Shaygan Kheradpir’s New Role Of As Coriant’s CEO

Shaygan Kheradpir is the current Chief Executive Officer of Coriant, a leading supplier of innovative networking solutions to the best network operators in not less than a 100 countries. Shaygan was made CEO and Chairman of the Board after being involved in a close working relationship with the senior management team. He was acting as the Operating Partner and was very active in driving the company’s strategic operations and planning forward. He assumed his new leadership position to drive the company growth strategy as well as strengthen its focus on matters that are related to making its service delivery much better.

Shaygan has a lot of experience in matters related to leadership in technology companies. He is respected in industry, business as well as operational experience and is expected to make a very big role in making the company’s products and services go in tandem with the current high demand for data intensive end user applications.

He says that what attracted him to Coriant was its comprehensive portfolio of modern packet and data networking solutions that are backed by world class technology innovation and whose aim is to expand the customer base to a global outreach. He said that under his able leadership, the company will enable customers experience networking solutions that are non-disruptive and that are optimized for the highest degree of programmability, service delivery and automation.

He has not less than 28 years of experience dealing with matters related to financial services, telecom and technology industries. He made his career debut at GTE Corporation and went ahead to become appointed as Verizon’s Chief Information Officer. He was also a member of the executive leadership team that was very instrumental in improving modernization, efficiency and innovation. He also worked in Barclays bank in the role of Chief Operations and Technology Officer and was held responsible for creating the company’s TRANSFORM program. From Barclays, he proceeded to Juniper Networks and played a very integral role in developing the Integral Operating Plan for the company that had a very strong focus on the execution of the growth markets in matters cloud building and IQ networking.

Nobilis Health Performed My Bariatric Surgery

Every since I was a teen I’ve struggled with my weight. No matter what I tried, I could never lose weight. I tried many different diets, including Atkins, Mediterranean, South Beach and others too. I have tried various exercise programs, and I have even tried a combination of both diet and exercise. The most I had ever lost was five to ten pounds, and the weight kept coming back. My highest weight was 233 pounds, and it was ruining my life. I had breathing issues, digestion issues and more. I had talked to many doctors over the years, and they didn’t have any solutions for me but to tell me that I needed to lose weight, which I kept telling them I had tried. Finally, I spoke with a neighbor, who told me about a surgery that her sister had. The surgery was called Bariatric surgery. I didn’t understand fully what this was, except that it was for those who needed assistance in losing weight. The Bariatric surgery is what I needed, so I called up the facility where my neighbor said her sister had the surgery performed. When I called the Nobilis Health facility in Dallas, they schedule me for an appointment. I did have to wait about a week, but that was fine with me. At my appointment, I was asking a lot of questions that they didn’t seem to mind. The doctor met with me also, and he told me about the surgery in more detail. He explained that my particular case was just the type that they took into consideration for the surgery. After getting all of the information that he gave me and asking more questions, I opted to get the Bariatric surgery. The surgery was my best option for losing weight, especially since I had exhausted all other options. I was scared at the time of the surgery, but I knew this was the right choice for my life. The doctor did inform me that I’d still need to make dietary changes and exercise too, but this surgery would get me below the weight that I was stuck at, and then it would help me to lose more weight. When my surgery was over, I went home to recover. My weight before the surgery was 233 pounds, and after receiving my surgery I got down to 175 pounds. I was amazed at how fabulous I looked. I now watch what I eat every day, and I make organic and healthy meals too. I make sure to exercise for at least 45 minutes each day, five days a week. The surgery has helped me out tremendously. Now, three months after my surgery I weigh 162 pounds. My goal weight is 150 pounds. The Nobilis Health facility in Dallas has saved my life. I don’t have to be ashamed of how I look anymore, and I can feel great going out with my friends again too. I would recommend this particular Nobilis Health facility I saw on cantechletter to everyone that I know who needs this type of surgery.

Dr. Brian Bonar And Other Investors Blame China For The Global Stock Market Sell-Off

Brian Bonar has been associated with several successful companies over the years.He has the unique ability to manage international companies so their stock appreciates in value, but the recent drop in stock prices around the world has Bonar and other CEO’s and investors scratching their heads. Stock prices in Germany dropped 5 percent, and stock prices in France and Spain almost lost 6 percent of their value. The fear index surged recently, and most investors are pointing their profit-losing fingers at China.

Bonar and other business people around the globe are blaming China for a number of reasons. The first reason is the Chinese government is trying to keep their economy strong by devaluating their currency, the yuan. If the yuan’s value drops, Chinese exports are cheaper. China depends on cheap exports. The second reason, according to Bonar and others is the Chinese stock market has been taking a beating for several weeks. China’s stocks dropped by 8.5 percent recently, and that was after the Chinese government tried to sure-up market prices.

