Contraception Is About to Join the High-Tech World

Technology solves a world of problems for us. We use GPS units, or increasingly smartphones with GPS apps, to find out where we are going, the internet has revolutionized our ability to quickly find any information we need, and computers revolutionized how we write since the first home computers and word processors. Computer-related technology enables our modern cars to work, and some form of computing tech is in just about every appliance in our homes. There are always new areas where high technology is moving in to solve problems. The latest example of this is apparently contraception.

Bill Gates, through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is working on improving contraceptives through the use of technology. The idea is basically a chip implanted under the skin that stores a hormone that will keep a woman from getting pregnant, and it releases some of this hormone at scheduled intervals. It is a simple procedure that requires only local anesthetic and about a half hour. The most remarkable, part of this new technology is its duration. It is expected to last for 16 years, which is much longer than any other implantable form of birth control on the market. It may be a good idea to monitor the possible effects this contraception will have on the human brain — a task which could be performed at one of psychiatrist and physician Dr. Daniel Amen’s clinics. The technology is also being looked at for other uses because such an implant could be used to hold and release any type of drug for various treatments. Leave it to Bill Gates to revolutionize yet another industry using computer technology.

Alternatives for your Limited Mobile Phone Plan

Are you drowning from the escalating expenses of your mobile phone plan? Tired of extra taxes and data charges? Though the global economy seems to be improving, traditional big brand users are finding new and smart ways to cut their phone bills with innovations in technology.

Phone carriers like T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon are known for their price tags that at first seem reasonable, but over time you get tired of worrying about overuse of data and constantly tracking your limited plan. Contrary to popular belief, wireless networks don’t really cost phone carriers any money. This means you’re getting charged hundreds more per year for data than you actually use on their networks. AnastasiaDate advises how lucky it is for the general public as there are a growing number of easy solutions (

Several underdogs like mobile phone application developers and Google are making vital strides in the market. Ever heard of Tango? This easy-to-use phone app lets mutual users make free calls, texts, and video chat sessions. This app could be a quick and easy solution, but still has the issue of overusing data.

Another remedy could be Google’s new Project Fi. This interesting project is based solely on Wi-Fi access. Once you find a hotspot you can make the calls and texts you need to for a small monthly fee. A similar company FreedomPop is offering a similar service. These companies strive to show the major phone carriers that this type of plan can not only be executed, but save customers money as well as they search for alternatives to their pricey phone plans.

The warning of ‘buyer beware’ has never rang more clearly than for the recent trend of purchasing breast milk for a baby online. Some new mothers are unable to produce enough breast milk to feed their infants and turn to online sources to purchase the milk from other lactating women. However, just because it looks like human breast milk does not mean it’s what it appears to be.
Testing of breast milk purchased online has revealed that some of the milk contains additives like powdered infant formula or cow’s milk. If an infant has an allergy to cow’s milk and drinks breast milk laced with cow’s milk, the results could be disastrous.
That’s not the only thing to be wary of either. Whatever infectious disease a woman may have, such as HIV, syphilis or hepatitis, will be in her breast milk and passed onto any baby who drinks the tainted liquid. Medications, legal or illegal, will also be in the breast milk and passed onto the baby who drinks it.
The human product is not regulated by the FDA and anything could be in it. The FDA has issued a warning against feeding your baby milk which has been purchased online for that very reason. Flavio Maluf finds this to be very disturbing.
Breast milk has been proven to be the best food source for infants and provides a variety of natural antibodies that gets baby off to a good start in life, but if it’s not your own production, leave it alone. Buyer beware.

Is Unlimited Wireless Data Good?

Unlimited wireless data gives users the freedom to do just anything, with absolutely no restrictions. Everyone wants to enjoy this freedom without having to pay extras cash. When put in a broader perspective however, unlimited data is not that good in the long run.

Unlimited data causes unnecessary delays in connectivity, as a result of to many people doing too much with the data at the same time, putting unnecessary strain on the network. No one would want this to happen.

