Google’s Upcoming Bill Paying Service – The Pony Express


Google is reportedly developing a service that allows you to pay your bills through your email.

According to Recode, the code name for now is the Pony Express. It allows users to link a bank account or credit or debit card to a Gmail account, and then pay their bills.

This is not Google’s first foray into the area of digital payments. The tech giant launched Google Wallet, a product that allows users to pay for purchases with their phones. However, it seems that Google Wallet and Pony Express are not connected.

Pony Express undoubtedly enters a crowded market of rivals said Alexei Beltyukov.

This month, Facebook announced the launch of a mobile payment service that would allow money transfer through its instant messaging app, Messenger, and Snapchat announced a mobile payment service, Snapcash, last November to send money between users through the chat section.

Meanwhile, Twitter has been experimenting with mobile payments in France.

According to reports, Pony Express would be available to users in late 2015.

Android Malware Hijacks Your Cell Phone

Trojans, viruses and malware created for the smartphone are becoming increasingly elaborate. A new discovery intophone hacking has uncovered Power off Hijack, a malicious software which allows the hacker to use your phone even when it appears to be off.

Here’s how it works: Power off Hijack mimics the shutdown process, but your phone covertly remains turned on, and stays on after you see the screen fade to black.

As Brad Reiflter understands it, this malware allows the hijacker to make phone calls, take pictures, and even use funds in your online wallet without you knowing.

According to Venture Beat, AVG security says Power off Hijack spies on Android phone versions up to 5.0 Lollipop.

There have been approximately 10,000 installations tracked so far and it appears to originate through Google Play store apps.

The Good News: Power off Hijack seems to only affects rooted phones. So if your Android phone is still running the standard software, you’re safe, for now.

BRL Trust: A 21st Century Investment Company

One of the most important things to do in life is develop a strong financial future for one’s self and children. Building a strong financial future is equally important if you are attempting to run a successful business. Irrespective of your motive for wanting to accrue wealth, it’s important to note that there are many systems and strategies you can implement to put the process in motion. One such strategy is to work with a professional investment company like BRL Trust. Learn more about this team of professionals by considering the information that appears in the subsequent paragraphs:

BRL Trust: A Brief Overview

Ever since the year 2005, the professionals of BRL Trust have been offering clients the results-driven, detail-oriented, customer-centered services and products they deserve. From the day the company opened, it was operating in excellence. As such, the company has undergone continual expansion with the development of new market services like Administration and Management of Investment Funds and Capital Markets.

A Cutting Edge Methodology

BRL Trust is an investment company that thrives on maintaining a cutting edge approach to the work that is does. Over the years, the company’s professionals have attained the knowledge and wisdom necessary to understand that the world of investing is in a state of constant change and growth. Thus in order to be successful within this sector, investment professionals must remain fully cognizant of important emerging trends in order to offer their clients the most effective, relevant services. And this is exactly what the passionate, precise professionals of BRL Trust do. As a result, the company is highly successful in helping clients from all walks of life realize their personal and professional investing objectives.

Services Offered

BRL Trust is pleased to offer clients a wide range of financially enhancing investment services such as asset underwriting, funds custody, resource management, and funds management.

Career Options

Individuals who are interested in pursuing work within the investing sector should know that the professionals of BRL Trust offer vocational opportunities to enthusiastic, internally motivated job applicants. Simply submit your CV to the company and see where things go from there.

Summing It All Up

Preparing for a profound, powerful, and progressive financial future is important. Start putting the process in motion by scheduling a complimentary consultation with the professionals of BRL Trust.

Bruce Levenson combines business, sports and philanthropy

Business person Bruce Levenson is probably best known as the owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise and a well known business leader through his impressive leadership of the UCG Group. However, along with his wife Karen the Levenson’s have now become one of the most important couples in philanthropic donations and programs offered in the US. Levenson himself has spent a large amount of time, effort and money establishing the impressive School of Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland. The school has been designed and created to produce the next generation of leaders in social entrepreneurship for the world as a whole.

Levenson has an interesting story regarding his entry into the data and research industry for oil and gas. Despite training as a lawyer, Levenson had begun work as a reporter for The Washington Star when he and Ed Peskowitz joined together and created their own newsletter, Oil Express. Taking a new approach to the delivery of data and statistics for the oil and gas industry, the newsletter was an almost instant success and allowed the pair to purchase a number of other newsletters to form UCG. The success of the company and the expansion into other areas allowed Levenson and Peskowitz to head a group buying the Atlanta Hawks organization. Through the Hawks, Levenson took part in the Hoop Dreams programs and became active in the make a Wish program organization.

Philanthropy has become a major part of the success of both Bruce and Karen Levenson, the initial success of the launch of the US Holocaust Museum led on to the establishment of the new school at the University of Maryland. The school teaches the latest techniques in social leadership for the not for profit sector and allows individuals to gain valuable experience in social programs offered in the Washington DC area. In recent times, the school has expanded its activities to include the awarding of monetary funds to programs created by any member of the University of Maryland student body. An expansion of not for profit programs will also see students at undergraduate and graduate levels take their skills to projects in India and Africa to see the school develop a global reach.

An Energy Breakthrough that Should Give Solar Power a Bright Future

We have all benefited tremendously from wireless internet for years now. Are you ready for wireless energy? Japanese scientists have made a breakthrough in transmitting energy using a beam of microwaves to accomplish the feat. What this will mean for affordable and widespread use of solar power in our future cannot be underestimated.