George Osborne, Britain’s Finance Minister, agrees with Bonar and other investors. Osborne said China’s stock market is a real concern, but Osborne also said he didn’t think Europe would feel an immediate impact from the Chinese debacle even though global markets are experiencing heavy losses. Osborne thinks the Chinese government will take the necessary steps to stop the financial bloodbath.

Meanwhile, Chinese investors are experiencing the worst drop in stock prices since 2007. Chinese stocks that fell by more than 10 percent were suspended, and there were a lot of stocks that fell by that percentage or more.

Some investors believe the market was due for an adjustment. The big question on the minds of investors now is: will the Feds raise interest rates soon? That question is hard to answer, but if the stock market prices continue to drop, an interest rate hike could turn into a financial nightmare for consumers as well as investors.

The Discerning Eye of Art

Many successful hedge fund managers spend their riches on fancy cars, exotic homes and wild vacations. For Adam Sender, the founder of hedge fund Exis Capital Management, collecting contemporary art is his way of enjoying financial successes. For over 15 years Sender has not only become a top investment guru but also a well known art collector.

His first journey into art collecting can be traced back to the mid 1990s. With early success in the financial world came the means to buy pieces such as the 1981 “Black Sheets” work by Cindy Sherman. Sender considered that one of his first significant art purchases and it came with the hefty price tag of $100,000. His collections have been described as “rich” and “personal” ,which would explain why he didn’t buy every new up and coming star piece that became available on the market. Rather, Sender chose to have a discerning eye for artists who have had extensive and successful careers in art. Accomplished artists such as Dan Flavin, Keith Haring and Martin Kippenberger are among those in the Sender collection.

Sender has amassed such a large collection of fine art that he has been able to host his very own exhibitions. His “Home Alone” exhibit was held in one of his Miami, Florida homes during Art Basel Miami Beach. This exhibit featured 70 works from his collection that included pieces from Richard Prince, Rashid Johnson and Chris Ofili. Even his offices at Exis Capital contained some of his prized possessions. Works from Kara Walker, Ed Ruscha and John Currin were placed throughout his New York City workplace.

Last May, Sotheby’s began to auction some of the Sender collection. Approximately 400 works by 139 artists worth far more than what Sender originally invested in them will be up for sale to the highest bidder.

Darius Fisher and His Innovative Company

Darius Fisher is the president and co-founder of Status Labs. This online reputation and public relations management company made its debut in 2010 and its headquarters is located in Austin, Texas. Since 2010, they have opened offices in Sao Paulo and New York. Compared to the internet equivalent of Olivia Pope from the hit show Scandal by the Daily Beast, Fisher and his company primarily help people on the internet get their image together. Whether they’ve been doxxed or been involved in a heavy scandal, Fisher and Status Labs help their clients revamp their reputations on the internet. Their repertoire include removing doxxed personal information, helping better results show up when people Google your name and making sure you are safe on social media. So far, Fisher and Status Labs have grown to having 30 employees and have served over 1,500 public figures in over 35 countries, including politicians, professional athletes, CEOs and Fortune 500 companies.

As the president of Status Labs, Fisher created the overall vision of the company, developed partnerships and relationships with other public relations agencies, and worked with international management teams.

After the notorious Ashley Madison hack exposed the identities of many government employees, university deans and politicians, Status Labs decided to offer their services for free. Fisher and Status Labs believe that everyone is deserving of a second chance. Darius Fisher says that if doxxing and hacking can happen within large companies, there’s a good chance that anyone can be affected as well.

Darius Fisher was recently honored by PRWeek for their Innovation 50 list for 2015, recognizing the top people involved with public relations and digital communications.

Before Status Labs, Darius Fisher had graduated from Vanderbilt University cum laude with a degree in Economics. He worked as a litigation support executive, political consultant and senior copywriter before his transition into an entrepreneur. In his free time he volunteers for Defy Ventures as an entrepreneur mentor. He helps people with criminal backgrounds with being entrepreneurs, getting employed and building their characters. He’s an investor of the companies CrowdOptic, the Zebra, Les Trois Petits Cochons and Sozo.

What You Need to Know About Wikipedia

Wikipedia has quickly become a top source of information online. That’s because it allows people all over the world to contribute to pages in real-time. As information is becoming news, these pages are updated which is incredibly helpful. However, since anyone can edit or create content for a page, it can be hard to keep all the information listed completely accurate. That’s where Get Your Wiki comes into play.

Get Your Wiki is a company that creates Wikipedia pages for individuals, businesses and non-profit companies. After all, there is a lot that goes into putting together a true and well-written Wikipedia page. Many people don’t have time for this so Get Your Wiki comes in very handy.

For starters, Get Your Wiki has a staff that will monitor your Wikipedia page. This entails the staff keeping close tabs on what happens on your page. If there is any information added to the page that isn’t correct, the team at Get Your Wiki will remove it immediately. Besides this, Get Your Wiki can also translate your page to fit virtually any language. Remember, there are different rules and guidelines in every country to what’s acceptable on Wikipedia. Get Your Wiki’s staff members will make sure that your page is on point.

