checked and scrutinized during the recruitment and hiring process. This assures clients of not only professionalism but also safety. The company offers services as early as the next day after booking to enhance efficiency.

Some of the popular services include furniture assembly, interior painting, TV mounting, moving services, home cleaning, plumbing and other handyman services like electrical installations. In 2015, Handy ventured into furniture delivery and assembly. It aims to grow into a reliable and highly marketable services firm in the industry.

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CipherCloud is the Answer to Cloud Storage and Security

CipherCloud is Security Company that works with cloud services to protect information and ensure security standards. Since 2010, the company YouTube defines that CipherCloud has been providing customers with top of the line security services. Based out of San Jose, California, CipherCloud’s platform is based with innovative design that encrypts data before sending it to the cloud for storage by using Searchable Strong Encryption (SSE). This technology never leaves the user’s site and is not shared with the cloud provider. CipherCloud offers assistance with data loss and malware detection for their customers. The platform that CipherCloud uses helps ensure authentic security for any type of information.

On Twitter they’ve announced that CipherCloud has been awarded multiple recognitions over the years. In 2011 CipherCloud was deemed as one of the “Cool Vendors” in cloud security by Garner. The phenomenal security company was recognized in 2013 as “Information Security Product of the Year” as well as the “Best Emerging Technology in Information Security” by SC Magazine. The CEO of CipherCloud, Pravin Kothari, was awarded the CEO of the Year in 2014 for CipherCloud’s success at the tenth annual Information Security Global Excellence Awards.

With over 20 million users in over thirty countries around the world, CipherCloud developed a user-friendly environment to help save information and hold it securely over any length of time. Data protection through CipherCloud allows for quick access to information which helps provide customers with quicker productivity. While individual users can benefit from the services provided by CipherCloud, businesses and corporations can also use their technology. CipherCloud is built to helping leading organizations, such as insurances, banking, healthcare, and government. These organizations, as well as others, can use CipherCloud solutions to store and safeguard information in the cloud.  It’s because of these innovations that Horowitz just recently made a huge investment in CipherCloud.

CipherCloud offers protection for users’ information in a multitude of different ways. This organization supplies users with encryption, malware detection, tokenization, data loss prevention, and activity monitoring to every single user of CipherCloud. This helps push aside any concerns for security. The Facebook defines that CipherCloud can be used for categorizing data to make easier to organize and search. It can also be used to assist with SalesForce by ensuring data privacy and residency concerns regarding customer information. CipherCloud is more than just a cloud storage facility. It offers protection, organization, and security for your data that needs to be saved and stored.  Full details for CipherCloud can be found through LinkedIn.