The quest for alternative energy is one that has received a lot of attention and funding from governments and private entities over the past decade or two. Solar energy is showing signs of becoming a viable substitute for dirty power generation methods with solar recently beating coal in new power generation installations over the past couple years. Solar technology has been progressing steadily with ever more efficient solar panel technology for converting increasing percentages of sunlight into usable energy. Marc Sparks also says that this latest development will eventually make solar a viable alternative everywhere, even in cloudy parts of the world, as the solar arrays can be deployed above those clouds. Wide spread use of the advantages offered by this technology will probably have to wait for truly affordable space launch capability in order to get sufficient solar arrays into space at a low enough cost to supplant alternatives, but it is extremely promising.

Samsung Teaches Town to Talk Using Sign Language

Samsung is a large corporation that really does not suffer from lack of funds. They are worldwide communications experts who want to show that they know all about diversity. That is why they took on the challenge to help a hearing-impaired man in Istanbul. They were able to pull off one of the best surprises ever with the help of the sister of a hearing-impaired man.

The entire town where the hearing-impaired man lives was taught how to use sign language. Ricardo Tosto reported that Samsung then placed hidden cameras around the town to follow him and his sister around town. Globo even suggests that as the brother and sister walk along the streets, he is greeted by one person after another who talks to him via sign language. His confusion shows and he finally asks his sister what is going on.

When he realizes Samsung’s part in the great sign language caper, he is driven to tears by the gesture. It will now be much easier for him since everyone can communicate with him on a daily basis. He will no longer have to rely on his sister or anyone else to translate for him. Communication is one part of the key to living a successful life and all hearing impaired people should have that chance.

Lesbians Who Tech Conference Held in San Fransico

Last weekend, the Lesbians in Tech Summit, which was the first of its kind, was held in San Fransisco. This is the second year of the conference. There have also been a number of local meet-ups throughout the year. The networking event was designed to help lesbians in tech meet each other and find support in a field dominated by straight white males.

Over the weekend, the women met, socialized, and ate together. According to Crunchbase thye attended a wide variety of workshops, lectures and lunches. The event aimed to be different from other tech conferences and summits, mainly in that it was looking to gather together a different group of people than you normally see at a tech conference. Workshops included “Breaking the Bro Code” and “Why Ida B. Wells Is My Favorite Data Scientist”.

The conference also featured a number of impressive keynote speakers. These included Marc Benioff who is CEO of Salesforce, Megan Smith who is US Chief Technology Officer and Kara Swisher who is code editor of Re/code.

The 3 day conference attracted over 1,200 women, many of whom said that this was the first time they felt comfortable at a tech conference. One woman said that this was the first time she had spent at a networking even where she hadn’t been called “honey” or “sweetie” and was relieved not to have been hit on my sleazy men the entire time. Other women also appreciated that the focus was on them, which they found difficult in a male dominated field.

Google Desire to Offer Wireless Services

Google confirmed that it wishes to become a wireless carrier in the near future, offering talk and data coverage for willing customers. That is not to say that Google would be establishing its own network, but rather would attempt to buy access from preexisting networks like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile. Google would then offer plans to its customers, allowing them to manage their mobile plans and services completely through Google. This expansion in focus for the company would certainly put them in competition with other wireless networks, but Google would likely remain true to its image as being an internet and innovation based entity.

While this might appear to be a dream for some customers, perhaps one should be wary of the remarkable control Google would be exerting on a variety of markets. Though Jason Halpern says that their intentions have yet to breach public interest, to accumulate such a vast array of technological capital certainly provides the company with a powerful position in economic and even political spheres. It is difficult to know the true nature of the relationship that Google has with government agencies. Seeing as many people are becoming more concerned with the United States government’s tendency to investigate its citizens’ internet or mobile tendencies, it would reasonably follow that Google’s growth should also be of concern to the public, seeing as they have the power to rival said agencies in their investigatory capacities.

Ethical Editing Tips Wikipedia Users From Get Your Wiki

Wikipedia has literally changed the face of the internet. If you search any person, subject, or location chances are Wikipedia will appear as one of the first results. This is because Wikipedia is full of information, useless and useful alike. What makes the site even more charming and original is the fact that the users are the main source of information.

The writing team at Get Your Wiki reached out to me since they know I’ve always been a Wikipedia junkie. They offered some key little tips for editing articles without actually getting your work shot down.

Yes, essentially anyone has free range over the site, therefore if you read an article on say, you favorite actress, and you notice a few key pieces of information missing – you may add them. Making a new Wiki page is a bit harder, but can also be done by thoroughly reading Wikipedia’s editorial guidelines.

As lovely as a feature this may be, like everything else in the world, there are those who take advantage of it. Wikipedia can and does provide essential, helpful, user-friendly information, but every now and again user’s may come upon something that is not entirely accurate. That is why it is up to users and writers alike to be proactive as well as ethical.

First and foremost, Get Your Wiki says that if you notice something inaccurate or just plain ridiculous on the site do the right thing and try to fix it yourself, immediately. This is actually rather simple, by adding citations from reliable sources you can confirm information.

Coupled with this, if information appears to be extraordinarily biased, thereby inaccurate in a sense, that may be reported and ultimately linked to Wikipedia’s Neutrality Point of View page. By being connected to this page, users will be aware that the information they are viewing may in fact be bias.

By being cognizant of the information we are both viewing and submitting we will assist in the prolonged utilization of this excellent website. Reporting, editing, and changing information is not difficult and is the best interest of all users. Wikipedia is essentially an information source designed by information-seekers for information-seekers.