Get Your Wiki is able to offer these services because they know what goes into creating high quality Wikipedia pages. Their staff members are all individuals who have years of experience writing up Wikipedia pages. They always get well-sourced information and format the pages properly. Once again, this is very helpful to those seeking out a company to draft up their Wikipedia pages.

While Wikipedia has put some limitations on what information can be added, it is often not enough. In fact, there are certain Wikipedia pages that require individuals to send an “edit request” into Wikipedia’s editors. This way the information can’t just be changed on its own. Instead, the editors will have to look over the information and then deem it accurate and well-written so that it can appear on the page.

There is a lot more to Wikipedia than most people know. That’s why most individuals would rather hire a service like Get Your Wiki to take care of their page instead. Get Your Wiki will make sure that the page created does justice for the one it was made for. It will be well-written and well thought out.

Dan Newlin: Florida Super Attorney And Life-Long Dedicated Public Servant

Dan Newlin is one of Florida’s super lawyers. A graduate of Florida State University College of Law and lead attorney at Dan Newlin & Partners, Newlin has long had a passion for public service. Newlin began his career in public service at age 18 when he was hired as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in New Chicago, Indiana. He went on to join the New Chicago police force and later became a deputy sheriff in Orange County. Newlin worked with the Tourist Policing Division, the Fugitive Division, and the Patrol Division. He was a good officer and received quite few honors and awards.

Newlin went to college at night while working as a deputy sheriff and graduated with a BA in Business Management. Later he earned his law degree from Florida State University while still employed with the sheriff’s department. These actions showed his commitment to public service was more than just lip service. Whether he was helping deliver a child in the back of the EMT vehicle or chasing bad guys and helping tourists as a highly respected deputy sheriff, Dan Newlin loved serving the public. And he has remained the same way as an attorney.

These days he takes on the cases of people who have been injured through no fault of their own and makes sure they get the justice they deserve. Since he began practicing law in Florida, he has had more than 10,000 of his clients receive over $100 million in combined compensation for their injuries, pain, and suffering. Many people throughout the state of Florida see him as one of the super-attorneys. Newlin does not see himself that way. To him his role as an attorney is just another form of public service and he is honored to be able to help people get the settlements they deserve.

Dan Newlin has spent almost his entire life helping people who were sick, suffering, and wronged. He has always tried his best to make them whole and to seek justice for them. Since 2001 he has been doing that as a personal injury lawyer for Dan Newlin & Partners in Florida. Accident victims know him as an attorney they can count on to hold the people that have hurt them accountable. For Dan Newlin, there’s no better feeling than to see a clients that was injured due to the negligence of someone else receive the settlement that allows them to pay their medical bills and rebuild their lives.

All his life attorney Dan Newlin has shown the willingness to step up and help people in need. He has done so as an EMT, a police officer, a decorated deputy sheriff, and now as an attorney.

Sender and Rurality

My art is personal to me. Because of this, I had no idea how to market my art because I have always made it simply for myself, and the love of creating art. It is very realistic, but also very bucolic. This is because I am from a very rural area, and many things are simply beautiful in area like this. For example, we are a hundred and fifty miles from any city. This is not easy because Texas has many cities, and I am situated between two of the largest cities in the country. These are Houston and Dallas. Combined they have double the amount of people of New York state. However, the stars seem like they can be easily touched. The area is also very ranch and farm laden, so there are many subjects for artists like me.

I have been painting for at least 35 years now and when a collector contacted me, it actually scared me. Next, I did not believe them. I finally accepted their call, and she wanted to see all of my art. It was like letting a stranger fondle my wife. Her next move was suspiring. She unrolled a canvas, looked at it, ran to her car and drove off. I literally thought that I had been hit by high-level art grifters. Because I had no basis for value in my mind of the price of my art, I was actually gratified that someone wanted my work enough to come to my home in their nice car and steal my work. However, she returned with a rather large check. The check was so large that I talked to my wife about selling the collection, and I actually had no right to not accept that money because we needed it. To my surprise, the check was for that one piece. She had it in her gallery a single day before someone paid that sum for my work.

Additionally, the check was minus her commission. I also did not realize that she had no idea that I had so many works, but she was happy. This is the effect that collectors have on the art business. As I researched this, I found an investor that was also a collector named Adam Sender of New York. He did for contemporary art what she had done for my life. Sender found these obscure underpriced, but really deftly produced contemporary art pieces. Simply collecting these pieces made their values rise greatly. However, when he sold this work all at once, the contemporary art world exploded in both interest and in value. Collectors are invaluable for the art world. They are almost as necessary as the artists because my work would have never been seen if it were not for my collector.