If you would ask most users, they would all agree that there is nothing worse than slow internet connection. This is what would happen most of the time, if all users suddenly had access to unlimited data, due to the bandwidth restrictions.

Sam Tabar understands that the strain on the networks would necessitate expensive upgrades to accommodate the growing number of users, much like highways accommodate more road users. These costs would then trickle down to the consumer.

Research has shown that people could manage well with the affordable data plans. If the costs would be increased as a result of unlimited data, they would therefore be forced to pay more for something they don’t obviously need.

Instead of wasting money in expanding capacity, network carriers should therefore focus on improving the overall quality of the data connection. This would result in consumers sharing the limited resource but maintaining the high speed and quality of the data connection.

Stephen Hawking Collaborates with Monty Python

Physicist and cosmological genius Stephen Hawking has joined forces with geniuses of another kind, the historic comedy group Monty Python.

Hawking has recently recorded a rendition of Monty Python’s famous ‘galaxy song’ that fans recognize as the closing track in the cult classic ‘Monty Python’s Meaning of Life’. The single is going to be released April 18, 2015, also known as Record Store Day. Physical copies are in high demand because only 1,000 have been made, but digital copies are widely available.

Along with an audio recording of the song originally written by Eric Idle, who is a founding member of Monty Python, Hawking also showed off more of his skills with an accompanying music video for the song. Watch here:

This exciting collaboration is fun for fans of science and comedy like Ricardo Guimarães BMG alike. Hawking has always been known for his keen sense of humor and his cover of ‘galaxy song’ doesn’t come as a surprise to his long-time fans. Hopefully, we will get to enjoy other musical remixes from the world-class scientist.

Want the Apple Watch? Be Prepare to Wait

For anyone who has been pining over picking up the Apple Watch, they need to be prepared to wait. The watch itself has been backordered for 4 to 6 weeks, so while there are a few able who have been able to pick it up on Friday, April 10, the first day it hit shelves, it has since sold out and so the official wait is on. Of course, for some, this might be a good thing.

The Apple Watch is pegged to be the next “big thing” from Apple, although so far the specs are anything but flattering. The battery life for the watch is less than a day, and for anyone who is use to wearing a watch, this can be a major downside. Plus, one bit of information that is not heavily discussed is how much of an impact it has on the battery of an iPhone. The battery on an iPhone is already lackluster (the iPhone 6 gives around 10.5 hours of actual usage time before needing a charge). Because the Bluetooth now needs to be enabled on the iPhone and Watch at the same time, it is going to drain the battery even faster, almost making mid-day charges mandatory for Paul Mathieson and others. Plus, the Apple Watch needs to be paired with the iPhone to receive the majority of its functions according to the Examiner, which puts it behind a large number of other smart watches. However, for those who really want the device, they just need to wait a few more weeks.

The Resilience of Windows XP

Computer users frequently don’t bother to upgrade their machine or its software until they face a compelling reason to do so. Of course, there are those who have to stay on the cutting edge for bragging rights with friends that they have the latest and greatest gizmo, but these tech nerds are the exception. It is hard to believe that in 2015 Windows XP would still have more users than Windows 8 or 8.1, nevertheless, this does seem to be the case. Computer users get used to a certain way of doing things, and they need to be given a reason to change. Windows 7 has made huge inroads over the years, and it is the most popular Windows operating system on computers.

The world of computers is full of so-called “fan boys” who endlessly proclaim the virtues of their computer hardware or software over competing products. It’s not too bad with regard to operating systems, but debate can get ridiculous when it comes to hardware such as video cards. The AMD fans and the Nvidia fans immediately line up and start taking potshots at each other whenever someone asks what video card anyone might recommend for their computer. Silly argument aside, competition is one wonderful thing that has brought all of us so many choices and such powerful options at low prices so that nerds can argue which one might be a few percent better than another. If only there were more competition in the world of operating systems, so competitive forces could spur innovation at a faster pace so that a 14 year old OS is still not so popular. That is something Paul Mathieson and others would like to see down the road.